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Please introduce your blog to our readers & little about you as a couple.

He is a science teacher and she is a business woman. Both lead very simple lives, but splurge on travel and good food.

We are a small town couple who share common love for travel, animals and our four fur babies.


How did you both meet & how long have you been travelling together? 

We met in a video store in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 2015 the night before Valentines day. We did not want a cliché first date so we met for coffee a few days later. We were engaged within six months and married just after a year of knowing each other.

We have been traveling together for 2.5 years.


How long have you been blogging for & what motivated you to start a travel blog?

Ashwin: I don’t blog Suvarna does as she has attention to detail whereas I am very short and sweet with my answers.

Suvarna:  I started blogging in 2017 because I wanted to share my love for travel with whoever would listen. Sadly for personal reasons, I shut down my blog around December 2017.

A few months ago I re-launched and dove back into sharing my love for travel.

3 Things you wish you knew before you started blogging.

  1. It is not as easy as it seems
  2. How to put together a website without assistance (I’m still learning daily and implementing improvements whenever I can)
  3. Just how much time must be dedicated to create an online presence


Where do you both call home?

Greytown – South Africa

Suvarna: I grew up in Greytown. I lived briefly in Pietermaritzburg, but leaped at the chance to move back to my small home town when I was offered a job many years ago.

Ashwin: I am originally from Pietermaritzburg but Greytown is home now


How do you both decide where to travel to?

We have a travel list and a scratch map. When deciding we consider items high on the list and affordability at that time.

At one stage we could not settle on a continent, so we wrote our preferences on pieces of paper and chose like kids! It worked and we ended up enjoying Eastern Europe to bits.

What makes travelling as a couple fun?

Ashwin: We get to share the experience with the one we love.

Suvarna: I travelled solo for a long time before I met Ash and I was terrified when I now had to travel with someone. Our first big trip together had me fast realize that it certainly is more fun travelling with a partner. I didn’t have to wait to tell people the funny story, I now had someone laughing with me. I also found that I didn’t spend every second trying to capture everything to send to someone, because my someone was right there.

I laugh a lot more now that I have him laughing with me

What makes travelling as a couple a nightmare lol?

Ashwin: Nothing we compliment each other very well when we travel, she’s out going and I’m cautious

Suvarna: Exactly what Ash said! I sometimes wonder how did I survive this long. I am very much a free spirit and Ash is very grounded. We have found the perfect balance between care free and risk free (I must admit sometimes I still push the boundaries)


Who does the blogging for your website? How do you share the work? Who does what?

Suvarna does most of it. I contribute photos though.

Where are you at present & where will you be heading next?

We are currently in at home (with our fire going).

Soon heading to India, Egypt and Greece

What type of travellers are you? (Nomad, backpacking, luxury, seasonal etc)

Ashwin: We have tried everything both individually and as a couple and I can safely say we love luxury.

Suvarna: Agreed!!!


What’s on your bucket list as a couple (top places up to 5 – where you want to go & why)

  1. Egypt
  2. South America
  3. Galápagos Islands
  4. Iceland
  5. Antarctica  

What are some of your favourite places you have visited & why?

Thailand: we love the food, culture and shopping

Seychelles: relaxation at its best. Best sunsets we have experienced and I (Suvarna) love the ocean


What activities when travelling do you love doing as a couple & separately? 


What have you both learnt from travelling & what has it taught you?

Stay humble

Stay friendly

Stay kind

I (Suvarna) have also learnt that a smile can take you a long way


Have you taken any romantic trips? If so where & what was special about the place or places you visited?


Botswana and Zimbabwe

This was our first honeymoon. We love animals and luxury so when you combine the two in Botswana it was a definite winner. Apart from cruising the Chobe river we had lots of quality time together 😉


What’s your partners worst habit when travelling?

She forgets where she leaves things

He constantly reminds me to remember where my things are!


Share your favourite travel memory together.

We recently did a weekend getaway at a five star luxury game reserve nearby and it was amazing. We spent the three days getting pampered with massages, game drives and just reconnecting. We have has a rough year and this literally slowed us down and forced us to enjoy nature from the comfort of our villa.  

What’s the strangest foods you have eaten?

I keep it safe when it comes to food.

Hmmm, nothing strange really


Please share any good travel tips you have for our readers.

Carry a raincoat, sunscreen, a hat and comfy shoes. The rest will fall into place oh and your passport!!!


Lastly please feel free to share anything else you want to add.

We love having company so if you are heading our way, please get in touch 🙂 

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