BORNEO – MALAYSIA Borneo is known as the  richest equatorial rainforest in the world, Borneo’s spectacular rainforests are home to a number of rare species and many indigenous tribes. [...]

Top 10 Islands To Visit In Malaysia

MALAYSIA Did you know that Malaysia has about 2900 miles of coastline? Many people head to Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines when they want to experience the stunning beaches in South East [...]

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I’m Alyssa – Professional travel designer for AlyssaAllDay Adventures, travel blogger, and permanent nomad. I live for adventures, diving, food, photography, music, tattoos, and most of all… [...]

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Hi, I’m Emma, Australian travel photographer and blogger and owner of travel blog A Make Believe World . I initially started my blog while I was working at an extremely boring job – it gave me [...]

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My blog Lyf&Spice is all about travel and food. It documents my travel stories and food journeys along the way, as I interact with the locals, explore hidden gems, try their food etc. So far, [...]