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After having tried out various methods of travel, I have resolved that I am a luxury traveler. I love savouring and enjoying the finer things in life.I love that travelling has opened my mind and has kept me humble. That feeling of arriving in a place where you know no-one and literally no-one knows you is absolutely exhilarating.

By Suvarna Gangai (Roaming Our Earth)


This blog post (my first ever details where it all started)

What tips of advice could you give our readers that may want to start travelling?

In order to find out what type of traveller you are, at first try everything once and then decide.

Have you ever done volunteering on your travels or worked abroad?
To date I have done no volunteering, but we hope to do some in the future

Have you got any places on your bucket list? If so where?

Does EVERYWHERE count? My soul is desperate to set foot in every country at least once.

What are some of the best things about travel?

The freedom to grow into who you really where meant to be.
Tasting different foods and being in places where you cannot understand a word being spoken
Meeting new and different people that one would not meet in their usual routine.
Encountering new cultures, traditions and lifestyles

Have you experienced any downsides to travel?
Long flights are my worst enemy
Visa applications are sometimes frustrating
I miss my animals immensely when we are away
And it is an addiction with no cure!

Have you had any scary travel experiences? How did you manage them?

We had to do a homestay along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and this for me was the most challenging and terrifying night of my life. It was then that I accepted that I am a luxury traveler.
To be honest, I survived the night texting my sister through the night who was kind enough to stay awake just so I didn’t feel alone (She was back home)

If you are solo traveller (what do you enjoy about solo travel and are there any challenges?)
Prior to me travelling with my husband, I went solo for a few years. Whilst I absolutely loved being alone in a city I now find that I want to share every experience with him.
My biggest challenge at that stage was meeting people. I used to be rather reserved, but over the years my confidence has just soared off the charts.

Do you have any money saving tips, for booking or planning your travels?
Booking long in advance is key.
There are many places where you can confirm a booking with just a deposit and as the months go you can pay in part.
Accomodation wise, I always try to book where I can get a free cancellation, unless my plans are set in stone then I take the option of non-refundable provided it is the cheapest rate

Whats your favourite city or cities and why? Can you recommended top attractions to see in each?
I recently did a post about my favourite cities. Check it out here: Favourite Cities 

Any recommendations for best beaches you have visited? where were they? and what did you like about them?
Beau Vallon beach in the Seychelles. The sand was white and powdery!

You can read more about our experience in the Seychelles

Sokha Beach Resort in Cambodia. I let go of a lot that was holding me back whilst sitting on this beach. Also I am pretty sure that this is what heaven would be like.

What’s your favourite travel apps?


What are 5 things have your travels have taught you?
Confidence even when you have no idea what is going on
Be open to anything and everything that comes your way
Being humble and fearless
Never take for granted the privileged lives we live

Can you recommend any great places you have visited for our readers that has delicious food? 
I am a full on foodie, so this could go on for days.
There was a meal shared with new friends in Marrakesh that is traditional Morrocan and worth every penny. Name : Al Fassia

Have you got any tips for our readers to save money whilst travelling?
Spend money on food and experiencing the place you are visiting as opposed to buying gifts and trinkets that will just end up collecting dust on a mantle.

What are your travel plans this year? anything exciting?
We are really excited to be spending Christmas in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and New Years in Djibouti.

Check out these posts: Where is next for us & Anyone ever obtained a visa for Djibouti?

Do you speak any languages? If so how did you learn these?
English (first Language)
A touch of Afrikaans and Hindi (learnt these in school)

How do you plan your trips?
I plan all of our trips on my own.
I use skyscanner a lot.
Sometimes I just google day trips in a certain city and see what comes up and just take a shot at it. If not I wait till I get there and figure things out.
I often deal directly with the hotel with planning other activities or to cater for any special requests.

Do you have any favourite travel blogs or sites you check out regularly.
I am very new to the blogging world at this stage I am just reading every blog that comes my way!

How do you keep up with trends in the world of blogging?
I am still finding my feet! Whilst I have been travelling for years, I have only recently started blogging so for now just pouring out my passion into writing about the one thing that has changed my life in so many ways.

Have you seen or experienced any funny travel situations?
Late afternoon, what felt like a 1000 degrees we exited the mall and needed to catch a cab back to our hotel. I started negotiating with the cab driver because he was extremely overpriced and refused to use his meter. Eventually the cab driver looked behind me to what I assumed was another potential client that he could rip off, only to see that that person was my very own husband.

What 5 things do you always pack?
My sun glasses
A pretty dress
Meds for food poisoning
Sadly, my nebulizer

How do you prepare before your flight?
Ashwin does the checklisting… I am more of a chuck it in and hope for the best

Do you have any specific travel equipment or items that are essential for your travels (maybe cameras, drones, walking shoes or similar that you can recommended?)
Universal plug adapter
Portable hair straightener
Selfie Stick

Please share one quote you love

Not all those who wander are lost – J.R.R. Tolkien

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