Nomads Around The Globe Series: Interview With Frequent Traveller


We are Alan and Rosalind an Australian couple in our 50’s travelling the world. After 35 years of living the 9-5 life, paying off the mortgage and raising our children, we decided to quit our jobs to travel the world full time. Using Thailand as a base we spend most of the year travelling and exploring different parts of the world. We haven’t looked back, though we live a simpler life with fewer possessions we feel more fulfilled than we ever have. We have grown as people and have discovered that the world truly is a fascinating place. As co-owners of travel blog Frequent Traveller, we are dedicated to sharing our travel experiences and want to prove that age is no barrier to travel.

Where you can find Frequent Travellers site: Frequent Traveller

What can our readers find on your blog?

Our blog chronicles the journey of Alan & Rosalind with helpful information on how to travel smarter without sacrificing comfort. Destination guides, helpful reviews of some of the best travel products, and how to guides.

When did you start your blog and why?

We started our blog in 2014 as a way to document our travels. We soon realized that we had a lot of helpful travel information to share so we decided to expand it into a full-time travel resource.

How difficult or easy is it to run a blog whilst living the nomad life? Any challenges?

Most of the time it’s easy. We make sure our accommodation has high speed Internet access and where possible a place to work so we can stay online. Possibly the only challenge is maintaining a work/downtime balance.

Where was home prior to you starting the nomad life? and do you still go back? how often? how easy is it to return home whilst roaming the world?

Home is Bundaberg Australia and we try to return at least once a year to visit friends and relatives. Australia is an easy trip from Asia, but from everywhere else it’s the other end of the planet ?.

How would you describe the term nomad life in your own words?

Anyone who leaves their home town and enjoys traveling from place to place long term.

When did you start the nomad lifestyle and why? also how long have you been living this lifestyle? How long do you see your self doing this?

We started our nomad life in 2015 and have been living this lifestyle for two years.

We had always loved travel, our children had left home, we were in our late 50’s and decided if we didn’t do it now we may never get the chance.

We love this lifestyle and we will do it for as long as we possibly can.

What are some of the pro’s and cons of being a nomad?


The freedom – we have no set timeframe if we like a place we can stay as long as we choose.

We get to see destinations we have only dreamed about.

We learn about different cultures and ways of life. We have found that most people in the world are kind hearted and helpful. If you treat people respectfully they treat you the same way.

We meet interesting likeminded people who share their travel secrets.

Life is exciting.


Being away from friends and family for long periods of time is sometimes difficult however as we are always connected online it helps maintain a sense of closeness.

As we work online we rely on reliable internet connection and that’s sometimes difficult in remote locations. Any extended time without Internet access puts us behind our schedule.

What types of places do you stay in when travelling (for example do you stay in countries for a long time or just short stays) etc do you rent or use hostels etc..

If we like a place we may take an apartment for a few months, we find this cheaper than staying in a hotel and a lot more productive.

We spend more than half of the year doing short term house sits in destinations around the world. We get free accommodation in return for looking after people’s pets and house. This gives us the chance to live like a local and see more than your average tourist.

The big question everyone wants to know (how do you earn an income to travel full time (you can also link any articles here to)

We rent our primary place of residence in Australia and supplement our income from our website income and freelance travel writing.

Do you have any tips for people that want to start the nomad way of living? can you recommend any particular countries to start with? or what countries you started with and how you found them.

If the lifestyle appeals to you just give it a go, it has been the best thing we have ever done. We have experienced so many memorable adventures.

We found Thailand to be user friendly. English is widely spoken, the low cost of living gives you the chance to live well, the people are so friendly and it is popular with digital nomads.

What types of things do people need to plan prior to starting the nomad life? (back up money, health insurance, visas, etc….) How did you plan the nomad life?

Research the country you plan to visit for the local customs and make sure you are a little familiar with the do’s and don’t of each place before you arrive. We have met plenty of people that arrive in countries and assume all customs are similar to their home country.

Visa’s have to be the most important priority. Check if your country needs a visa for the country you will be travelling too. Find out the Visa requirements and give yourself enough time to get the Visa, be aware that you may need to send your passport away for processing so give yourself enough time beforehand to satisfy all entry requirements.

Make sure you have at least two ways to access your money, a travel card is a good option. Just remember that in some countries credit card is not widely used and you will need access to cash.

It is important to have travel insurance, don’t leave home without it.

If you are staying for a while research real estates for apartments, this will give you a good feel for prices and areas of the city.

Have you had any scary or funny experiences whilst travelling?

We pride ourselves on being pretty travel savvy but managed to get scammed by a “taxi driver” in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. We jumped in the cab and by the time we turned the corner the meter was spinning at an alarming rate, we almost had to jump out of the moving cab to get out.

How many countries approx have you lived the nomad life in? Did you encounter any visas or immigration issues? (where / what happened / any tips)

We have lived in 8 countries since living the nomad life. Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, England, Scotland and Spain. So far we have been lucky and haven’t had any Visa or Immigration issues.

When you reach a particular destination – how do you find work? Do you have a strategy or do you try ad secure work before you arrive?

We work online so we are location independent.

What factors do you consider prior to travelling to a country for the nomad life? (how do you decide which country to go to)

We have a list of countries that are on our dream list and we are slowly working our way through them. Because we have no fixed timeframe we have time to explore these countries in detail.

Have you encountered any issues with adjusting to local customs or the culture whilst you have been travelling? what about language barriers has this been an issue anywhere?

We like to research local customs before we enter a new country and haven’t had any issues to date. Some English has been spoken in most of the countries we have visited, when we can’t communicate sign language works well most of the time.

