Julian Austin writes for Man Travels World. His travels have taken him to 4 continents and 35 countries. Although not instafamous follow him on Instagram @mantravelsworld.


To travel is one of the easiest, yet most frightening ideas out there. Honestly, it scares the bejesus out of us. But how simple is it to grab a backpack, fill it with two days of clothes and hop in the car or on a plane and light out to a new locale? People come up with all kinds of excuses (myself included) to avoid these potentially life-altering travel experiences. And in our socially charged technological landscape, becoming instafamous and assuming a been there, done that mentality has saturated the basic goal of travel itself.

If you are debating a weekend road trip, backpacking around Asia, or thinking about a long-term shake up overseas, the truth can often be what everyone doesn’t want to hear – travel is often so simple.

Most Common Roadblocks!
Time: Minimal vacation (especially if from the United States), family matters, other priorities.
Money: rent, car payments, mortgages, shiny toys.
Anxiety (the unknown): One of my favorite quotes,

“Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all.”

This world is huge and we are mortal beings (for now).

Five Tips to Pack a Bag and Go!
Get inspired! Read a book, watch a film/TV show, or visit a local outdoor store to pique your interest.

Since the early days of Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, Anthony Bourdain, and the Emmy award-winning film crew at Zero Point Zero Productions have always motivated me.

Pick a location/interest. Plan a trip to a concert, snowboarding trip, foodie destination.

Save some scrilla. Sell those shiny toys or hustle side jobs to earn extra cash.

Set a goal. No matter if it’s an actual date or a permanent idea. Traveling to all continents by age 30 is (my goal!).

Take the plunge and book the trip! The dream starts to become a reality.


Thank You Julian Austin for sharing a great article with our readers.


  • David

    Already inspired…now all i need is to pack and go. Great tips.

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