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Hello – today I am sharing post on the Travel Blog Challenge 2018 we are commencing today as part of TRAVEL BLOGGERS CLUBI initially decided to do the 14 day challenge, however I am keen to try continue on for the 30 day challenge. If you have been with us for some time you may remember previous  30 day blog challenges we took part in. If your new here read on to find out what the Travel Blog Challenge 2018 is all about. 


14/30 Day – Blog Challenge 

The 14/30 Blog Challenge is a, challenge where we have to post one post a day for either 14 or 30 days. Previous challenges have help to motivate each other to post daily. The challenge previously was also great for blog traffic and social shares and we are hoping for that again, in this month’s challenge. I personally am taking part in this challenge with the TRAVEL BLOGGERS CLUB community, to give Digital Travel Guru and additional traffic boost and to get some posts published that have been sitting in my drafts folder for far too long!! I also feel this is a great team activity to do with fellow members and it has previously been a lot of fun. 

Travel Bloggers Club Members Taking Part In The Challenge – Check Out Their Sites Below and help support us in our challenge – by reading and sharing or commenting on our posts. 

Good Luck Everyone 

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Digital Travel Guru Q&A’s


Why do you love travelling?

I have always loved travelling as far back as I can remember back to my childhood when I travelled a lot with my parents. I lived in Africa for part of my childhood and have been travelling from a very young age, I think it just naturally became part of me. I think travelling is one of the best forms of education and learning. I am fascinated by culture, history, food, exploring, maps and people. This is one of the reasons I choose psychiatry as a career as it involves working with people and understanding culture in the context of illness. I also love travelling as I am slightly obsessed with ancient sites  archaeology  and anthropology. Best of all I love photography and travel allows me to practice my hobby and more recently I have started droning. 

Where is your favourite place to travel to?

I have so may places I love travelling too, and over the years have travelled back to many of the same countries / places to explore them fully numerous times as well as new destinations. One particular favourite place of mine is India, second most likely would be Indonesia, third  Sri Lanka and fourth Thailand.

What is your #1 travel tip for saving money?

Researching everything beforehand.

I love planning trips and have saved a ton of money on doing research prior to travelling. It sounds very general but if you research you find deals, things to avoid such a tourist traps, scams and in my opinion most of the time it leads to better travel  experience and you get to utilise your time better. If you do these things you will get a lot of value for your trip.

One  specific money saving TIP, is using flight compassion sites such as Skyscanner, try the following: vary your flight departure and return date, fly to places off peak, add a stopover, vary your departure airport, and look at booking your flights in advance, you will be surprised just by changing some of these the difference inn prices 


How do you plan your travels?

“Research – Read – Research – Read – Repeat”

My go to places are: TripAdvisor (forums), Reviews. Also facebook groups, there are groups for almost any travel topic and speaking people who have first hand experiences in places I need to enquire about is very helpful. I also utilise youtube to see videos of potential places I want to visit. Other ways I plan my trips are using Instagram hashtags, to find places and to see the photos, reading blogs, pinterest, reading travel magazine articles and word of mouth. Once I have all info, I usually make a rough list of the places I want to see, visit, and stay in and then plan my itinerary around it. Google maps assists me also with journey times once I reach my destination. 

Which is your favourite continent to visit?

One hundred percent ASIA. For me Asia has everything I LOVE, tropical beaches, stunning islands, history, culture, shopping, its also a food lovers and photographers dream. Being half Indian, I am slightly bias towards Asia, but it is also where I feel at home. The continent is so huge, I don’t ever think I would run out of places to visit and explore there. 

Tell us about the moment you realised travel was for you.

I think the travel bug hit me when I was 20, I was travelling before that, but age 20 was when I had more freedom and really commenced travelling properly. Looking back I have always enjoyed subject’s to do with travel growing up. Over the years till today I have managed to see 43 countries, hoping maybe one day I will have visited all the countries, setting this as one of my  travel goals.


So What’s Coming Up Over The Next 14/30 Days From Digital Travel Guru? 

Here are some of the posts we plan to publish: 

  • 3 week Sri Lanka – Travel Itinerary 
  • India Photo Journal – Delhi Guide 
  • Top 10 Jungle hotels – Around The World 
  • Exploring Sri Lanka’s – Cultural Triangle 
  • 100 Places to visit in Asia 
  • Cultural Experiences Around The World 
  • 50 weird and wonderful museums around the world 
  • 25 Places to celebrate New Year 
  • 25 Haunted places in South East Asia 


Stay tuned for our post tomorrow!!


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  • Avatar

    So excited to read more of your posts in this challenge! I’m especially interested to read more on 100 Places to visit in Asia as well as Cultural Experiences Around The World!

  • Avatar
    Bernie Jackson

    Those are great tips about trip planning. I love using Pinterest to search out information too – although sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever emerge from its embrace. I didn’t realise you were interested in archaeology too; that’s something that fascinates me; I even studied it for a while. Looking forward to reading more throughout the challenge.

  • Avatar
    Natasha Haley

    It sounds like you spend as much time researching as I do! Planning is actually as much fun as taking the trip is! haha. It was nice learning about your favourite countries, it has encouraged me to visit some I haven’t been to yet. We hoped to go to India next year and were meant to book the flight but then an opportunity came up to buy a house and we are seeing how that pans out!

  • Avatar
    David Meldrum

    Wow which part of Africa did you live in? I am looking forward to seeing your post about weird museums!

  • Avatar

    Yay! Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts, they sound awesome! Good luck with the challenge!

  • Avatar
    Soumya Gayatri

    Wow, this sounds so exciting! I am waiting to read the posts on Cultural Experiences around the world and Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle. Actually, can’t wait!!! 🙂 Good luck to all of you.

  • Avatar

    I’m excited to see your photo tour of Delhi to compare my current trip (and see if I need to add a few more stops). I’m also looking forward to your haunted places posts! I’m a sucker for haunted places and ghost stories

  • Avatar

    wow 43!?! thats so cool! I have some catching up to do 😛

  • Avatar

    that is wonderful post , you must do a lot searching . thank you for this !

  • Avatar

    One a day! You’re mad! 😆

  • Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Thanks for challenging all of us, and I’m glad to be part of the challenge!

  • Avatar

    I have no doubt that you are going to crush this! I envy your organisation skills haha!

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