3 Best Road Trips Around Amsterdam

Netherlands is a country known for its beautiful buildings, picturesque gardens and obviously Amsterdam. Whenever one mentions a place like Amsterdam, the very first thought that crosses one’s mind is either a ride on a bicycle or even better, a road trip. These road trips will definitely leave an impactful memory in your life, all the while ensuring that it doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. So, sit back, look for a good car rental Amsterdam and get ready to visit some incredible places around Amsterdam. This Amsterdam travel guide provides you with all the info you will need when visiting Amsterdam.


Leiden is a beautiful place which is known for its blooming tulips during the bright summers and a picturesque event during the fall season with the rustling leaves crunching under the foot. The array of canals in the area provides with a beautiful lane to walk down and visit the local shops, homes and even parks in the area. It is also a great spot for travellers to go on a guided boat trip if you want to catch a break from traveling in the car. The old windmills along the street signify the simple and peaceful life that the people lead in the area.

Keukenhof Gardens

Located around 40 minute from the main city of Amsterdam, the small city of Lisse where the Keukenhof Garden is located is definitely a place worth a visit. The garden is considered as the world’s largest flower garden with an array of beautiful tulips in the sanctuary and dates back to 1594. It is spread over an area of 700 acres with beautiful forest area, ponds, greenhouse displays and windmills. More than seven million flower bulbs are planted every year, so a trip around that area can be a very nice experience indeed.


If you are a history geek, chances are that Bruges in Belgium would be your favourite destination for a road trip. It is famous for its historical and medieval architecture which are intact even with the time frame that they have been constructed since. One of the beautiful places is The Church of Our Lady which is a stunning behemoth when it comes to various landmarks around the area. It even has some of the most popular theatres and museums which are definitely there to fill the minds of various people who love to explore various historical places. It even has a full blown carillonneur where the visitors can enjoy the sound of the bells at no added cost. You can also check out Berlin if you’ve more time in hands.

Road trips, especially day trips around Amsterdam are one of the best things that you can plan to do. The main reason is the fact that the area is a perfect place to explore and learn new cultures and traditions. The place is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks and a road trip along the green and peaceful scenery is the perfect way to enjoy the area. Bicycles might be the thing in Amsterdam, but day trips and casual strolls add to the thrill and beauty of the journey in the area. 3 Best Road Trips Around Amsterdam

3 Best Road Trips Around Amsterdam


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  • Anna

    Incredible! Loved reading how fun your travel experience was

  • Lance

    My families ancestral home is in the Netherlands, so I really want to get to the country some day. I don’t think any trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a side journey to see the amazing tulip fields or to view some windmills. Definitely adding these three options to our list when we make it to Amsterdam.

  • Reply

    I am a die-hard fan of road trips. This is an amazing experience shared about road trips around Amsterdam. Would love to explore this part of the world.

  • Alexander Popkov

    Bruges done, two other to go. I happen to visit this region quite often for work, and always up to explore the surroundings. Never knew about the gardens and Leiden

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