Has been easy to make friends and socialise – whilst travelling around as a nomad?

Yes, we have made so many new friends, we have more friends than when we lived at home. We now have the time to enjoy ourselves.

Do you have any money saving tips for flights / accommodation? Any recommended sites to book on?

We collect frequent flyer points with Oneworld airlines. We have had many reward flights including two around the world flights, one of them in Business Class.

We house sit, which allows us to stay longer and live like a local at some of the most exciting locations. For housesitting we use the site Trusted Housesitters which have a good selection of house sits available in the UK and Europe.

What equipment do you use for your blog or as part of your nomad lifestyle?

We use a Canon DSLR camera as well as smart phones for photos. We like to travel light so we both have small portable laptops. For photo editing and creating online graphics we use Canva. Whenever possible we use our own photography.

What has been some of your top highlights from travelling (experiences / places)

Visiting the Taj Mahal at dawn, watching the cremations on the River Ganges at Varanasi in India. Getting used to living at a high altitude as we made our way to Machu Picchu in Peru. These are just a few of the many highlights we have experienced as world nomads.

Trying exotic food like scorpion on a stick, guinea pig, alpaca and the best Peking Duck in one of Hong Kong’s finest restaurants.

People watching always brings a smile to our face.

What is on your bucket list (places / experiences) etc …

Iceland to see the Northern lights. We hope to one-day visit Antarctica. We had a fantastic time in South America and plan to return to explore the Amazon, Argentina, Brazil and Southern Chile. We would love to take the Trans-Siberian Railway from China to Russia. So many destinations on our list, we never tire of travel.

How do you see the future of nomadism?

Our plans for the immediate future is to continue living this lifestyle. Meeting new friends, learning more about ourselves, discovering new cultures, stunning scenery and trying the weird and wonderful cuisines of the world.

Has being a nomad taught you any life lessons? if so please elaborate.

Being a nomad has taught us to be tolerant of different cultures, to patient and not take things too seriously, treat people with respect, expect the unexpected and always have a backup plan. It has taught us to take the time to notice the small things, children playing, having a smile and a chat with the locals, small things give such joy.

Please share 1 quote you love (travel, life or anything at all or one you have made up)

It’s better to look back on life and say:
“I can’t believe I did that”
than to look back and say:
“I wish I did that.”

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    Travelling Dany

    I still have to master the work/downtime balance when I’m traveling! And I also agree on the importance of having internet when traveling!

  • Avatar

    I love all your interviews (I haven’t read every single one but well on my way). I love that you use your very successful blog to give shoutouts to others! True inspiration <3 x

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    Francesca Secolonovo

    How inspiring!!! I respect anyone who has the courage to pack up and go! I will be starting my trip as of October and I am really looking forward to it!
    This is a great interview! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Avatar

    This is such a great interview! I feel like a lot of the time older voices are left out of conversations about digital nomadic lifestyles. While I’m incredibly jealous, this has definitely given me a lot to think about in terms of ways to get to the ultimate goal of location independent travel.

  • Avatar

    They’re truly relationship and travel goals! I love seeing old couples travel together and discover new cultures. I wish them luck in their digital nomad lifestyle.

  • Avatar

    Love this interview for so many reasons, primarily as a fellow nomad it’s great to see these guys proving age doesn’t matter when it comes to travel. I have a few debates (more like arguments), especially with family members about how traveling should be done young. It’s people like Alan and Rosalind that are true inspirations for the rest of us long-term travelers 😀 (my interview will be with you soon 😀 )

  • Avatar

    They are such a sweet couple. I love the fact that they travel hard in their 50s. Their stories are an inspiration, indeed. Cheers!!

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    Lets face the fact that when people hear that you’re a nomad its a different reaction well not so positive. I hope the whole world can see this that nomad’s are great people who love to travel passionately and discover the world non stop. I love you post! super inspiring 🙂

  • Avatar

    Such an inspiration, we hope to do the same although maybe we have to spend more time in Oz unfortunately

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    Anushka Aggarwal

    Love this interview, I have to make my mother read this, as she is always cribbing about her old age ( she is in the late 50’s), I was imagining about the funny story that happened in Vietnam.
    Thanks for introducing this interview series

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    Jordan Johnson

    I love all of your interviews! This is so inspirational! I hope to have a travel relationship like this in my 50s one day. So many goals worth aspiring to achieve from this couple and great insight into resources for flight rewards and house sitting options to save money. Love it ? Thank you for this post!

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    What an amazing couple! I love how they prove that age isn’t a factor to long term travelling and being a nomad. Seeing the Northern Lights is on our bucket list too. They’re brave to try scorpion on a stick! Great post!

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    Amazing interview! Not everyone dares to leave their comfort zone and pursue their passion for travel, especially at this age. This couple is a great inspiration to a whole lot of us. Love the quote they live by! Respect!

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    LaiAriel R. Samangka

    It’ s really great to read amazing interview like this with other travelers cause it made me inspire to travel more and keep traipsing my feet to the beautiful places. It is really an amazing interview and I actually have read some of their blogs. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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    Petya Miteva

    Amazing interview with amazing people! I like their philosophy of life! Someday I dream to have the same opportunity!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely conversation with us!

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    Amazing interview:D You really know how to ask the right questions for us readers to get to know the interviewees better:) I have a lot to learn! These two seem like such lovely people, and they’re living the dream lifestyle! I love that they have a list of countries they want to live in:) Thanks for sharing!

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    What a great interview. These two are very inspirational and love all the tips. They started all of this just two years ago, that’s amazing.

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