Why should woman travellers stay in an Indian home?


Why should a woman traveler prefer staying in an Indian Home?
Both our national and international communities are steadily progressing by recognizing the potential of our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and daughters, who can take on any challenge thrown at them and succeed with flying colors. Be it from heading corporates to joining the armed forces, women play an integral role in the evolution of our culture, nation and humanity as a whole. As women continue to take on their deserved roles, travels and stays away from home are naturally to become more frequent for them.

So, whether travelling solo or with a partner/family, if you are a woman then these reasons might just entice you to choose a bed-n-breakfast (BnB) over the monotonous hotels/guesthouses upon your next trip to India & especially to Delhi.


Security:  When you stay at a hotel, you are staying in one of the several rooms that the hotel provides. Since the security consists of a handful of guards, the ratio of people to security personnel is woefully inadequate in most of the cases. However, since BnBs are run by families and consist of a limited number of rooms (6 max according to Indian Govt. guidelines), there is a much more pronounced feeling of safety in them. Moreover, the BnBs are usually in residential neighborhoods with gated communities, unlike hotels which are in commercial ones with little to no control over the incoming visitors.

Personal Attention: “Aruna, can you fix me a Caesar salad tomorrow morning, can’t eat anything heavy,” requested Amy to the chef in the BnB. “Sure, Miss,” replied the chef who has been working in that home for nearly 5 years and has complete approval of her host and owner of the BnB, to look after the guest’s comfort in the best manner possible. This is not an isolated story, but rather a norm in BnBs, who pay utmost attention to the preferences of their guests with the trademark Indian warmth, which is famous across the world.

Local Tips & Guidance: “The auto fare from here to the nearest Metro station is around 40 bucks, don’t agree for anything higher,” Mr. Mehra, a retired IPS running his BnB in Hauz Khas enclave, told his guest, an outstation candidate visiting Delhi for an interview, in his usual avuncular fashion. As far as local guidance, tips and tricks of navigating one’s way across the local area is concerned, nothing beats the BnB owners who can give valuable insights to what you can do, eat and enjoy in their city/town.

Local Shopping Hangouts: Ok, this could’ve been merged in #3 above, but due to the huge fan following in the ladies’ context, we decided to give shopping its own place under the sun! “Girls, no matter what age or occupation, have never ever missed asking me about where they can shop when they visit Delhi,” beamed Meenakshi, who runs a BnB with her mother in a posh Khan Market locality, “I try to personalize the shopping suggestions for them based on their preferences of price, luxury, ambience or whatever their unique tastes are,” she added, while hugging an outgoing lady visitor who had just been briefed about the same.

Unspoken Camaraderie: Most of the good BnBs are run by ladies or families. This unique feature of BnBs not only speaks volumes about women entrepreneurship in the hospitality and accommodation sector in Delhi or India as a whole, but also lends a special credibility and warmth for the incoming visitors. Many of the women who have stayed in such BnBs have formed lasting bonds with their hosts across the seas and states. “Linda from Washington calls me once a month to learn about new Indian recipes and has hosted our family visits in US for quite some time now. She stayed with us in our BnB around 5 years back for just a couple of days, but we have grown closer ever since. We really cherish this relationship and thankfully I have found some really good friends running my BnB,” says the owner of a South Delhi BnB who prefers hosting ladies and families in her cozy and warm dwelling.

BnBNation would like to encourage, inspire and invite all the women travelers out there to take that leap of faith and live the dream of adventure and excitement that they have for so long dreamt of!

About Ambuj Saxena:
Ambuj Saxena is the co-founder of BnBNation.

BnBNation: Aggregates Bed and Breakfast accommodations in India. Ambuj is an avid traveler and Digital Marketer, he likes jotting down what he sees and experiences on his trips to far-away lands. Through his blogs, he focuses on the warm and hospitality in India. Through BnBNation, he loves planning customized travel itineraries in which foreign travelers can pick and choose an activity they wish to pursue while in India. Activities include Teach-Me cooking sessions, Teach-Me Bharatnatyam dance session and Yoga sessions.

Written By: Ambuj Saxena 


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    Alexandria Iveson

    Great post 🙂 Really interesting – i’d love to visit India and would definitely consider staying with a local as opposed to a hotel stay x

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