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Hello today we are featuring, Jazmin and Steven from Travel to Blank and we will hand you over to them to talk about some of the  incredible adventures they have been on.

“We love exploring all the wonderful places the world has to offer”

Jazmin and I met while studying our undergrad at the University of Colorado Boulder and have not stopped traveling since then. We both quit our jobs and did a two month road trip around the US ending the trip with our wedding vows.  We moved to Ecuador right after our wedding and drove around this small but wonderful country. After a year we realized we wanted to keep growing in our academic career and decided to move to Spain to study a master in Visual and Digital Media at IE University. While we were in Spain, we visited over 16 countries in Europe and toured Southeast Asia during our winter break. 

We started Travel to Blank as Jaz’s family and friends always asks Jazmin for advice on where to travel and how to do it for cheap but comfortably and safe.

We love traveling anywhere, sometimes we do not even know where we just jump into a car/bus/plane and go for the adventure. That is when the idea of blank came along. We love traveling to ____. The purpose of our walking travel guides are to help you navigate through the endless supply of online travel guides and “things to do” lists. Our travel guides have a comprehensive lists of all the places you must see, experience, and photograph within each city, and nothing more. Even if there is a popular tourist attraction and it is not worth the visit, it does not make our list. It is better to enjoy your trip than say you saw a big nothing.

What tips of advice could you give our readers that may want to start a travel blog / travel video or travel photography? 

The first thing I will say to them is to know what they will like to share with others, to understand how time consuming a blog can be, to study the niche they will like to be part of and to always be true to themselves. It might be hard at first but building your own community is super rewarding. 

What’s some of the benefits of blogging? 

You meet new people and start new friendships. In our case it makes traveling more affordable as we work with companies we were already interested in.

Do you cover anything else in your blog other than travel, if so what? 

We are just a travel blog so besides destinations themselves, we review travel related items and services. 

Have you got any tips on how to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling? 

To be honest, we are still trying to figure it out. It gets hard and expensive pretty quick. Eating right and finding the time and location to exercise seem to be a difficult journey. However, we do focus on walking guides to each destination, keeping us on our feet while we travel.

Have you got any places on your bucket list? If so where? 

Yes, we visited Iceland , Machu Picchu  , Greece  , Morocco  and Nepal. 

What are some of the best things about travel? 

Learning about new cultures and meeting people along the way. Making new friends all over the world is what we love the most. 

Have you experienced any downsides to travel? 

Yes, at some points you just need your own bed. Checking in and out of hotels every few nights is just not the same as sleeping at home. It can get tiresome pretty quick when you do not rest enough. 

Is there any advice you can give people who want to start traveling for the first time? 

Make a list of the places you want to go, do a lot of research and go for it. Every destination can have a downside if you over think it, so do not let this stop you. I promise you that there is always more positive things than negative. Traveling is the best investment you can do for yourself. It opens your mind to new possibilities and pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

Whats your favourite city or cities and why? What are the top attractions to see in each? 

My favorite destination has been Iceland due to all the beautiful landscape it has to offer. The main thing to do is to rent a car and drive the Golden Circle   and the Ring Road .

Any recommendations for best beaches you have visited? where were they?, and what did you like about them?

I love the beaches along the Spondylus Route in Ecuador. The pristine beaches are never crowded and the sand is always soft. 

Whats your biggest travel or blogging achievement?  

Our biggest blogging achievement has been when companies and locations started reaching out to work with us!

What’s your favourite travel apps? 

We use Kayak and Skyscanner to buy flights. Those are the only travel apps we used constantly.  Check out this post (4 websites for the best flight deals), we also recommend this wifi free apps

Share your top Two Instagram photo links.

? Our favorite thing about Morrocoy is that even though its main religion is conservative, people are super chill and encourage you to show your affection. . ☝️ Someone asked us on our blog if kissing and hugging in public was concider rude in Morocco and I will say it depends on where you are. Be respectful in a religious site or if you see conservative people around you, otherwise they do not care. . . ?? Share your thoughts about Morocco? . . . . . . . #traveltagged #morocco #chefchaouen #worldbestgram #TLPicks #weliketotravel #TheGlobeWanderer #stayandwander #TravellingDestinations #tourtheplanet #worldtravelbook #bestdiscovery #BestVacations #sonyalpha #beautifuldestinations #simplymorocco #morocco #chefchaouen #areyouawake #timeoutsociety #topdecker #traveladdict #city #thetravelwomen #wearetravelgirls #darlingescapes #travellingthroughtheworld @moroccovacations #cbviews @moroccolives @simplymorocco @beautifulmatters @bestintravel @timeoutsociety @sheisnotlost @theimaged #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost

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??I still remember when I learned about the Sahara Desert, the Rocky Mountains, the Andes and more beautiful geographical features in my grade school geology class. I never thought I was going to be lucky enough to visit and admire them in their full beauty. . ?Where is the most unique place you have ever visited? . [email protected] . . . #Morocco #VisualAmbassadors #natgeography #NakedPlanet #TheGlobeWanderer #RoamThePlanet #IG_Color #OurPlanetDaily #EarthPix #EarthFocus #travelawesome #ArtOfVisuals #ShotzDelight #earth #TLPicks #BeautifulDestinations #MoodyGrams #ExploreToCreate #DiscoverEarth #WanderOut #StayAndWander #Awesome_Photographers #ig_world_colors #EarthOfficial #sahara #simplymorocco #worldtodolist #beautifulmatters @beautifuldestinations @beautifulmatters @worldtodolist @morocco @simplymorocco @earthpix @travelawesome

A post shared by ? STEVE & JAZ |TRAVEL COUPLE ? (@traveltoblank) on

What are THREE things your travels have taught you? 

