Mexico Guide : The Amazing Beauty of Mexico.


The Amazing Beauty of Mexico

Located in central America, Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries to visit. The people and ambiance of the country are colorful and full of life.  It makes a name in the list of countries that is known for its culture and hospitality. People around the world should visit Mexico at least once in their life. A  holiday in Mexico is the perfect way to spend one’s vacation. Spending a nice time in luxury  Rentals in Mexico is one of the best things to do. The area is quite vast, so a certain amount of time will be required to experience the country. In this article, we will learn about Mexico, its culture and things that one can do in Mexico whilst on holiday. Why not grab a rental a car and explore beautiful Mexico – Check out 12 car rental hacks. 


Things you should know about Mexico

Mexico is situated in the central part America. The full name of the country is The United Mexican States. It is also the 13th largest independent state in the world. Mexico consists of 31 states and a special capital city. It holds the 11th place in world population and has the largest Spanish speaking population as well. Mexico is filled with the history leading back to times when civilizations like Aztec, Mayan, Zoltec, and others existed. It was also a Spanish Colony for a long time, and it finally got its independence in 1910. But it has seen a struggle in ruling parties ever since. There are several UNESCO heritage sites in the country, and the tourism is rising every year. For a place that is easy to get to from the mainland check out this Isla Mujeres Guide for some of the best things to do.

The country has a bustling population of over 120 million, and there are lots of things to know about the country. One can go through several places in the country to see the rich history of Mexico. The country has diverse climate throughout due to its topography. It is also one among the 17 mega-diverse countries. 200,000 different species call Mexico their home, and it holds about 10-12% of world’s biodiversity. The place has 67 national parks and 17 sanctuaries. Several food crops utilized around the world originated in Mexico. Some of them are avocado, tomato, chocolate, guava, vanilla and many others. The country also has diverse ethnicity, and the main religion remains Roman Catholicism. Mexico is rich in architecture, art, and cuisine. To have the whole taste of the country one will need to spend their life there. But no one can do that, so some notable places to visit is mentioned down below.



Notable Places that must be visited in Mexico

  • Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, and one has to visit it without any failure. It is a place where the Urban Culture of Mexico can be seen. It is a hub of tourists, and the place has several good sites to enjoy. Museums and Art galleries have to come first in the list. Along with it, the pyramids of Teotihuacan are close by. The colors of the city would definitely motivate one to stay there for longer periods of time.


  • Tulum, a beach lovers paradise, Tulum is located a short distance from Playa Del Carmen. It is one of hottest spots to visit, with it’s laid back chilled vibe, to partying on the beach, you will find something to keep you occupied. Tulum ruins are over a  1,000 years old and definitely worth a visit, it also has a stunning beach on site. Tulum town, backs on to the jungle and you will find lots of delicious eateries and activities such as yoga in the area.


  • Chichén Itzá is a UNESCO Heritage site in Mexico and is one of the new entries among Seven Wonders of the World. The place speaks of the past of Mexico, and the lush green place has ruins that made the country. Several archaeological sites are present in the vicinity of the area. One can easily book a resort or stay at one of the villages.

  • Copper Canyon is a place that is away from the hustle-bustle of the usual tourist places. The canyons are deeper than the Grand Canyons. One can spend a peaceful day out here among the scenic landscape of the place. It also houses several indigenous populations of Mexico.

  • Cancun is a place that is famous among beach lovers. If someone wants to relax on their journey, then this is the best place. There are several resorts in the destination that one can choose from. People should enjoy the nightlife and the local cuisine that the place has to offer.


  • Oaxaca is another UNESCO heritage site of the country. It hasn’t seen the urban development of the rest of Mexico. One can visit the city to get the colonial and cultural feel of authentic Mexico. The colorful city has lots of things to offer, and every traveler should make the most out of it.

  • Playa del Carmen has been famous among international tourists for a long time. There are a lot of things that one can enjoy, like the cafes, resorts, and bars. This is a place that the new generation would love. The striking amalgamation of cultures can be seen here clearly. One notable spot to visit in the place is Quinta Avenida or the 5th Avenue. The beach also becomes a great place to relax in. Isla Cozumel should be visited for its natural beauty and biodiversity.


  • Gran Cenote is a perfect place for the nature lovers. It has mineral-rich waters that are great for swimming. In the area, there are several such Cenotes or natural sinkholes. The locations amidst the jungle look strikingly beautiful and ancient.


  • Agua Azul Waterfalls is a waterfall situated in the state of Chiapas. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and the location of forest makes it more memorable. One can enjoy the diverse flora, fauna, and wildlife of Mexico at the spot.

 Mexico has so much more more to offer, it is a fantastic destination to visit to immerse yourself with the local culture, not forgetting the delicious food and explore old archaeological sites whilst relaxing one of the paradise beaches. What are you waiting for pack your bags and GO!! 

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