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The seeds of travel developed in us at a very nascent age, but the fruits came only after we got married in 2012. Professionally both of us are working as a Décor Designer in Dubai in the same organization. Travelling has become our soul mate post marriage, and we spend most of our time making and implementing travel plans. Right now we are not a nomad, but we soon want to quit our job and be on road like other travelers.

“ We wish to circumnavigate the World & feed our ever hungry travel enthusiastic soul”.

Fusion of things is like icing on the cake. Our trip to Russia was an inspiration for writing the blog. We never thought that Russia trip would be something that will inspire us to write. Our friends kept asking us how we explored without any package tour and having a language barrier in Russia (since very few speak English). That was the turning point for us. From there we started giving tips from our personal experience, which gave us a thought why not share our personal experience with others which might help them to travel with less hassle. That is the reason we named our blog “Roamonurown”, traveling on your own without any tour package. We also offer other travelers to join us in our travels and be our travel buddies and explore the way we do it.


What tips of advice could you give our readers that may want to start a travel blog / travel video or travel photography? 

From our personal experience, we could say, blogging is not easy as it sounds. It really does require time, and you need to be on your toes to be updated with the new trend. Always read other bloggers work, appreciate them and connect with them.

What’s some of the benefits of blogging?

Blogging has helped me to connect with many people worldwide.
It gives you the flexibility of working specially if you are not working full time.
As a travel blogger, I got to know about many places, which I never knew even existed.
Most importantly, it improves your writing skills.

Do you cover anything else in your blog other than travel, if so what?

My blog mainly focuses on travel and some off beaten path. Also, I try to cover vegetarian food for those travelers who don’t eat Meat or are Vegan.
Our next plan is to cover local markets, since local market or bazaar is the true essence of a place you are visiting.

Have you got any places on your bucket list? If so where?

We want to:

Check all the Seven Wonders of the World.
See the sunset from every coast.
Dip in every ocean and navigate through each continent. I guess that covers all 😉

What are some of the best things about travel?
It gives you perspective about different culture
You make new friends in a completely strange land
It makes you a happier person
Most importantly, you get time for yourself

Have you experienced any downsides to travel?

No, I haven’t yet experienced any downside of travel. Travel has always been a learning experience.


Is there any advice you can give people who want to start traveling for the first time?

Respect local customs and the place you are visiting & always be open to learn new things.


Whats your favourite city or cities and why? What are the top attractions to see in each?

It is difficult to choose few since I really love all the cities where I have travelled, every place is different from each other. But, If I have to choose only few it have to be:

Istanbul, Check our short guide
Kyoto , We fell in love with this city

Any recommendations for best beaches you have visited? where were they?, and what did you like about them?

I really love beaches, but Hrishi is not at all a beach person. Which is why we haven’t visited many beaches. But my favorite one till date is Batumi, Georgia.


Whats your biggest travel or blogging achievement?

Posting an interview for Digital Travel Guru, seems to be my biggest achievement. People would have never known me


What’s your favourite travel apps?
Tripoto, Skyscanner, Airbnb, Couchsurfing & Google translate.

Share your top three Instagram photo links


What are three things have your travels have taught you?

Be patient.
Love your life.
I always feel we all are so different from each other, yet so similar. Even as a culture I learnt, all the cultures are similar to each other, they are just unexplored.

Can you recommend any great places you have visited for our readers that has delicious food? What sort of dishes were they? Where were these places?
Being a Vegetarian, it is always hard to get dishes without meat, specially we faced this issue during our visit to Japan. I don’t have any place in particular to specify, but for best food, nothing can beat Turkish cuisine, we tasted some of the best dishes in Turkey, Check our Vegetarian food guide in Turkey. I am also fond of Arabic Cuisine specially Felafal.

Have you got any tips for our readers to save money whilst travelling?
1. Planning, plays a major role, if you plan well in advance you can save a lot on airfare and accommodation.
2. Travel like the locals, which means using more public transport and avoiding taxis, I saved a huge amount on my recent visit to Japan.
3. Couchsurfing is the best way to save on accommodation and do some cultural exchange
4. Checkout for promotions, there are many banks, which gives great deals on flight booking & hotels.
5. Visiting during off season, can turn out your vacation to be more pocket friendly.


Do you have any tips / ideas on how our reader can earn an income whilst travelling? Do you use any methods in your blog?

We are not using any method currently to earn through blog. But, we know few travelers who earn by teaching English, House sitting and also work in hotels/hostels in exchange for accommodation while traveling.

What equipment do you use to blog?

Sony action cam, Photoshop, & Wondershare filmora (for video editing).

What are your travel plans this year? anything exciting?
We have already been to Japan, which was my childhood wish to travel. Next we are planning to go to Thailand, Bali and Malaysia, but right now they are just in plans.

How do you plan your trips? (do you for example use any websites or particular or places to research)?

For best Guide I always rely on NomadicMatt.Com & definitely surf Google for bloggers recommendations.
Apart from that, I always share my Itinerary with locals, on Couchsurfing or Tripadvisor and get their feedback.
I also join some Facebook group of the particular place I am visiting, it is very useful, since that you not only get local advice but also advice from fellow travelers.

Best websites to book flights / hotels or other ?
For Flights it’s always Skyscanner and sometimes Kayak. For hotel or bnb booking I use mostly Airbnb and Agoda, I always find Agoda price are cheaper than that of

What FIVE things do you always pack?
A small first aid kit, with necessary, medicines which always has been useful.
Wet Tissues
Mobile power bank
Ready to eat some Indian snacks.

Please share one quote you love or have made up yourself.

Travel detoxifies your brain.

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