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My name is Barbara and I’m a digital nomad. I’ve been on the road since November 2014, telling my followers about my life of travels around the world: I’m writing on my blog Barbaralicious ( and in my books about my experiences as a location-independent online-entrepreneur.

How long have you been living the nomad lifestyle or travelling whilst working? What inspired you to start?

I’ve been on the road for a bit more than 2.5 years. Already back in Germany, I had been working as a freelancer. When I heard of the digital nomad lifestyle in summer 2014 I immediately wanted to try it myself. It took me less than half a year to get started.

What advice could you give our readers who want to work & travel or live the nomad lifestyle?

It’s extremely difficult to give advice on that since every situation and every person is different and there different kinds of digital nomads (freelancer, entrepreneur, location-independent employee, etc). So the only advice that is valid for everybody: Find out what kind of person you are and try to build a life that makes you happy!

Please could you share some travel tips for our readers?

I wrote two books with tips on low budget traveling and solo traveling ( and So it’s not easy to summarize that in an interview like this. My main tip is to follow bloggers that live a lifestyle you want to have and try to understand how they do it. Most of us travel bloggers share our knowledge in numerous blog posts or books šŸ™‚ Additionally, I would like to recommend you to stay at least a month in one place to get the best deals for accommodation!

How do you find work whilst travelling? Are there like particular websites or places to look or advertise?Ā 

I get most of my jobs from my strong network. I go to many events, have always business cards ready and just try to network wherever I go and talk about what I do. So people come to me when they hear of somebody in need of a service that I offer. Also, I am friends on Facebook with many other freelancers. When they get too many job offers, sometimes they just post it on their profile to find a colleague to help out.

Have you encountered any difficulties living the nomad lifestyle / travelling & working? How did you overcome them?

Sure! In the beginning, my main problem was to find reliable Wi-Fi. Now I always get a sim card first thing when I arrive to a new country. Thanks to a personal hotspot I never depend on my accommodation’s Wi-Fi.

What’s your favourite travel apps & why?

I don’t use many apps. The one I use most is probably Google Maps. I used Triposo (an app with guides for cities, regions or countries with a lot of information) in former times, but at the moment I don’t really feel the need for it.

Are there any good places to start the nomad lifestyle (any countries or particular places) that you recommend & why those places?

I guess that depends on where you’re from ā€“ in general I would recommend to choose a nomad hotspot in your region: if you’re European, go to Tarifa, Barcelona, Berlin or Bucharest. If you’re American, try to go to Medellin, Playa del Carmen (which I didn’t like at all) or Buenos Aires. If you’re from Asia, Australia or New Zealand, go to Chiang Mai or Bali. If you’re African, go to Cape Town. I’m writing city guides for digital nomads. Every month, I try to publish one. In there you get all necessary information to have a smooth start into the place. Find them here:Ā

What travel equipment do you use (drones / cameras / laptops / wifi devices / programs for editing / backpacks etc)…

I listed all my travel gear here:

What been some of your most memorable places and visited & why ?

I loved Koh Lanta (Thailand) & Canggu (Bali) as well as Jericoacoara (Brazil)

What’s yourĀ favourite cities?Ā 

Rio de Janeiro / New York City

Have you come across any great beaches ? Where were they located ?

My favorite beach is Mondello in Sicily, Italy. Jimbaran Beachā€‹ in Bali was beautiful and I enjoyed working at the beaches of Koh Lanta.

What’s your travel plans for 2017?

At the moment I’m traveling Asia. I’ve started in Israel, Palestine and Jordan, went to Dubai and now I’m in Bali. Next week I’m headed to Kuala Lumpur, then Chiang Mai and then Singapore. I will spend the summer in Europe, mainly in Frankfurt, Budapest and Bucharest. In November I will probably come back to Asia, but no plans yet.

Share with our readers what’s on your bucket list:Ā 

I really want to see the Northern Lights and go to Antarctica. Although both things are strange since I hate the cold! That’s probably one of the reasons why I haven’t done it yet… AndĀ I want to see all 7 New Wonders of the World. Now that I’ve been to Petra a couple of weeks ago, there are only two left: the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall.

What’s yourĀ favouriteĀ travel quote or one you have made up.

Collect Moments, Not Things!

How do you plan / decide where your going to visit next as someone who works while they travel / living the nomad life?

I try to choose nomad hubs and ask my nomad friends where they are. But I choose as well destinations where I get blog collaborations. So it’s a nice mix.

Have you had any scary travel experiences ? If so what happened ?

I only had one strange situation in Paraguay: I crossed the road and a car slowed down in front of me. I was told before that Paraguay is super dangerous and people get killed in the middle of the street. So I thought I would die now. But the driver just lowered his window to tell me that he thinks I’m beautiful…

What has travelling taught you?

Traveling taught me so much about different cultures and people. We are all living on the same planet. The Earth doesn’t care about borders, religions, races, etc… We shouldn’t, too!

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Digital Travel Guru – Would like to say a big thank you to Barbaralicious for taking the time to do a fabulous interview with us. We wish you all the best on your travels.

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    How cool you are featuring other bloggers.
    I’am a fan of Barbara’s and do Instagram pods with her and other awesome bloggers. I particularly appreciate those who have the courage to build the life they want for themselves.
    Nice read!

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    This is inspiring. I hope to one day really live a digital nomad lifestyle and be successful with it. Great feature

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    Pankaj Pandey

    Awesome! Everything is mentioned in a fantastic manner.

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    Aww, this is so inspiring! šŸ™‚ I really like this post, it looks like she is living the dream of many of us!
    x finja |

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    Living one’s dream is definitely aspiring! Great interview!

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