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Tell us about GlobeTrove and when you started.

I had been toying with the idea of writing a travel blog for a really long time. Shawn (my husband) got a chance to work in Siberia a few months back.

That changed our whole travel plans because it meant that he had every alternative month free to travel. I think the idea first popped into our heads in Indonesia but we really began to execute it when we were in Vietnam in Christmas.Shawn is the brains behind the whole operation. He handles the technical aspects of GlobeTrove that I find hard to handle. Occasionally he will pitch in to write too. I deal with the creative aspect and the writing. That is my forte.

At first we had trouble finding a familiar ground that suited us both. It was on the beaches of Cat Ba in Vietnam that we truly realized why we wanted to start GlobeTrove. We wanted GlobeTrove to break stereotypes. It was going to be about how similar people across the world are and why we need to travel and see their lives with our own eyes.

What has been your most memorable trip?
That’s a really difficult question because almost every trip that I have has some memories that just cannot be compared with others. People who know me well would urge me to write Netherlands because that is a country that I rave about. Why Netherlands? I loved the country because the people are so warm and welcoming. The weather (I was there in spring) was awesome. It is green everywhere.

I was given a chance to be a fly on the wall at the OhMyDog School in Den Haag. That’s where I made so many awesome friends and I learned so much. The Dutch inspired me and awoke in me a passion for life that had lain dormant for far too long. It reminded me that life was meant to live and not to survive. That’s possibly why I will always have a special place in my heart for that trip.That however doesn’t mean that the other experiences are any less. I’m currently sitting and typing this out from the Arctic which is in itself an experience of a lifetime.

What’s on GlobeTrove’s bucket list?
I think my bucket list is an ever growing and ever fascinating piece of work. I keep ticking of items and then adding more. At the moment I want to visit Europe again, live in the Swiss Alps like Heidi (I get a lot of inspiration from the books I read), go on a cruise across the world, see a kangaroo, learn to ski… T he list is endless.At the moment I hope to check off seeing the Aurora borealis and if my luck is good I will see it tonight! Now how cool is that?

What’s behind GlobeTrove’s blog’s name?
GlobeTrove is almost self explanatory. Trove means ‘chest’ or ‘treasure chest’. Hence GlobeTrove is a treasure chest of our memories that we accumulate as we travel around the world. The fact that the two words rhyme helped immensely.

What tips can you give others who want to start travel blogging?
Travel blogging is serious work. It involves a lot of effort and determination. There are many stories on the internet about instantaneous results. I’m not sure if these stories are even true and if they are there must be some trick I’m missing.

Develop your blog page before you start sharing your page. Let there a few articles already on it. This means that everyone who comes to your page has something to browse through. It is also important to be consistent. Share something every few days. It is important because it helps you attract more and more viewers.

I won’t go into SEO ranking because there is a lot of resource material available online. Read up on it and understand it. It is important but it does not necessarily mean that it is absolute. The most important piece of advice I can give you is never give up. Keep working on it and at some point of time you will see success.

What has GlobeTrove got planned for 2017?
I know that the year has just begun but I’m almost at the end of my plans for the year. We’ve done Cambodia in January after crossing over from Vietnam. We are currently in Russia at the very top of the country. When I say top I mean right in the Arctic.

The rest of the year we are going to take it as it comes. Probably travel a bit in India. If we get a chance we may try and head off to Europe or South America. A trip to Goa is a definite give in. Fluidity is the key in our life. As opportunities present themselves we seize them!

What’s your favorite city visited and why?
I’m not a big city girl. I loved the city of Den Haag though. It is small, quaint and warm. The culture is laid back and relaxed yet people work really hard. I loved getting up to the clip clop sound of the horse’s hooves. While it is a city Den Haag has plenty of parks and amazing places to just sit and read a book.
Fresh fruits, awesome shopping and friendly people would top my list. Definitely a city I would go back to. In fact I wish I could live there for some time. Then again if wishes were horses beggars would ride!! My Dad always said that to us as a child. Hopefully my horse will come in soon.

What’s your favorite beaches and why?
I’ve been to so many famous pristine non touristy beaches and loved them. The one however that we loved the most was on the coast of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. I think the reason was because we could just get out and snorkel from there. The huge turtles made my day every time I saw them. It was a quiet getaway (not in the tourist season) and we loved every minute we spent there.

What apps do you use to plan or research trips?
As such we do not stick to a single app. We do look at, Airbnb and Skyscanner to help us decide when and where we want to go. A lot of people head to various Facebook groups to clarify their doubts. While I may pose a question or two on these groups the bulk of our research is done by visiting other travel bloggers blogs. It helps you understand what are the common mistakes that people make and how to avoid them. In addition to this it also helps us learn about the less touristy places that we love.

What is your favorite travel quote?
I think my favorite travel quote is one that I wrote myself for GlobeTrove. You will find it on the first page of our travel blog. It goes like this…

Grasp life with both your hands,
Travel where the wind blows you.
Follow your thoughts to various lands,
Your travels will surprise you.

What has been the most delicious food you have had (where was it and what was it)             I think my meal yesterday was by far the best food I have ever tasted. We bought fresh Atlantic salmon from a shop here in Murmansk. I don’t think it is even possible to have fish any fresher than that. We cooked it at home with just pepper and salt. Cream cheese and coriander accompanied this humble meal. It was amazing.

Five things you always pack when you travel.

That’s easy! It’s my own medicine kit, camera, sarong, universal adapter and a mobile phone.

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    what an amazing experience, I really love the picture of the snow and also the travel quote

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    Nice interview and pictures are simply amazing!!

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    Nice interview. I too thoroughly enjoyed the Netherlands. I feel since I spent most of days in mostly non-touristy parts and my brother, – local at the time, showed me the most amazing time. I do love the travel quote as well!

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    Barbara from Barbaralicious

    Hi Elizabeth,

    that’s a great interview! Thanks for indroducing me to a new blog 🙂 They seem to be a lovely couple and awesome travel bloggers. I will check out GlobeTrove right now!


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    Wow amamzing interview thank you for sharing I am taking myself some tips from your trips it helps me a lot to plan keep going regards

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    Neha kumari

    Lovelu interview. Loved it and pics are simply amazing ?

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    Kierstan Belle

    Beautiful interview. Love the travel quote!

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    Lovely interview and must say loved the lively and sweet pictures from the interview. 😀

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    I really love to be able to read about other travelers. It makes me understand and learn why other people go around the world and what they do. I’m also fascinated by the Arctic so I’ll go check their blog!

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    Samantha Lee

    I would love to see the Aurora borealis too! And I love the quote. It really captures the wonders of traveling.

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    Great interview Elizabeth, I love the concept for your blog. These guys looks like such a fun couple, the kind of people I love to meet on the road!

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    Great interview. It seems like they have a really good division of labor. They have the travel-planning process down; I’m impressed at how well-travelled they are. I had to look up Den Haag, Murmansk, and Gili Trawangan;)

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    A really lovely post! Love reading about other bloggers and their travels 🙂

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    Anja / Womanhattan

    They look so cute. They are obviously enjoying their time together.

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