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Hi, my name is Korianne, I run a travel and lifestyle blog which can be found at kokokreates.com. I think my love for travelling and experiencing different cultures and countries was definitely born after my volunteering trip to Ghana. In my blog, I aim to document where I’ve been and any tips I have relating to these places.

I volunteered with an NGO called in Accra, Ghana. I went for just over 3 weeks and did a mix of shadowing/helping in the hospital and teaching in the local orphanage. I came across this opportunity from a google search!

I was really keen on gaining medical experience abroad and all the programme I had come across were so expensive so I was looking for something reasonable which would still permit safety and the maximum amount of experience and exposure into what I wanted to do and I found all of that and more with Dream Africa. Luckily I did not have to take any language course as most people in Ghana speak English.

I did have to get a few vaccinations, yellow fever, hep A and hep B I had the choice of getting the rabies vaccine but opted not to. I had to get malaria pills too, which I forgot to take too often. The visa process was also fairly straightforward.


The volunteering experience in Ghana taught me that life is what you make it. Many people I encountered did not have much but one thing that remained was joy, despite their circumstances. This was the same situation in the hospitals I worked in, their equipment was not high tech like what we have in the UK and they were making do, despite his they were still trying to provide the best possible level of care.

I left with so much gratitude and determined to work hard so that I can continue to give back. I would certainly recommend that if you have the opportunity to go and volunteer aboard do it! And not for the photo opportunities or for an ego boost but because you genuinely want to make a difference or give back. The people who receive aid or have volunteering projects aboard are not helpless and we are not their saviours.


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