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Ways budget travellers can cut costs…While traveling

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As budget travellers we are always on the look out for bargains, ways to cut costs and save on expenditure
Something I always get asked is how I’m able to prolong my travels especially when I start on a tight enough budget.

The answer to that is simple…Cut out needless spending….Simple right?
Well actually no it’s not. Even though long-term budget travellers are mindful of our budgets sometimes it’s easy to lose track. (In my case sometimes accidentally on purpose.) Here’s the thing, we’re all human and sometimes our urges just take over. But, in general there are ways we can cut costs and it’s easier if you break it down.

Top Budget Travelling TipsAccommodation

Remember you’re a budget traveller, it’s time to ditch hotels and forget about luxury, strip it down and a good choice is hostels. People have a wrong perception of hostels, this post here shows you the different types of budget hostels there are out there. Also some hostels will let you exchange work for rent.


The easiest way to go over or even blow your budget is by partying too much. And, before you say it “No, I’m not there to party, I’m there to travel’ It’s easy to fall into the party trap so many backpackers do (I fall victim to this many times)

Now if you like to party I’m not saying cut it out all together, just be careful how much you party and down grade your drinks; go for more cheaper options, take advantage of hostel nights out and free drinks that get offered when going out with hostels.


Swap those over priced tours and travel do them interdependently, take local transport to the location or close as you can and figure out ways to do it on the cheap. Ask other backpackers. There might be a little more research required but it will save you cash.


See that nice restaurant you want to go to, the one trip advisor is raving about…Well keep walking past it Food is a constant expenditure for budget travellers but instead of going to a nice restaurant eat locally, the quality of food will be just as good and much more authentic than in the restaurant. Or another option is to cook for yourself, share the load and cook with others in the hostel or cook in bulk. If your hostel is offering free breakfast, take advantage of it, even if it’s not the greatest.


One of the biggest problems I have is only buying one coffee, I like and need my coffee, so if I find a good café then I could be in there for hours spending needlessly on coffee. So when buying drinks of any kind, think to yourself do you really need that second cup? Try looking for a place that offers free refills.


For shorter distances take local transport or walk, don’t even think about getting a ab unless necessary. For longer distances take over night buses to save on a nights rent (although you’re not going to get the best sleep if any on a bus, it’s still cost saving.) For long-distant journeys you may consider going no frills and bare bones this is one time you should compromise for some comfort, you will need it.


Don’t spend needlessly
You don’t have to buy lots and lots of souvenirs
Saving on food costs doesn’t mean you have to live off instant noodles, if you shop around you can find bargains and still have a decent meal for cheap.
When doing food shops, shop in local markets and butchers rather than supermarkets.
If you smoke (like me) look to buy tobacco instead of cigarettes, in the western world tobacco is cheaper than cigarettes.

If you’re smart with your money, learn to cut costs where you can, you too will be able to prolong your travels. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save on cash by just being that little bit more savvy.

What are some of your TOP ways you save money whilst travelling? Share them below in the comments.

Top Budget Travelling Tips

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    Great tips! I always have a hard time with the transition from at home and working spending, to travelling and not working spending. Always something we have to keep in mind! Thank you for sharing!

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    Great tips. I’ve always had difficulties in saving money while traveling because restaurants in particular attracts my attention. I’ll for sure think about all your advices in order to save money and travel more 🙂

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    Souvenirs are my greatest weakness when it comes to budget traveling. I tell myself this trip I’m not getting anyone anything. I’ll print out photos from my trip and make postcards. But then I see this thing that reminds me of my niece or nephew and it goes downhill from there. I guess I need to stay strong.

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