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My blog started out as a site to post about some of my favourite places I have traveled to. However, now it is evolving! I also post about mindful living, living in the present moment (hence the name the now with nat) and enhancing your intuition. I will also be adding stories/video content of places I have visited, as well as interviews I had with people whom I’ve met during my travels.

About Me: The Now With Nat

My blog is ever evolving! My blog came about when I started to post my travels, but now I am ex-panding to mindful living. I also promote my meditation and yoga events, as well as my Yoga Classes (group and private) in Santiago, Chile.


How easy is it to return home whilst roaming the world?

Home was Los Angeles, CA. I have been back twice since my move to Santiago – once for my Mom’s Birthday, and the second time was for New Year’s Eve. It is a loooong flight to get back to the states from Santiago, but once I am back in LA, it is really great to see my friends and to spend some time near the beach.

How would you describe the term nomad life in your own words?

Nomad life to me is a unique term. I believe it means stepping out of your comfort zone, and com – pletely changing your work and personal life style to experience more of the world and embark on your soul’s calling. Digital nomads are either traveling constantly, or settled in a non-permanent place.
When did you start the nomad lifestyle and why? also how long have you been living this lifestyle? How long do you see your self doing this?

I started my nomad lifestyle in June 2017 in Santiago, Chile and have been living here her since. The decision came about when a friend of mine put me in touch with her friend looking for an Eng-lish speaking room mate. I also had a work opportunity as well, so I decided to take the leap. Liv-ing in Santiago really presented itself for me out of the blue, and I thought I would never have an opportunity like this to live abroad in South America. I had also been wanting to leave the corpo-rate world for some time, so the move just felt right.

I cannot say exactly how long I plan on living abroad, because my originally plan was to stay two months in Santiago (which drastically changed!) I will definitely move back to LA, but would like to keep working on building my brand and utilising my opportunities here before I go back.

What are some of the pro’s and cons of being a nomad?

Pro’s: traveling, learning a new language, learning about a new culture, cost of living, trying differ-ent foods, and most importantly, the people!!!! – I love my friend’s here, and really love that every-one is from a different country with a different background. Through this, I have learned (and con-tinue to learn) so much!

Con’s: you cannot find a lot of the same food choices as you do in the states, language barrier when dealing with customer service, being alone at times, especially when “home” is so far away, the weather in the winter

What types of places do you stay in when travelling?

While living in Santiago, I currently live in a house with my room mate. When I travel outside of the city or I go backpacking, I usually stay in a hostel.

The big question everyone wants to know – how do you earn an income to travel full time?

When I moved to Santiago, I worked for a really amazing start-up through a program called: Start Up Chile. Santiago is a huge start up hub, so I met a lot of people while working in the Start Up Chile office.

Now, I teach yoga, teach English, film, and recently partnered with an events/restaurant platform to help lead and design food tours/events here in Santiago.

Do you have any tips for people that want to start the nomad way of living? 

If you would like to start a nomad lifestyle, and truly believe it is the best decision for you and your path, surround yourself with people who support your goals and visions.

My recommendation is build a brand or research some companies you can work for remotely. And this might sound cliche, but follow your intuition! Santiago opened up for me and something just told me to take the leap and go.

I do recommend Santiago because it is a huge start up hub with a big expat community. Everyone here has been extremely helpful. The city is also very metropolitan, and quite safe. Not to men-tion Chile itself is absolutely beautiful! There is so much to see and do.

What types of things do people need to plan prior to starting the nomad life?

I am living here on a tourist visa because my work does not require me to apply for another type of visa. I am currently on a traveler’s insurance plan which I renew after one year.


Do you do use any freelance work sites to obtain work from? 

For me, facebook groups have been the most helpful. In Santiago there is a great group called: Discover Chile, and I am in an awesome group called Female Digital Nomads. There really is SO much information on FB for expats in any country!


Have you encountered any issues with adjusting to local customs or the culture whilst you have been travelling? 

There have been cultural differences here, but honestly you just respect them. Not everything is the same pace as the US, and customer service is different.

When I first moved to Chile, I did not speak any Spanish so living here was VERY tough. Only 5% of people here speak English, so I had to quickly learn. I studied for four weeks in a Spanish Im-mersion program, and practice with a tutor when I can. I also learn from my friends because the majority of them speak Spanish as a first language, and many speak very little English.

Do you travel solo as a nomad? 

I usually have at least one travel partner 🙂

Has been easy to make friends and socialise – whilst travelling around as a nomad?

Yes- my Spanish school definitely helped me make friends right away, and also through work. The only downfall is when you meet other expats, they tend to stay for short periods of time. I try to stay active on Expat FB groups where events and meet ups are always being posted. I also met great friends through my work out group.

Do you have any money saving tips for flights / accommodation? Any recommended sites to book on?

I love Sky Scanner for booking flights, and HostelWorld for accommodations!

What has been some of your top highlights from travelling?

My top places have been: The Atacama Desert in Chile, Pucon in Chile, La Paz in Bolivia, The Salt

Flats in Bolivia, and a few places in Brazil: Rio, Salvador, Pantanal, Florianopolis, and Angra dos Reis

What is on your bucket list?

Since I am South America, I really would like to visit: Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Very high on my list as must see countries!

How do you see the future of nomadism?

With today’s society and interconnectedness on social media, I only see it expanding. Many peo-ple are beyond frustrated with the normal 9-5 routine, and looking to travel more and embark on their true passions. While it is definitely challenging at times, living abroad is rewarding. There are so many opportunities to freelance or work remotely, that the opportunities to become a nomad are only getting bigger. I honestly think traveling is the best school there is!

Has being a nomad taught you any life lessons? 

Yes. The greatest life lesson that being a nomad has taught me is that no matter what back-ground, culture, religion, or language spoken, we are all people. I feel so connected with many people who have lived completely different lives than my own. Through sharing different views and backgrounds, I have learned so much about myself and the world in general.

Living a nomadic lifestyle has also taught me to trust my intuition more. It was the craziest idea at the time to move all the way to Chile, but very happy I trusted my instincts. Even through my most challenging moments abroad, I continue to learn. It has helped me deepen my yoga and medita-tion practice as well.

Let’s end with two quotes you love 

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life. – Eckhart Tolle


In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. – Lewis Carroll


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    Well done Nat for taking the leap! As an expat myself I completely agreed when she mentioned that her guts were telling her to do it!

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