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Hey! My name is Phil, and I created the BrokenLimitz travel & lifestyle blog back in August 2014, as a way to share what I have learnt during my travels. BrokenLimitz is full of insights into some of the most adventurous activities and exotic locations around the world, as well as helpful ways to keep the travels going.


Where was home prior to you starting the nomad life? How easy is it to return home while roaming the world?

Home for me prior to traveling was Gisborne in New Zealand. A small little surf town with a population of about 30,000. I still go back every Christmas for a month or so, but after getting a taste of what the world has to offer, I couldn’t see myself living there again.

How would you describe the term nomad in your own words?

The term nomad in my mind means someone who travels more often than not. Someone who learns about the world from first-hand experiences, instead of gaining knowledge through books, education or hearsay.


When did you start the nomad lifestyle and why?  Also how long have you been living this lifestyle? How long do you see your self-doing this?

In December 2014 I started my nomad lifestyle because I was sick of the routine of city life. I sold ALL of my possessions apart from what I could fit in my backpack and set off to create an extraordinary life for myself. Every day for me now is an adventure, and it’s addictive as hell. I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

What are some of the pros and cons of being a nomad?

The pros of being a nomad outweigh the cons, for me, I love that you can go where ever you want, do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be, instead of fitting into the trends and lifestyles of your peers. Trying a new cuisine is always a treat, even when it’s not as good as you’d hoped. It’s all about the experience. Like seeing places you’ve seen in posters or magazines through your own eyes, now that is an epic feeling for sure! As for cons, sometimes you miss having a base, and sometimes you need a holiday (from the holiday) but all in all, it’s still worth it.


What types of places do you stay in when travelling?

It depends on the place and what there is to do and how much work I have on. Sometimes I will visit destinations for a week and other areas such as Canggu in Bali, Indonesia I will stay in for a couple of months at a time. I used to stay in hostels all the time, but I quickly got over the party scene and decided to find ways to earn money while traveling. I now stay in either hotels, guesthouses or Airbnb as it’s a little more comfortable and I can enjoy a solid nights sleep!

The big question everyone wants to know (how do you earn an income to travel full time (you can also link any articles here too)

Majority of my income I earn is from affiliate offers and web tools I promote from various Instagram accounts I run. In short, I research various niches to find a common problem people are having in that specific niche. I then find an appropriate affiliated product to help them solve it. Build an Instagram account using Viral Growth techniques and link it to the product. Instagram has been my backbone for funding my travels, and I talk about it more in my Private Facebook Group.


Do you have any tips for people who want to start the nomad way of living? Can you recommend any particular countries to start with? Or what countries you started with and how you found them.

If you want to start the nomadic way of living, South East Asia is the safest, cheapest and my favourite place to travel. A lot of people love Chiang Mai in Thailand as a starting location, but Canggu in Bali, Indonesia is my favourite by far. Epic surf, relatively cheap, fantastic places to eat and it’s a paradise in itself.

What types of things do people need to plan prior to starting the nomad life? 

Before traveling to a new country whether it’s to live or visit,  I always check Visa Requirements, wifi reviews and drone laws (I love aerial photography). Having no wifi is not ideal especially if you have deadlines or client calls. If you aren’t up to date with the countries specific drone laws too, this can result in your drone being confiscated, and no one wants that. One other thing I always check is my Travel Insurance; I make sure it covers me for the countries I’m going to. There tends to be a lot of fine print, so always make sure you are insured before you travel. Always!


As a full-time nomad (what is your back up plan) if the money or work runs low?

Having a backup plan is crucial, as worrying about every dollar can be stressful and can take the enjoyment out of traveling full-time. I am fortunate that I have set-up multiple income streams, so I don’t have to worry if one dries up. I think it’s all about playing smarter, not working harder so you can enjoy your time and not stress!

What factors do you consider prior to travelling to a country for the nomad life?

When choosing the next destination, there are a few particular things I look for, firstly, there has to be decent wifi or somewhere within an hour radius. Secondly, there needs to be a specific attraction at the destination (either surfing, hiking, snowboarding, diving, sightseeing, etc.), thirdly it needs to be relatively easy to get around and finally (and most importantly) it has to have good weather. Apart from that, I just go off people’s recommendations!


Have you encountered any issues with adjusting to local customs or the culture whilst you have been travelling? what about language barriers has this been an issue anywhere?

I haven’t found any significant issues while traveling. Sometimes the language barrier can be annoying (especially in India while doing the Rickshaw Run) but usually, it’s pretty good. Majority of local people in foreign countries are trying to improve their English too, so they enjoy speaking in English.


Do you travel solo as a nomad? If so what are the pros and cons of this?  

Traveling solo is probably the best way to find yourself. Not trying to say that in some spiritual way, but traveling solo for me made me realise what I like in life. Since I took that first initial leap, I’ve been able to do things I never thought possible and go on adventures that I didn’t even know existed. It’s the best!

Has it been easy to make friends and socialize – while travelling around like a nomad?

I’ve found it pretty easy to make friends no matter where I am. If I’m in a digital nomad type area with a bunch of co-working spaces, I try to make friends with the entrepreneurial remote working crowd. If I’m in a travel-rich area, I’ll usually try to make friends while out doing adventures or in travel Facebook groups. It’s a very rare that I’ll be somewhere and not make new friends.


How do you see the future of nomadism?

The future of nomadism is going to get a lot bigger. Even over the past few years, I’ve met a significant amount of people traveling full-time than I did the previous years. I love the path it’s going down, so many people on the same wavelength to meet up with!

Has been a nomad taught you any life lessons? If so please elaborate.

Being a nomad has taught me a lot. It has shown me that we are often limited by what we know and our beliefs from what we’ve been taught. Once you decide to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to try things that you have been told you can’t do, you will see that you can do anything if you want it bad enough.

Please share one life quote or any quote you love.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done” – Thomas Jefferson

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    Phil Wilson

    Thanks for the opportunity to be on here Liz! 🙂

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    Wow, this was so insightful. So cool getting to know you more and getting a peak into your lifestyle.

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    I Loved this!! Mainly because I can so relate with everything, I am a fan I do follow you. What amazing photo’s this was really inspiring. Thank you!

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    Another great interview and very informative about the nomad lifestyle we aspire too. Thanks for sharing your and Phil’s knowledge. Cheers

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    Vanessa Ball

    Truly inspirational, I’m paving the way for a nomadic lifestyle with online income so Phil was a big inspiration here. I’ve signed up to his FB group. Thank you for sharing, it’s the nudge I need to spur me on!

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    Very inspiring post! It takes a lot of courage to leave your comforts behind and start a nomad life. Breaking the barriers of stereotype and living a life you aspire for is such a divine feeling. Truly inspired! 🙂

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    Nice interview! Puts us in the mind of a nomad traveller. I always ask myself if I can manage long term travel because I fear it may get boring after the 10th day or so. Maybe if I slow down in life it may be possible. Its so nice to keep working on a laptop by scenic places!

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    this interview is full of learning for new people in this field! and its very true if you want to achieve something you need to be out of your comfort zone

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    He seems to be a very cool person 🙂
    Hope to do a similar interview in the future/
    Nice page btw,

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