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We Charvi and Jaymine are together since September 2006 and are now a lovingly married couple. We both love to travel and that is why we have named our blog Charvi & Jaymine are Digital nomads, travel writers, travel lovers and an entrepreneurs. We love to share our experiences to our readers to make their trip more memorable and to inspire them to travel more and more. Know more about us.

When and why did you start blogging : We are blogging since 2014 with the aim to help as many people as we can specially those couples who are planning their first honeymoon as they have hell lot of questions in their mind to ask regarding, which destination to select, what to do, what not to do, where to visit, which transport to take, things to be taken care of, selection of hotels and flights and many more!!

Along with this blog, we are also consulting many couples day to day so that they can enjoy their perfectly planned honeymoon of which they have dreamt of. Moreover, we want to help children who are suffering from cancer. We want them to recover and live a healthy happy life which they deserve. Check out the details here.

What do you blog about? Any particular niche within travel?

We blog each and everything about different destinations across the globe which includes experiences of our visit, hotels, tours, transport and many more!!

Our niche within travel is to visit different honeymoon destinations first and explore that location fully to help our readers.


How did you decide your blogs name? 

We are a couple who are in love with travel and that is the reason we have named our blog

PS: Also, I travel with my love 😉 , which is also one of the reason 🙂


What plans do you have in the future for your blog? 

We are heading towards Phuket, Krabi and nearby islands in this October. Further, we have plans to visit Maldives, Singapore and Japan. Hoping for more collaborations in the travel industry. Also, we aim to be one stop solution for the couples to plan their honeymoon.

Presently we are affiliated with 75+ brands and we are working to increase these numbers to an extent. Expecting more numbers soon!! Also, we are currently providing more than 25 services to help as many people as we can across the globe. Know more about our services.


Does your blog cover anything else other than travel? If so what?
Our blog also covers the lifestyle part whereby we review products related to travel and share our honest experiences to our readers.


What can our readers find on your website? Have you been featured anywhere if so please share the links.
Readers will get all the basic answers to their questions like how to book flights, hotels and sight seing tours, tips on photography, how to save money on road and many more tips and tricks they may need while travelling. Also they can learn how to start planning.

We have also covered many of the locations tips and guides in our blog. Also, we have blog post on reviews which we have self experienced which includes hotels , product , theme parks, local tours and adventure activities.

We have shop section in our blog from where our reader can buy all the travel essential thing. We have story section too where the readers can read stories of different people and also can share theirs 🙂
Digital Travel Guru is the first one where we will get featured and we are very thankful to Digital Travel Guru.

first-under-water-walk-experience-in-bali-indonesiaDo you have any travel tips or advice for our readers that might want to start a travel blog?
Travel blog is not as easy as the term depicts. However, we want to convey message to all those who are planning to start the blog that content is the king and interaction with other bloggers is the best way to get started. Blogging while travelling is a challenging task. Learn from the bloggers who are already blogging since years!!


What are some of the highs and lows of travel blogging?
Travel blogging is itself a great experience to write on!! You get to explore the world. You get chances to travel for free!! However, lows are it is always challenging. We have to keep an eye on our social media and also update ourselves constantly. Also as the bloggers travel off beat, their safety is always the concern especially for the solo female travellers.


What sites or other resources do you use to decide where and when you will go to a certain place or destination?
We refer Lonely Planet, Trip advisor and rest all from google to search for the best time to visit a particular location. We refer to different blogs written by our blogger friends and also learn from their experiences.


What’s been some of your favourite destinations & why?
Bali is our one of the most favourite destination because of its serene and awesome beaches and beauty. A combo pack of romance, water adventure and shopping.


What equipment do you use to blog or for your blog?
we use iphone 6s , Canon D3400 to be ugraded soon and our laptop with us everywhere we go!! To store all our data we keep external hardisk where we save each and every travel stuff of ours. We also keep power bank for power backup. We use several online websites like Canva to edit our images and to create title image for our blog.

Do you have any photography or making travel videos tips?
We prefer to capture the location and scenery in our frame. Also, we do have photography tips on our blog.


Please visit our following links to know more about photography tips and how to capture your vacation at its best.
Check out: and

What’s the TOP blog posts on your page?


19 Tips to Find Cheap Rental Cars


Top 5 Bucket-list Destinations?
Explore seven wonders of the world.

Please share the link to your fav photos one your Instagram page.


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What’s in your travel bag? Name 5 travel essentials always in your bag?

My travel bag contains hell lot of things. But I never miss

1. Power Bank
2. Camera
3. Sanitiser
4. Sunscreen
5. First aid kit


What travel apps do you use and why (please reach some to our readers)
Skyscanner: For flight bookings
Agoda: For Hotel bookings
Expedia: For travel activities


Where do you see your travel blog in two years?
Our goal is to explore more and more, travel as many countries as we can. We hope to collaborate and affiliate with many more brands.



























Please share one travel quote you love or one you have made up?

Everybody is in Love With Travel but the matter of fact is only few of them discover this love.


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    I love the interviews you do because you pick such inspiring people ! Love it.

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    I think its always nice to get other travel bloggers insights

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    I’m in awe of this interview series of yours. It tells us so much about fellow travellers. What they say about the use of travel blogging is so true – to stay constantly updated with and on social media is not an easy task. Cheers

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    Hi there.. Is that picture from white water rafting at ubud. I have done that too but didn’t get such an awesome picture. I’m following your Instagram page and can’t wait to read the stories section in your website this weekend. ✌️?

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    Checking out honeymoon destinations must be so much fun:D so jealous!:P love all the adventurous travel photos:D Would love to hang out with them, they sound fun!

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    I love reading their story, those extreme adventures are just cover like a mask that hides the hard working bloggers/travelers, its really hard to believe that despite of all their travels they still have the time to blog and enjoy life, that’s a challenging task. I do agree about travel blogging learn from those who are in the industry since centuries.

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    Their blog is a perfect idea for couples who love to travel. It’s amazing that their life is visiting as much honeymoon destinations as they can to help people pick and plan where to go! I envy them haha!

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    It’s always nice to have a plus one when traveling. But be careful as there are a lot of pitfalls along the way. Give way to your partner’s needs as much as possible, while keeping in mind that love is never a one way street.

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    Heraa Farooq

    I am in love with your interview blogs Elza. They are giving me so much inspiration and motivation. Thank you so much for being so amazing 🙂 <3

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    I do love reading your interviews about how others travel and live around the world! Inspires me to get working harder so i can be a digital nomad one day!

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    I love to read The Love With Travel Blog and seriously they have wonderful destination ideas and stories. Last month I went to Bali and that also I had decided from reading their blogs regarding it. Wonderful People doing great job. Thank you Love with Travel…

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    Loved to read your experiences. I really wanna do under water walk too.. I think it is a must do since i have already done scuba diving and snorkeling.

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