Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence – Italy

Florence is a city that holds a large number of eye-catching, jaws dropping works of art all throughout. There are many tourist attractions in Florence that would take weeks to cover. This is a list of 12 MUST SEE tourist attractions in the city of Florence. The city has to be on the bucket list for all the history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. It is also a great place for foodies, and the pride of boasting the birthplace of world’s favourite food, the PIZZA!!

Duomo-Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Who would not like to visit a cathedral that is made up of colored marbles? Most of the marble based architectural marvels are white but here one can find colours like pink, green, and other colourful marbles that are a colourful feast for the eyes.

12 things to do in FlorencePonte Vecchio

This stone bridge belongs to the medieval period and still holds strong. The bridge runs over the river and has braved the World Wars. This bridge is situated in the prime location of the city of Florence.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalyCampanille-Bell Tower

This is one of the tallest towers that provide a panoramic view of the city of Florence. If one manages to climb the stairs, they can enjoy the beautiful sight of the colourful city.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalyPiazza Della Signoria

The Neo-Renaissance styled town halls are the political center of the city of Florence. It is a known fact that the Renaissance had played a great role in the formation of a well-planned system of administration. This place also houses some of the best statues at the entrance of its L shaped structure.

FlorenceSanta Croce

When in Florence, one can have a sight of some of the best churches in this world. Santa Croce is one such church. It is located very close to the Duomo like at a walkable distance.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalyBoboli Gardens and Pitti Palace

This garden and the palace are situated very close to the Palazzo alias Piazzo that is the political center of the city. There are beautiful gardens in front of the Palace that houses the period costumes and the precious, breathtaking items of the past.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalyGalleria Degli Uffizi

Anyone who visits a new place makes sure that they visit the museum and Galleria as it is not just another museum, not just the things even the interiors of this museum speak volumes.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalySan Miniato al Monte

This beautiful scenic basilica is situated at the highest point of the city. This gets counted as one of the finest basilicas in Florence for it’s scintillating beauty.

San Miniato al MonteBargello Palace National Museum

A 12th-century building that was a prison is now an art centre owing to the large space, and the view one can witness mainly at night.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalyPiazzale Michelangelo

From this place, some of the world’s best scenic postcards photos are taken. This place is dedicated to the great artist Angelo. It provides a lovely view of the city.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalyLeonardo Da Vinci Museum

This is not a museum that displays artifacts of the great kingdoms but is more than that. One can get a sight of the innovative scientific inventions of Leo. This place is a must for those who visit Florence with family and kids.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - ItalyFlorence Food Market

Last but not the least, buying some of the world’s best pizza cheese and gulping down lip-smacking pizza slices and also trying hands-on cooking should be on the list for all the food lovers.

Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - Italy

Florence, being the 8th largest city in Italy is a wonder in itself. One can stand for hours just staring at the architectural wonders. This is a city of marvelous beauty which takes you back in a time machine to imagine yourself amidst the mighty ancient emperors of the world.

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Top 12 Must See Attractions In Florence - Italy

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  • Laureen

    Florence is one of the most amazing cities in the world!! I can’t wait to go back. I loved just strolling around. I loved the Boboli Gardens and of course you can a month in the Uffizi! Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Alice

    Amazing! I’m from Italy and Florence is one of my favourite city. The history is overwhelming … Very interesting article. Glad you are writing about my country.

  • Nguyệt Hằng Nguyễn

    I learned Italian and I love Italian culture and gastronomy very much. Your blog makes me want to come to Italy immediately.

  • Louise

    Florence is still on my bucket list! Everything looks so great ? I have to go next time I visit Italy!

  • Ajay

    Never been to Italy and now I have to add this to my bucket list.Florence looks beautiful. The Bell Tower and the Boboli Gardens look amazing from the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tif

    Florence looks stunning! You did an excellent job taking beautiful pictures! We didn’t have enough time to visit Florence but we hope to get back to Italy and cross it off our list! I will for sure use this guide to help us!

  • Marvi

    I’ve never been to Florence and it looks amazing. Great recommendations especially to those who loves architecture and history. Such impressive details on the Duomo-Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore and the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum sounds pretty interesting. I’d love to see the scientific inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci. Such a refreshing way to see his works (which I normally associate with paintings).

  • Gabby

    I’ve never been to Florence but it has been high on my list! there is something about Italian cities.. the food, the architecture… it never seems to get old for me! thanks for the inspiration

  • Lance

    Florence looks beyond beautiful, and there are so many amazing churches to see. I never knew that the Duomo had colorful marbles. Our kids would love to see the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum and the Bargello Palace National Museum. Thanks for the list.

  • Thu Ho

    The more I scroll through your post, the more badly and desperately I want to get to Europe, especially France and Italy. Omg, their worldwide renowned beauties… Wish me luck with that dream.


    Hey Eliza, I enjoyed Firenze when I visited but your photos are soooooo much better than mine. The mercado central was one of my favourite places ever!!

    • Digital Travel Guru

      Thank you very much glad you enjoyed reading the post. Florence is really a beautiful city.

  • Jem

    My dream is to go to Italy, if only to drink the wine, eat the pizza and devour the pasta and then drink more wine! Your photos are stunningly beautiful and show off Florence perfectly. I can’t wait to see it all in person one day. Santa Croce looks so bold and proud

  • Iulia

    Despite having been to Florence, I haven’t had the chance to visit it too much, as I was on business. This piece makes me book my flight asap ? Would love to see how the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore was built or try out everything the food market has to offer ?? Safe travels ☺☺

  • Madhubani

    I am bookmarking this. Would help me on my trip to Italy in September. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Medha Verma

    Florence is such an elegant city! I loved the Duomo Cathedral and the view of the city from the top of the hill. Also, the architecture of Ponte Vecchio is superb! I think I missed the Boboli Gardens and Pitti Palace, because we decided to explore the countryside and did not spend a lot of time in Florence itself. Love the places you’ve shortlisted here, I think you’ve picked the best!

  • Stephanie Tay

    I’ve been to Florence a couple of years back, and there are so many places on this list that I’ve missed! I hope I get to return one day 🙂

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