The Globetrotter Guys – Travel Interview


Hi, we are Sion and Ben aka ‘The Globetrotter Guys’. We left the UK in January 2018 and decided to start a blog to document the best in gay travel and adventure.

This means we will be blogging about the best gay friendly accommodation, events, nightlife and quite importantly the safety considerations when travelling as someone who is LGBT.

To come up with our name we had a massive brainstorm. We liked the alliteration in our name and since we are travelling the world and are two guys it fit perfectly.

What plans do you have in the future for your blog?

We try and write at least two posts per destination that we visit; usually one post focused around what we see and do to cover the ‘adventure’ aspect and let our audience know what we are upto, and another around the gay travel aspect.

As part of this we have recently started a series called ‘A Local Perspective’, which involves us reaching out to an LGBT local and asking them a series of questions around the gay rights of that particular country.

Going forward, we will be working closely with gay friendly hotels to showcase the best each country has to offer when it comes to gay travel.

We are writing this from Guatemala, and will soon be travelling through Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama so lots of info to come!

Does your blog cover anything else other than travel?

At the moment, no. We have no plans to be back in the UK anytime soon and so our blog is purely focused on what we get upto and what we find out about the local destination.

The Globetrotter Guys - Travel InterviewWhat can our readers find on your website? 

Readers will find advice on what a particular destination has to offer, in terms of accommodation, nightlife, and what activities are on offer. They will also find advice about what it is like living in a particular destination as an LGBT local. And we will also share any travel tips that we come across on our own travels!

Do you have any travel tips or advice for our readers that might want to start a travel blog?

The main thing we have found to be important is to have a niche. There are hundreds, if not thousands of travel blogs out there and you need to make yours stand out.

Once you have your niche we think it is important to stay consistent with your content so that your audience know what to expect and continue to follow you.

What are some of the highs and lows of travel blogging?

As we are still pretty new to the game we are still finding our feet, and everything is exciting to us. It’s great when we receive positive feedback on something we have written, or when someone tells us that they have found our advice useful. And when we see our work being shared by experienced, established bloggers that’s a great feeling!

In terms of low, we haven’t had any yet. The only slightly negative thing to say is that we are a little overwhelmed with the amount of new things we need to learn and implement in order to make our blog as successful as others. It’s also difficult trying to balance our time between experiencing a new destination to the full ourselves, and then also spending the time creating the relevant content, such as producing a video and writing a post.

What type of traveler are you?

We have saved by working full time for the last 5 years and are not currently working (other then on our blog). Going forward we may do a mix of casual work to top up our travelling funds and hopefully can learn how to generate some income from our blog to enable us to travel for longer.

What sites or other resources do you use to decide where and when you will go to a certain place or destination?

Predominantly we use blogs. If you type in ‘What to do in xxx’ to google, many of the results are blog posts.

We find these really useful and tend to amalgamate multiple blogs into our own itinerary.

Do you have any favourite travel books you have read or use?

We have not read any travel books yet, we just research everything as we go!

The Globetrotter Guys - Travel InterviewWhat’s been some of your favourite destinations & why?

For both of us South Africa is our all time favorite destination.

It has everything from beautiful beaches, to stunning mountain ranges. It’s also great as an adventure destination with activities such as hiking, surfing, shark cage diving and whale watching.

It has some of the best food and wine on offer in the entire world at some of the lowest prices. The nightlife is great, especially in Cape Town where you can find a number of gay bars and restaurants.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the Philippines which is where we spent our honeymoon in 2017. The diving is the best we have ever done and the waters crystal clear.

When it comes to cities, New York is our favorite. There is so much to do and it is such an iconic place.

What equipment do you use to blog or for your blog?

At the minute we are keeping it simple. We have a laptop to write up all our posts and do our research.

We have a Go Pro hero 5 to take incredible pictures and video footage. This has been especially useful for diving. We edit using an app by Go Pro called Quik.

Last but not least and our trusty iPhones for managing our social media.

Do you have any photography or making travel videos tips?

For a beginner like us you can’t go wrong with a Go Pro. It is really easy to use and really versatile.

Our tip would be to plan your video ahead. Know what shots you would like to get before you go out and get them. This way you should end up with a much more comprehensive video.

What’s the TOP blog posts on your page?

Our most popular include our most recent:

8 Reasons why we choose an airbnb over a dorm

Going slow Caye Caulker

Adventures in Tulum 

Do you have any tips or suggestions one how bloggers can earn an income from blogging?

Not yet but we would happily take them. We would like to in the future but I think before we look into this it’s important for us, and for anyone else, to have a bank of quality content.

Once we have built this up we will research into ways we could generate income so we can continue doing what we love.

The Globetrotter Guys - Travel InterviewTop 5 Bucket-list Destinations?

Always a hard question as there are just so many!

Bora Bora is definitely on there, as we both like our luxury and it just looks so beautiful!

Antarctica is also on there, we know a few people that have been and their photos are incredible. There’s nowhere else like it.

The Galapagos, again because it is a totally unique destination. Hopefully we can fit this into our South America plans next year.

Ben is really keen on seeing more of North America; we have only ever been to New York and so there is a lot more to see. Having said that Las Vegas is definitely on the list for both of us!

And finally I think Mykonos, the Greek Island. It’s renowned for having a fantastic gay scene, but also some beautiful beaches and scenery too. And we both love Greek food!

Top 5 travel experiences you can’t wait to try out or do?

