Mini Travel Guide To Switzerland

Today we are taking you  on an amazing virtual journey to Switzerland. We are pretty sure that you have heard that Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but that’s not it, there is so much more to this stunning country. Switzerland is also famous for its delicious chocolate, an endless selection of cheese’s, and one of the best potato dishes you will ever have is Rösti, and you will also get to experience mesmerising views of the Alps. 

You might even need to pinch yourself because after reading this article, as you will feel like putting on your finest hiking shoes and booking the first possible ticket to Switzerland. And why not, Switzerland is truly a perfect destination for adventure and culture seekers.


Many travellers start their Switzerland adventure’s in Zurich, due to the fact that the biggest airport of Switzerland is located here. But is there are lots more to do, should you spend sometime in Zurich. The answer would be- for sure, it’s worth the visit once you are here. Don’t skip it only because Zurich has a status of a business metropolis, it has also some nice sightseeing and cultural places which will definitely show you  Switzerland’s charm.

Explore the center of the city
The best way to soak in the feeling of the new places? Definitely, exploring it by foot. Wander through the old town, window shop the finest boutiques, smell the chocolate aroma from the bakeries. 

Spend a sunny afternoon at the Lake Zurich
When the nature is so beautiful as it is in the Lake Zurich area, do you even need a particular reason to go there? We don’t think so, but here are some hints for your quality time- make a cozy picnic next to the lake,  rent a boat or canoe to observe the lake even closer, and we are pretty sure, your day will be spent well. Seize the day. this is a great spot for photography too. 

Visit cathedrals
Don’t miss a chance to visit Grossmunster and Fraumunster cathedrals. The sky is the limit- so definitely climb the tower of Grossmunster’s cathedral for the stunning city views.

Hike up the Uetliberg
That’s right, even in such a business city like Zurich are hiking trails- Uetliberg- a local mountain. Start your hiking journey at Uetliberg. Pro tip- if you go at sunset, you are extremely lucky with a panorama view over the place.

Visit Lindt chocolate factory
Would it even be a trip to Switzerland without trying chocolate which is manufactured in Switzerland? Chocolate lovers, this is especially for you, don’t miss a chance to visit the Lindt factory, you might even get some good deals to your chocolate stash purchases.

Where to eat when in Zurich?
Whether you are looking for traditional eats or a fancy seafood restaurant with the finest fondue selection- Zurich has what to offer for every desire. We picked two places for those of you who are looking for hipster vibes or a fancy dinner views by the lake. Or maybe both? Why not!

Restaurant Ies Halles
Almost every city in the world has vibrant and hipster places to offer, for those of you, who are looking for a chill vibes, and Zurich is not an exception. Ies Halles is converted factory, which specialises in mussels. One of the reasonably priced places in Zurich with a cozy vibe, definitely among the restaurants to not be missed. Price range for a dish is starting from 21-40 CHF.

Fischer’s Friz
If you are a stunning views lover, same as us, then you will love Fischer’s Friz restaurant. Located directly on the Lake Zurich, the restaurant definitely provides the very best dining view experience in the city. Believe it or not, some of the fish for their served dishes is being caught straight from the lake. Price range for a dish is starting from 40-150 CHF.
After little Zurich insight, its time to move further with secret gems, the very best trails and mountain views from the other parts of stunning Switzerland, right? We know you must be excited.


If you can’t rent a car, don’t worry, you can always take the train. In fact, Switzerland has a fantastic rail network with train stations in many towns and villages. What is the best part of using the train? You are able to travel from one point to another, meanwhile, the train will bring you through the snowy Alps, alongside beautiful, turquoise blue mountain lakes and 50 shades of green hills. 
Approximate price for a Switzerland travel pass is 631CHF for 8 days and it gives you the ability to travel unlimited amount of time and destinations.
“Good news, once you purchase a Swiss travel pass, it allows you to visit 500 various museums free of charge”.


Wilderness of Bern
Once you visit Bern, the capital of Switzerland, you can feel the true mountain vibe. Little cottages, pink mountain flowers, crystal blue mountain rivers and so much more. Its a place filled with countries old traditions and if you come here during street festivals or celebrations, you will even see people dressed in traditional clothes while blowing huge Alphorn. Bern is loved by travelers, and for sure this love is well deserved. Don’t miss a chance to visit a historic old town with the Zytglogge clock tower.

Aare Gorge
Dripping caves, freezing, light blue mountain river water, hills overlooking you from the top… Yes, it is the Aare Gorge. The gorge is a result of melting ice of the Ice Age. Inst that a stunning history? Must check in Bernese Oberland region.

Nature fairytale in Interlaken
Some of you might know Interlaken as a skiing resort, but actually, there are things to do all year around. Interlaken lies on foot of 3 mountains and between 2 lakes. Does it sound like a dream? But wait, that’s not all. Do not miss a chance to see underground waterfalls – Trummelbachschlucht, in so extreme way- with a glass cable car, which brings you into 500-meter gorge close to the waterfalls. Once you are here, don’t forget to take a hike on the Eiger trail, not too challenging hike, but for sure spectacular views are promised.

Creux De Van
Very often Creux De Van is named as the Grand Canyon of Switzerland. It’s a huge rock cirque that simply has to been seen to be sure that such a place exists. Stunning!