To be more careful with my belongings.

To be more open minded and enjoy a new culture/cuisine. 

Not be too attached to material stuff as I can only carry one bag with me while traveling. Our whole life now fits in 4 checked bags. 

Can you recommend any great places you have visited for our readers that has delicious food? 

We normally do not like recommending food as it is so subjective. We focus more on walking guides and hidden gems of a city. That being said, we love Moroccan food, especially the beef tangine. 

Have you got any tips for our readers to save money whilst travelling? 

Yes, we wrote a blog post about 7 tips on making traveling more affordable. Our favorite tip is to limit your shopping and contact friends you might have in each destination. 

Do you have any tips / ideas on how our reader can earn an income whilst travelling? Do you use any methods in your blog? 

Yes, we use google ads and have some sponsored content. We both also work remotely, separate of the travel blog.


If that is something you will like to learn more in detail we have wrote an article about 5 tips to work remotely while traveling. 

What equipment do you use to blog? 

We use Lightroom to edit our photos and we shoot with a Canon D5 and sometimes with our GoPro. 

What are your travel plans this year? Anything Exciting? 

We are heading to Ecuador and then back to the US to start our road trip. Do not forget to follow our adventures on Instagram. 

How do you plan your trips? 

We visit many travel websites and get some inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. There is really no limit to inspiration on the web. Once we know where we are headed next, we create a rough outline of activities, but love to go with the flow using locals recommendations.

What 5 things do you always pack? 

My camera, make up, cell phone, socks and a hat. 

Please share one Travel Quote you love. 

”Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” -Anonymous- 

Check Out (16 best inspiring travel quotes) HERE 

To see more from Travel To Blank check out their: Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter / YouTube. 

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    Awh they seem like a great couple. Its so nice to see people follow their passions and go with their hearts. Excellent questions by the way, would love to do a Q&A with you some time 🙂 Great read and thank you 😀

  • Avatar
    Anushka Aggarwal

    It is always great to read the interview of a fellow blogger since it tells more about how they started traveling and how similar and different are their ways of traveling. 🙂

  • Avatar

    This was such an interesting interview! I love reading about how other peoples travels and blogs are going, plus the photographs are beautiful! So lovely to see people fulfilling their passions! xxxx

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Kruty

    I love these kinds of posts. I feel like you really get to learn about the person. I was laughing at the ways to stay fit while traveling. I have the same problem although I’ve found that constantly walking definitely helps !

  • Avatar

    I’m so happy for you both, you both find the right person with such an ambundant passion for each other, I love your travel moments and bonding together is so raw that you can see through those photos your love for each other. love love love les amoureux

  • Avatar

    I love their travel quote – that is what we try to do every year. Very inspiring couple … live life to the full and enjoying every moment. I love the tagines in Morocco too!

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    The Wildest Tales

    It’s such an amazing thing to be able to travel with your other half! They seem to be such a nice couple!

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    Madhurima Dutta

    Wow..this is such an amazing story! I am in love with your pictures! I definitely hope my future at least looks somewhat like this haha!

  • Avatar

    i know the feeling of after a while just wanting your own bed in your own home! it doesn’t help that we have two very demanding dogs skyping us (via out house sitter) every second day.

  • Avatar

    I love travel advice, especially from seasoned travellers. Since I started blogging, the blogging advice is even better. I’m taking away a few suggestions and tips from this awesome couple. I also appreciate seeing couples who travel together and share each other’s passions – too sweet!

  • Avatar
    Ambuj Saxena

    I loved reading the experiences of a lovely couple! I totally agree with the answers of ‘What has traveling taught you’. Traveling has been a teacher for me too and I have learnt similar lessons. However, I would love to have travel destinations and items reaching out to me for reviews!

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    I absolutely love this interview. Its really inspiring. I am thinking of quiting my other full time job to do more traveling. It is really nice to come across such people.

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    What an interesting interview!! I really love to read about fellow travelers!! Good job 🙂

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    Portia Jones

    Great Interview, I totally agree with Iceland being your face place, it is mine as well, such a beautiful country. xx

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    Love how these guys met in College and just started a life of travel together (as well as getting married lol) but some really great tips for people like me who are babies when it comes to blogging and for people who are looking to start traveling. Completely agree with this point: “Every destination can have a downside if you over think it” – The more you overthink it the harder you’ll make it for yourself to travel to that destination.

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    Thanks for sharing! I find interview style posts to be so helpful!

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    Rahat Arora

    This was such an interesting interview! I like reading

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    LaiAriel R. Samangka

    Wow, they both are really lovely travelers on the road. I love all the questions that you’ve asked as this has given us idea to know them as well. I will surely check their blog as well. All their travels are really inspiring.

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    It’s so wonderful to read about travel blogger knowing what they focus and how they managing their life

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    Ecuador looks like a place I’d like to visit one day. Thank you so much for sharing!! Loved your post!

  • Avatar

    Thanks for this lovely interview, I have noted down the beach in Ecuador… you can never save enough beach recommendations from others. 🙂 also, quite funny how us females always worry about taking makeup. I mean, I’m the same but if I think about it… do we really need it for the beaches?
    x finja ~

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