There has to be a bit of crossover with the last question I think! As an experience, scuba diving in the Galapagos would be amazing, because of the chance of seeing sealife that you won’t see anywhere else.

Again, I think you can class Antarctica as an experience, especially if we do it on a cruise which is what we want to (finances permitting!)

We are also hoping to go on the Atlantis Gay cruise in January 2019, which sails around the Caribbean island. It will probably be time for a break by then!

Next year when we come back to South America we will also be doing one of the treks to Machu Picchu in Peru, this is something we have been wanting to do for a while.

And finally, one for Sion, husky sledding in either Alaska or Canada, both destinations that are on our 2019 list, fingers crossed.

Do you have a money saving travel tips?

Yes we do! So many that we actually wrote up a whole blog post, take a look here: Money Saving Tips

If we had to pick one of these that’s been working for this trip, it would be knowing how much money we expect to have by a point in the future. This allows us to then have and try to stick to a daily budget as much as possible. This works really well if you know that you have some big activities or experiences coming up.

Do you have any funny or strange travel experiences to share? Please state what happened.

One thing that tickled us at the time was an experience in Laos.

We were both quite tipsy and wanted to find the main party place. After asking a few locals where the busiest bar was, someone told us to follow a dog! At the time we didn’t bat an eyelid, but in retrospect a very odd instruction indeed!

The dog led us across the street, over a bridge, around the corner, up the stairs and into the best bar in town!

Was there a place you visited that did not live up to your expectations & why.

If we’re being perfectly honest, no. We always do our research prior to visiting a destination, but at the same time try not to have too many expectations, because with travelling you never know what to expect! We have always thoroughly enjoyed every destination we have ever visited, as they always offer something different and unique in their own way.

What’s in your travel bag? Name 5 travel essentials always in your bag?

A notebook – new blog ideas come to us all the time, so we keep a notebook handy to jot them down so we don’t forget.

Books, as we are often have long journeys.

Moisturiser, as we are in and out of the sea, the heat and aircon – got to keep looking fresh for Instagram!

Portable chargers – there’s nothing worse than your phone battery dying on a 12 hour bus journey halfway through your downloaded Netflix programme.

And as a joint one I’d say caps and sunglasses – sometimes we just can’t be bothered to do our hair on holiday so caps and sunglasses to go for that beachy look.

What travel apps do you use and why?

Our favourite app would probably be TripAdvisor. It’s especially useful as you can download the content for a particular city or country to be available offline. This is great for accessing maps, or the best local restaurant to eat at in a particular place.

The Globetrotter Guys - Travel InterviewWhat are 3 things travelling has taught you?

Don’t overplan – keep your plans flexible and changeable as much as possible as you never know who you will meet or what might come up along the way.

Talk to as many people as possible, whether other travelers or locals. Locals love it when you speak to them, even if your attempt at their language is terrible! And its surprising how much you can learn from other travelers.

And finally, we have definitely come to appreciate what we have. Coming from the UK with a stable job has given us the opportunity to travel. Visiting all the destinations where the same cannot be said has made us feel very lucky.

We have a couple more .. Travel Tips 

Have you encountered any travel mishaps or scary moments if so what happened?

Yes. We got caught out on an overnight bus in Thailand. We pushed and pushed to get the cheapest option available and it ended up costing us a lot. This was back in 2011 before we had smart phones to check TripAdvisor.

We put out bag between our feet instead of on our lap. During the night when we were asleep the bus staff popped up, slid the bag out, took all our cash (£200) and credit card and then put the bag back.

When we arrived at Bangkok in the dark they literally threw everyone off the bus before anyone could realise what had happened. We only realised ourselves when we went to pay for our accommodation and had no money to pay with!

They had also broken into our main bags and taken our aftershave.

We cancelled our bank cards straight away, however a few weeks later found out they had used my credit card (somehow) for £700. After a few stressful phonecalls we got the money back but it was a very horrible experience.

We are now always on high alert which can be a bit exhausting!

Do you have any recommendations for cities and beach places that you have visited and loved? What was good about these places?

We have already mentioned New York and definitely recommend people going here. In terms of what to do take a look at what we think here: New York On A Budget 

Our favorite beach destination is the Philippines. We spent our honeymoon there and the islands are truly beautiful. We would recommend trying to see at least three different places in one trip, especially El Nido.

Have you visited any off the beaten track places? 

Not really. In countries where we don’t speak the language or where there are potentially unsafe areas we find it safest to stick to the backpacker trail.

The Globetrotter Guys - Travel Interview
What are 5 things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?

Well given that we are so new to this we are still learning everything. So far its meeting our expectations in that it takes a lot of time, work and learning.

Ask us again in a year and I am sure we would have more to say!

Where do you see your travel blog in two years (any goals etc)

We want to be one of the best in our niche of gay travel. Compared to the standard travel blog there is slightly less competition which helps us out.

As you mentioned earlier, some people can make an income. Our ultimate goal is to generate enough income to continue travelling and blogging without having to return to 9-5 desk jobs.

That being said, we only want to earn income by doing valuable work. We recently read some comments about travel bloggers being beggars/blaggers but, for example, providing marketing for hotels is real valuable work and is time consuming. Perhaps people are naïve to what it takes to be a successful travel blogger, we know it is not going to be handed to us on a plate!

Please share one travel quote you love.

One that has been shared countless times, but is very true:

‘Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’.


The Globetrotter Guys - Travel Interview

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The Globetrotter Guys - Travel Interview


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