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Please tell us when you started your blog, what inspired you to start blogging & anything about your blog you want to share, including how you came up with your blog name, and how long you have been blogging.

We started our blog a little over a year ago. The idea of starting the blog was to have a platform on which we could share our travel experiences. We had been traveling for over 10 years when we started the blog and felt that now was the time! Voyager was a name we felt symbolized our thoughts. We look at everything as a voyage of discovery. All experiences whether travel-related or note are essentially voyages of discovery about ourselves and the outside world.

Do you have any tips for our readers that want to start blogging.
First of all go for it. Second start it only if you are passionate about it and ready to nurture it and do all the hard work. Third, it is a jungle out there, so stand out, try to be different.

Do you have you exciting travel plans for this year?

This year promises to be an exciting one for the simple reason that we have nothing planned and are relying on our instincts to go where we feel like. We would of course be spending a lot of time exploring the hidden gems of India, We traveled across Rajasthan early this year and are looking forward to more trips to the interior lands of India. We may look at Eastern Europe in the later part of the year.

Do you have any useful apps you use to plan your trips? If so which ones do you recommend & why?
We do a lot of research before we plan our trips. Google of course is our trusted companion. Skyscanner, we use for finding flights and Airbnb and Expedia for hotels.

What’s been some of the best places you have visited / travelled to? 
Every place that we have traveled to, big or small, known or unknown has something unique to offer which cannot be compared to any other place. However some of the places that touched our hearts were Lucerne, Florence, Paris and Sikkim in India.

What’s your favourite city & why? Share some things to do that you enjoyed and  must see’s.
Paris ranks as our favourite city. There is so much happening there that we want to go back again and again. The city has so much of history and romance combined with an old world charm that it endears itself to us. Another city that we fell head over heels in love was Florence, which really charmed us out of our wits.

What’s your favourite beach destinations & why / where were they?
Goa, with a plethora of beaches to suit every mood is our favourite. You have the choice of walking along the sand in a secluded beach or indulging in some water sports on a happening beach too!

Any travel tips you have for our readers?

Travel during the off season, this way you will find lesser crowds and better deals on airfare and hotels. It makes for an enjoyable travel experience.

Best places for shopping, from the places you have visited? Any great finds? If so where?
Hong Kong and Singapore are a shoppers delight. The range of shopping options are mind boggling.

What’s on your bucket list?
Whatever we have not seen figure in our bucket list.

Favourite travel quote? Or a quote you have made?

As you travel the world, you also travel inwards and the experience transforms you and creates a new you.(This is ours)

Have you had any scary travel moments? If so what happened?
Not really, the scariest that we can think of is, missing a train in Rome!

What’s been some great places with food you have loved? (Where was it & what did you have)
We are vegetarians and being Indians like our spices. So our best food experiences have all been in India. The best food we have had has been on the Delhi-Chandigarh Highway at a roadside restaurant. We had Parathas or Indian wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and cauliflower. These were served with generous dollops of white butter and we were left craving for more.

What has travel taught you?
That beneath all the layers of colour, religion, nationality, etc., people are the same. There are only good and bad people.

Three things you always pack?
Camera, Book, Shades.


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Big thank you to Sandy & Vyjay from Voyager Travel Blog for a lovely Interview with Digital Travel Guru.


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