Pizol Lake Hike
Not too far from Zurich, it will be one of the best hikes in your life. Most stunning blue lakes and fresh mountain air- it’s all in Pizol Lake Hike. The hike heads up to the mountains and in total passes 5 lakes. But that’s not it, as a reward for taking a hike, you will get the most stunning Alpine landscape views.

Saut de Brot
We know it will sound unreal, but at the bottom of the lush green Areus Gorge stands a stone bridge. The bridge, which is not some artificial wooden bridge but a bold, stone bridge. And you can cross it! The best place to start a hike to this beautiful bridge is from the village of Noiraigue.

In this article, we already discovered that Switzerland has a lot of picturesque views, but which hotels offer the incredible mountain views straight from your room window? Here are 2 of our picks for a luxurious rest with the outdoor pool, overlooking mountain peaks.
Hotel The Cambrian
The hotel The Cambrian is located just 15 minutes away from Bern, Switzerland capital. Meantime hotel is offering this feeling that you are away from the city buzz, hugged by majestic mountains. The hotel offers not only panoramic views from your window but also a huge outside pool which is facing mountains. Are you looking for a relaxed Zenn? It’s a great pick.

Hotel Villa Honegg
The hotel Villa Honegg proudly says that they have the most stunning hotel view. And who could argue with them, when they have a huge infinity pool which is facing Lake Lucerne and snowy mountains. Located in Mount Burgenstock, the hotel offers a luxury stay for beauty lovers.

We are pretty sure, seeing so much beauty around in Switzerland, at some point, you might even forget to eat something, but don’t leave a Switzerland without trying these dishes.

The famous potato dish originally coming from Bern but already well know in all Switzerland. The most simple version of Rösti is simply fried hash browns, but nowadays, it is served with different salads and other ingredients like cheese, apple, onion. The way Rösti will be served depends much on the region.
Raclette is a local semi-firm cheese that plays a role in a Raclette dish. The dish consists of heating the cheese and scrapping the soft part off to potatoes, onions, vegetables, and meat until they are all covered in cheese. Cheese and potatoes… is there is even a better combination?

Swiss Fondue
After reading a name of the dish, did something sweet came to your mind? Not this time, not this time. Swiss Fondue is a big communal pot of melted cheese, wine, and garlic into which people dip bread or any other snack they prefer.
These are just a few Switzerland’s natural wonders and tips we are highlighting in this article, Switzerland has much more to offer, so much more, that we promise to discover other amazing places in our other Switzerland posts.

The Alps, the crystal blue lakes, old villages, towering castles, tasty food…To get the true impression of this country, you will want to come to Switzerland, again and again, and for sure, read more than one blog post. We promise to share more, come back to our virtual journey of Switzerland!


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    Switzerland is spectacular. It can be pricey, the views are magnificent. My first visit to Switzerland three years ago left a huge impression on me.. It was difficult to get back to reality. Beautiful selection of pictures, this is exactly how I remember this country. I am in love with the one taken during the evening.

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    Janine Thomas


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    Okay here are so many things I want to say but I’m too distracted by those mussels… they look so delicious!

  • Avatar
    Kaia Trouber

    Switzerland is awesome. I was just recently there and loved it so much!

  • Avatar
    Anjali Chawla

    Switzerland is a dream destination. I have been meaning to visit this amazingly beautiful country but plans don’t seem to materialize. Your mini guide is great. I have bookmarked it for future 🙂

  • Avatar
    Jeremy L Smith

    Man this place looks amazing. Someday! For now it’s all US based travel, but Europe (and Switzerland) are on the list!

  • Avatar

    Those pictures looks astonishing!!!
    Was it an expensive trip for you?

  • Avatar

    I truly enjoyed reading it. Switzerland is such a beautiful place with amazing nature. I will definitely consider it as one of our next travel destinations.

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    Sarah - Borders & Bucket Lists

    I love Switzerland so much! I studied abroad there for a year, and I’ve been dying to go back ever since. I would also add Lake Geneva and the Montreux Christmas market to tie some of the francophone areas into this guide as well :).

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    This is a great guide and your photos are so beautiful! We almost went to Switzerland during our honeymoon since we were in south Germany but sadly we did not have enough time!

  • Avatar

    Such a great guide… will be pinning for a future trip. It has all the things I love, cute buildings, hiking trails and good food! Interlaken is definitely on my to-see list!

  • Avatar

    I loved our time in Switzerland, it’s such a picturesque country, with lots of different places to visit. The one place we missed was Interlaken unfortunately. Will definitely have to check it out when back there again. 🙂

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    Switzerland is such a unique place. I love the contrast of mountains and lakes that you find there. Zermatt is one of my favourites and having taken 50 Girl Guides to Adelboden I would love to go back and explore on my own!

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    I’ve never been to Switzerland, because it’s so expensive. But it looks so good! So it’s on my bucket list now and I’ll start saving. Thanks for the great guide!

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    Switzerland was my first foreign trip so have special memories attached to it. I really loved the fairytale town – Interlaken. Also, it is great that the Swiss rail pass allows us to enter 500 museums. Thanks for sharing all details and information.

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    Jayashree Sengupta

    The first picture that is the cover picture is like pulling me in….. those rocky structures are like singing “Come to me, come to me” 😛 really…. just <3 the article

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    Koushik Krishnamoorthi

    Spectacular photos, this has all the information and a perfect guide to plan a visit Switzerland. Wondering why it is named as mini, it has more than that 🙂
    Good one

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