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Hey! My name is Pujarini Mitra. I am an entrepreneur with a travel addiction. I have traveled solo, as couple and now we travel as a family with my toddler. We share our experiences of our journey in hope that it encourages families to travel more. Our website MySoulTravels has destination guides, trip experiences and kid friendly travel tips. We have visited 10 countries and counting…..

What plans do you have in the future for your blog?
I recently did a project on the Oldest cantonment in India called Barrackpore. My upcoming trips are to Himalayan State of Himachal, Mumbai and then to Sri Lanka.

Does your blog cover anything else other than travel? 
We also review travel products and stays. And there is always more to come as we grow.

What can our readers find on your website? 
While our website focuses on family travels, our destination guides are for all ages for a relaxed vacation or visit. You can see our reviews on our website MySoulTravels.

Do you have any travel tips or advice for our readers that might want to start a travel blog?
It is important to identify your passion and choose a niche. Keep creating great content and people will find you.

What are some of the highs and lows of travel blogging?
For me the highs would be the love that we get from our readers. Blogging needs a lot of effort and sometimes the recognition is slow.

What type of traveler are you?
I was earlier a work full time then travel kind of traveler but have recently turned into a full time traveler.

What sites or other resources do you use to decide where and when you will go to a certain place or destination?
I mostly use Pinterest and check out the tourism website of the destination to plan.

Do you have any favourite travel books you have read or use?
My favorites are Lonely Planet guide books. They are always full of information and ideas. I also refer to my favourite blogging websites to plan.

What’s been some of your favourite destinations & why? 
My favorite destinations have been Bali, Krabi, Ladakh and Kerala.

What equipment do you use to blog?
I use my laptop, Ipad, my Canon 1300D.

Do you have any photography or making travel videos tips?
Experiment and have fun!

What’s the TOP blog posts on your page?

How to turn your budget Bali trip into Luxury
Leh City Guide for Ladakh travel
Tips for traveling with kids

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how bloggers can earn an income from blogging?
Bloggers should use affiliates and collaborate with travel brands.

Top 5 Bucket-list Destinations?

Top 5 travel experiences you can’t wait to try out or do?
See the northern lights
Dive in Belize
Trek to Machu Picchu
Explore the pyramids in Egypt
Visit the castles in Scotland

Do you have a money saving travel tips?
Fly in low cost airlines, stay in home stays and eat like a local.

Was there a place you visited that did not live up to your expectations & why.
No, we have always found something amazing in every city we have visited.

What’s in your travel bag?
My shades, sunscreen, camera, phone and a book.

What travel apps do you use?
I use AirBnB and to book my stays and Uber for a ride.

What are 3 things travelling has taught you?
It has broadened my horizons, lowered by inhibitions and given me a different perspective.

Have you encountered any travel mishaps or scary moments if so what happened?
We once had an accident, a head on collision with a truck on the highway during a road trip in India.

Do you have any recommendations for cities and beach places that you have visited and loved? What was good about these places?
I love Goa in India and Nusa Dua in Bali. Both these places have white sand beaches and a chilled-out vibe.

Have you visited any off the beaten track places?
We love exploring offbeat experiences. My favorite would be in India as there is so much to explore. The landscapes are beautiful and the culture is diverse.

Best places you have visited or want to visit for cultural experiences.
Apart from India, we loved the culture of Indonesia and Cambodia.

What are 5 things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?
My greatest learning has been to keep writing and be patient.

Where do you see your travel blog in two years?
We see our blog to be amongst the best family blogs in the next couple of years.

Please share one travel quote you love?

‘ Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.’

~ Mark Twain


Please give a short description of your blog and what you cover.
MySoulTravels is a family travel website with destination guides, trip experiences and kid friendly travel tips.




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