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Our names are Alessandro and Sara, we are both professionals in marketing and we decided to create a blog (those who travel to taste) to talk of our passions: travel and food.

We quit our jobs in London in June 2017 for a sabbatical to travel that we called “The Big Trip”. More info here:

Together with the blog we launched also our Facebook and Instagram pages with zero following at the beginning of July:

Facebook: Foodmadics
Instagram: Foodmadics

When did you start your journey as a travel blogger & why did you start?

In December 2016, we were in a car in Hawaii and we felt that all our travel experience was going to be somehow lost in the years.

Sara always wanted to write about travel and food and Ale had the experience to create a blog and promote it: we decided to create to provide a simple guide for whoever wants to enrich their travelling experience with taste.

You can read the full story here:


Did anyone or anything motivate or inspire you to start? 

Ale read a lot of Nomadic Matt and BeMyTravelMuse’s blogs and started being interested more and more in the world of travel bloggers not with the idea of being part of it but with the idea of creating content in a specific niche and potentially creating a side business from it, over the years.

What keeps you motivated as a travel blogger to continue blogging?

Just the passion for travelling and good food, if we had other goals we would probably have already been discouraged.

What have been some of the challenges you encountered in the world of travel blogging? How did you overcome them?

Creating relationships with bloggers, emerging from all the other travel blogs and the concept of reciprocating. Reciprocating with people following you is not always easy, as some content is not always of good quality. It is also difficult to start a conversation on the topic as there are so many things to do. So, sometimes, if we do not feel like reciprocating, we just leave it.

Two things you love and dislike about blogging?

Love taking pictures and creating videos, hate the HTML formatting and the necessary promotion of the content.

bali_foodmadicsWhat methods did you use to grow your blog and social media audience? (please share tips / ideas that others and newbies may find useful)

Write and engage with people on Facebook Groups, on Instagram and participate as much as you can online so that your posts, videos and pictures get shared. It takes a lot of time, but suddenly, you’ll find yourself feeling like you have known for a long time many of the people you are interacting with.

Do you work and travel? If so how are you able to do this? 

We have worked for more than 12 years and saved some money, we will be travelling for at least 10 months, full-time. So far, we have been in Russia, Mongolia, China, Indonesia and Iran (with Turkey, Georgia and India already planned) and it feels like there is never enough time to engage online, experience and write about it. It is a constant chase!

indonesia_foodmadicsDo you use any blogging sites or apps / planner tools that help you stay organised? 

Right now, no. We are dedicated to create content and post it as often as possible to create a critical mass that we will then promote.

When it gets overwhelming (if this applies to you) how do you manage? Do you take breaks or other?

As in every big project, when something becomes overwhelming, you need to divide it in small pieces and just take care of those small pieces. So, if it is a video, we complete the video, if it is a Facebook post, we think just of the Facebook post and so on. Small steps to get far.

shanghai_foodmadicsHow was 2017 for you for blogging? (any issues or major achievements) tell our readers a bit about this. share any links.

The biggest achievement was our video on Mongolia on Facebook that got share more than 130 times in a week and was viewed more than 45.000 times.. for a small page with less than 300 likes it has been a tremendous achievement!

Any blogging goals for 2018? What can we look forward to from you?

We want to grow our audience as much as possible, we will hopefully have more people on Facebook, Instagram and subscribed to YouTube and our mailing list. Then we will create our own products and services, we hope to open the doors of Italy (our own country) to English speakers. We have realized that it is so difficult for tourists to have a local experience and we would like to grant it in our country, the beautiful Italy!

russia_foodmadicsDo you have any travel plans for 2018? If so where?

We are still discussing it!
Ale hopes Chile could be our first stop in 2018, while Sara is still making up her mind.

Bucket-list destinations & why?

Now that we have planned our next steps, taking us to Iran, Turkey, Georgia and India before Christmas, the three places that are still on our bucket list would be:

1. Alaska, the remote state that together with Hawaii is the US adventure you would never expect
2. Svalbard in winter, to experience the fierce north at its full power
3. Africa, as for no specific reason it has been left out so far and we need to catch up!

Any places online or books you recommend for bloggers to check out that has been useful (groups / websites / books / other) please share any links.

Check out courses on Udemy to start learning the tech side of blogging but also to be able to understand how to create your own brand and make it nice to people arriving to your website. The SuperStar blogging course from Nomadic Matt helped us a lot to get to where we are today.

iran_foodmadicsHow important is it to be consistent in blogging? How do you manage this?

We believe it is important to be consistent, however it is also important to experience and have time to enjoy what you are doing. So, we are trying to have always something to share but not being constantly on our phones / laptops.

Please share your TOP 5 blogging tips?

1. Create quality content
2. Reserve time to promote it
3. Schedule your posts and plan accordingly
4. Remember that the most important part is the travel and not posting about it
5. Have fun while doing it all, that is the most important part!

Where do you see your blog in 2 years?

Hopefully with fresh content, a successful digital service that we offer and a significant following!

greatwall_foodmadicsHow do you manage the tech side of blogging? has it been easy or difficult (are there any good methods or ways of learning you can share)

Ale has always been a little bit of a geek, so he learned (with some frustrations!) everything that was needed to put the blog online using WordPress. He used online courses and followed them step by step but we can totally empathize with whom finds it difficult and frustrating. Find someone to help! Better spending some money rather than giving up because of frustration!


Favourite Travel or Blogging Quote

I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list!


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    Heraa Farooq

    Loved reading about this happy couple. I get so much inspired by such interviews. I hope they get a chance to finish their bucket lists. They don’t have much places left though 🙂

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