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Whether you are an avid traveler, adventurous backpacker, or headed on a short holiday; for every new weekend and each wonderfully expectant vacation time, you have the whole world at your feet. But then poses the million dollar question, which amazing country will you choose to explore?

Among 7 continents, 195 countries and 5 oceans, there are numerous, worthwhile destinations to visit around the world. So narrowing it down to one for the ultimate vacation, can be rather overwhelming. But don’t panic, I’ve got your back! You are about to take a tour through six different destinations that are sure to excite any and every type of traveler. Through personal experience and research from some of the best travel sites, these places will not disappoint. Our first stop, like many alluring tales, begins with romance.

Seville, Spain


Is a city rich with culture and remarkable architecture that also has tones of the fantasy we all want to belong to. Europe is the continent for all ages. We scribble cute little notes in our travel journals, “Europe & Me Forever <3”, while getting lost in space wondering how cheap flights are for that day. Europe is romantic no doubt. But all love stories begin somewhere, and Spain is notorious for making you fall in love.

Seville isn’t like its big brother and sister, Madrid and Barcelona. It’s more discreet and calm. It’s wandering the cobble stoned streets in the evening, while walking through the Triana quarter and witnessing the excitement of the crowd, waiting to watch the beautiful flamenco dancers twirl. The city isn’t in your face, it’s in your heart.

Take a pit stop to the historic Alcázar palace and tour its Renaissance roots. Or go gothic and wander through the Seville Cathedral in the morning dawn as you sip your espresso. Or take Lonely Planet’s recommendation, by taking a lazy day and spending the afternoon in Parque de María Luisa and watch the Spanish sun reflect off the pond.
See, who ever said romance is dead?


Melbourne, Australia

Photo Credit: Amanda Abbott

Next, nothing but love for you city slickers. Those cool weirdos who desire to roam through lively streets and be surrounded by high-rise buildings. If you are one, raise your hand high and venture across the world to the wonderful city of Melbourne, Australia. Much like its opposing city, Sydney, you can find your footing among the crowds headed to hip downtown bars and a sprawl of cafes, but you can find quite the opposite as well.

According to Lonely Planet’s love letter to Melbourne, this is a city of many talents. Whether you are the business type, the artistic spirit, or a sprinkling of both, this is the ultimate city getaway. Everybody loves a modern fairytale and this Australian gem is definitely the right escape from reality. Some of the best places to visit include, the rich art filled streets of Hosier Lane, the surfer vibes of St. Kilda, or even venture off the city streets toward the infamous Great Ocean Road and walk along the Twelve Apostles at sunset. And to be honest, there are few things in this world that compare to the Australian accent. If none of the adventures above sound thrilling to you, having a conversation with an Australian local will surely top the list!


Koh Rong, Cambodia

As a traveler, exploring the lesser known regions of the world is just as important as visiting the more populous cities. It’s our duty to engulf ourselves in the lifestyles of many different cultures; that’s how we learn every reach of humanity. So, go ahead and grab your backpack, passport and bug spray, because now you’re headed to Cambodia.

Koh Rong is a larger island of Cambodia and has plenty to offer your wanderlust soul. This is an affordable paradise for all of you beach bums and water babies, who live for white sand beaches and open ocean. The island is home to the locals and has very few tourists who reach its mystic shores. This is the perfect destination for a tropical getaway on a secluded island, away from the noise of the world. One of the island’s amazing sights is the phosphorescent plankton that light up the dark waters at night, with the most electric blue hue. Take a night swim and venture out into the water and watch the sea illuminate around you.


Queenstown, New Zealand

Photo Credit: Amanda Abbott

Now, slap on your hiking boots and get ready to rub some dirt on your bucket list getaway. Queenstown isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s for the explorer that isn’t afraid of a little dare.

Bungee jumping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, speed boating, etc…Queenstown is every extreme athlete’s dream. The city’s mountainous area and stunning landscapes, make this portion of New Zealand even more thrilling than the rest of the country’s regions. You won’t believe how many shades of green there are in this slice of the Pacific. If you’re afraid of heights, might we suggest overcoming your fears and strapping yourself to that cord, and taking the plunge off the world renowned Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge? You will never feel more alive, than when you feel your blood pumping and your heart racing toward the earth and back. If you are timid, trust the experts; Kiwi’s aren’t afraid of a little adventure, they’ve got your back.

After your daring escapade, head north to Fiordland National Park and take some time to quiet your mind and float down through Milford Sound. Tranquility never looked as lovely as it does when you’re surrounded by layers of the fiord’s Mitre Peak and the Stirling waterfall. Once you’ve let nature engulf you in all its glory, venture back into town and explore the friendly city streets. Whether you’re in the city or around its borders, Queenstown makes for a perfect family holiday or that bold escape from reality.

Ios, Greece

Of course you all have heard of Greece, and more importantly the Greek Islands. It’s not a surprise Greece made the list, because who the hell wouldn’t want to escape on a Grecian holiday? Known for its friendly locals, inexpensive and delicious dining, carefree backpackers and stunning sunsets; Ios is the daydream we have all been pining after. Ios is one of many Greek islands that floats on the Aegean Sea. It’s known to be the soul of the lighthearted travelers who sail from island to island, in search of the ultimate party.

We aren’t mad though, who doesn’t love a good boat party, especially when you have a backdrop of the quaint little village of Chora. Sunsets are a must see spectacle on this little nirvana island. Watching the yellow sun set behind the white and ivory village houses, from the cobbled stoned pathways of the seaside cafés, is pure bliss.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The last stop in our whirlwind tour, is the lovely capital of the region of Nova Scotia, Canada. Many people visit Canada’s more recognized cities, like Tornoto, Vancouver, and Montreal. But have you thought about flitting over the Atlantic, to a smaller but just as proud city center? Halifax is much like any other up and coming city, you can find the perfect grub, craft beer, historic strolls and museum hopping, in its business district.

If you aren’t in the market to spend your holiday in a large, loud city, but still want to meet new and interesting people, explore beautiful landscapes and spend your time eating your way to a peaceful food coma; Halifax is your girl.

A list of things to do and attractions to see, whether you’re with family, friends or solo traveling, include visiting the historic hilltop Citadel Fort, stroll through the Halifax Botanical Gardens or drink your weight in a Nova Scotian wine tour. This Canadian gem will not disappoint.

Whether you are jetting off for a quick weekend or taking a long, much deserved holiday, I hope these ideas find you well! Go and discover parts of the world that are somewhat out of the ordinary, somewhat different. That’s where memories are made.

Happy and Safe Travels.

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    Alexander Popkov

    Out of this, I already had Queenstown in NZ in my bucket list. Halifax in Canada was something new I now consider visiting.

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