Travel Photography India – Interview With Siddharth Tripathi

Siddharth Tripathi is an Indian Photographer and budding filmmaker who aspires to become a travel photographer in future. He has been doing photography for three years, so far. He also loves to capture nature and landscapes shots. He has undertaken some photography projects which includes interior shoots for a few companies, collaboration shoots with Instagramer’s and  freelancing shoots. Currently he is doing an internship under a well-established travel website, DIGITAL TRAVEL GURU. He is in the final year of his master’s education studying Journalism and Mass Communication.

He has a keen interest in photo editing and also learning travel film making. His dream destinations are JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA. He is amazed by the history and the natural beauty of these county which makes them the top destinations in his bucket list to visit. He is inspired by the well know photographer CHRIS BURKAD who is a self-made American photographer. Right after completing his education he has plans to explore  India and experience the culture and natural beauty of this mysterious country. His wishes to travel across 100 nations before he turns 60. 

Please introduce your self to our readers.

I am a guy from India who lives in a small city known as Noida which is about 20 miles away from the capital city of India i.e NEW DELHI. I am currently perusing my master education in Journalism and Mass Communication and aspire to become a travel photographer soon. I wish to travel all around the world and capture some of the most amazing pictures from every corner of this planet. I started clicking pictures way back in 2013 when I had a basic smartphone. I don’t remember when just taking pictures for hobby turned into a zest to become a professional photographer. After four years I have learned a lot in this same area and I could produce some decent pictures now. But learning is a continuous process, so I will keep on learning to produce more satisfactory results in future.

What type of photography do you enjoy doing and why? 

I have always been quiet reserved so this has affected my photography style. Also from the beginning of my smartphone photography days I used to click most of the nature stuffs around me. My love for nature is undefinable. So I’ve been mostly into nature and landscape photography. Though I love taking random street portraits too but as I mentioned above I am little shy to reach out random people to ask them to click their pictures. But yes, I often click some random candid emotions on streets. But now I am trying to be brave enough to reach people and ask them to take their pictures. Apart from these I also love Macro-photography.

What equipment are you using currently to take photos & edit? How did you learn?

Currently I am using a DSLR camera naming CANON 77D. I bought it last year and have learned most of its operation in this one year period. For editing I am using the ADOBE product, ADOBE LIGHTROOM to give professional looking touch to my pictures.

Can you give our readers 3-5 photography tips & 3 editing tips to help beginners? 

There is no hard and fast rule of photography but yes on my personal observation and experience I’d like to share few of my tips.

– Pay attention to the main subject.

– Try to avoid disturbance around the subject.(avoid overlapping on the main subject)

– Always try new angles.

– Try natural framing (use of trees to frame your subject).

For editing

1)  Don’t copy anyone. Take ideas from others and try to edit pictures in your own way.

2) Try to establish your own colour theme to stand out from others.

3) Don’t do over saturation of colors. Try to maintain originality with little colour effect.

4) Find your style of editing. (cinematic in my case)

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

 Right after completing my education I want to start my travel journey from my own country India first and I am sure it will take a long time. So I will devote one year to explore it.  After that I wish to explore Asia, so 3 years down the line I see myself with a pretty good traveling experience and with some amazing content to write stories on to share with everyone around the world.

What are some of your favourite places around India & why? 

I’ve been to many places in India but on the top of my list I’d place a state known as UTTARAKHAND.

It is one of the most visited destination in India which attracts millions of tourists from all around the world. The main reason is its geographical location. Most of UTTARAKHAND is covered with mountains which makes it a perfect destination to visit throughout the year. I am not really found of trekking kind of stuff but I still love exploring some of the off beat locations around this state. With perfect natural beauty and peaceful surrounding it tops my favorite destinations in India. Apart from it some of my favourite destinations include, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Shillong, Chennai, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

What photographers or filmmakers inspire you?

Chris burkad is one of my favorite travel photographer. Chris has some jaw dropping pictures taken by him during his course of travel in USA and ALASKA. I am following his work for last 2 years now and try to take help from his work. 

When it comes to filmmakers there are number of people who comes to my mind but I like the work of JR Ali who is a well-established filmmaker on YouTube and produce some amazing cinematic travel films.

Do you have any bucket list destinations if so where & why? 

There are number of places I wish to explore once in my life. These are:-

1) Japan:- for its history and beautiful natural landscapes.

2) South Korea:- Modern city and culture.

3) Indonesia:- Natural beauty

4) Bhutan:- peaceful environment with beautiful landscape.

What did you enjoy about your work for digital Travel Guru? 

As beginner I am very glad to be a part of Digital travel Guru. DTG has provided me a great platform to showcase my work. All the tasks that were assigned to me were perfect. This helped me to explore my own city and allowed me to learn more about it. Also visiting new places and capturing pictures increased my confidence and knowledge. I’d definitely love to work with DTG in future as well.

What’s your next project with Digital Travel Guru?
Our first project was very well completed. So In future we have decided to do some projects in and around RAJASTHAN, where we’ll plan to cover some historical landmarks and Rajathani culture in both stills and motion.

Digital Travel Guru, would like to say a huge thanks to Siddharth Tripathi fo contacting us and taking some fantastic photos of India and working with us on this project as part of his internship. We are already planning our next project together, so do stay tuned. We have several articles and photo journals coming up featuring Siddhartha’s amazing work, so look out for that soon. 

Travel Photography India - Interview With Siddharth Tripathi

Travel Photography India - Interview With Siddharth Tripathi



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  • Lauren

    I love this so much!! Siddharth seems like an inspiring person, and I really enjoyed reading about his perspective, tips and goals. Best of luck to him – with this attitude I am sure he will go far.

  • Sinjana Ghosh

    Inspiring interview and very useful tips. I don’t consider myself a good photographer (or a photographer in general). Writing and research is my forte, and I would love to work with you guys in future if there is a suitable opportunity 🙂

  • Backpacking Series

    Reading a photographers interview for the first time and feels completely fresh! Really liked the tips given by him, especially for editing as those are some common mistakes by many around using too much saturation or copying someone else! Good learning.

  • Soumya Gayatri

    A very helpful post for an amateur photographer like me. I, especially, loved the tips and tricks section. Even I feel Japan is a beautiful location and a heaven for photographers. Would surely want to go there someday and photograph the cherry blossoms.

  • Michael Hodgson

    Wishing Siddharth Tripathi good luck as he continues his journey to becoming a travel photographer. Love the photos he has taken of India.

  • Gabby

    lovely to see what inspires Siddarth, I’m also inspired by Chris Burkard! Siddarth already takes lovely photos so he surely is not far behind!

  • Kemi

    Nice! Lord knows his tips are expert cos my photography is literally trial and error even though they all turn out right lol. I take multiple shots and angles and curate them all.

  • Reply

    Fantastic tips in this interview. I love Siddharth Tripathi photographs, he seems to capture the essence of India.

  • Zoya

    This is such a lovely interview with Siddharth Tripathi. It’s always great to read about people pursuing their dreams. The photography & editing tips are really useful, too. I really do need to start upping my photography and editing skills!

  • Alexander Popkov

    Oh, I would love to interview travel photographers as well. I do travel photography myself and always open for new recommendations and tips.

  • Sarah Carter

    There are some fabulous tips in this article for aspiring photographers, and the photos Siddharth takes a awesome!

  • alison netzer

    He is so talented and I’m excited to see more. I am good friends with a photojournalist in the USA and have loved the stories coming out of his photographs. I wish I could capture those stories, but I’m a point and shoot kind of gal.

  • Aswathi Ashok

    Inspiring Interview! Thank you for sharing 😊😊

  • Andrea

    Really enjoyed this post! Some great tips that I can use to improve my own photography. Thanks for sharing.

  • renata green

    I honestly hope things do work out for Siddharth since journalism has changed so much over the past years and became so difficult due to the development of the internet and the free access to information. Especially photographers have it really difficult – much more difficult than in the past – because of all these free pictures, the violation of copyright and all that jazz. Working in journalism, I know that photographers are much more affected by the digital development. However, I like that Siddharth pursues his career and like I said, I wish him lots of success!

  • Mohit

    Nice and wish all the luck to Siddharth… and the cinematic style he chose is great. Keep up the good work

  • Moimehr

    Liked his tips and loved his photography skills. It’s one of the best thing to happen to you when you love travelling and you are a good photographer too. It helps you bring life to memories. Loved his take on travelling and photography. Am taking away a few tips from this post. Kudos.

  • Michael

    Interesting article. It’s nice that you are giving someone a head start. Are the pictures on the post by Siddharth?

  • Jayashree Sengupta

    Inspiring… Travel photography aspirant here…

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