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Hiya! I’m Alex and I am a working mum and wife from London, England. I am a travel and lifestyle blogger at Better Together Home . I am a lover of craft beer, great food, red lipstick and exploring new places. I have been blogging for about 8 months but have only really been focused on it for the last couple of months.

When I was younger a friend of mine told me that I make every situation better, and that everyone feels better when they are around me. This really made an impression on me and it motivates me to be a more positive person. When I met my husband (then boyfriend) I truly understood what she had meant – sometimes when we are with particular people we become a better version of ourself. This idea has been a big part of my life (we even named the tables at our weddings after things that are better together, such as fish and chips and Batman and Robin!) so it seemed only natural to name my blog ‘Better Together Home’.

I blog about travel and lifestyle – mainly our life as a family in London, our travel adventures, ticking things off of my Bucket List and all of the things I love including beer, food and style.


What tips of advice could you give our readers that may want to start a travel blog? 

Just do it! I can’t imagine my life without writing and I have had so many opportunities and made so many friends through this. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it! Also go self-hosted straight away (it’s an expense but it is frustrating when you do it later on and basically have to restart with your stats etc)

Have you got any places on your bucket list? If so where? 

I have a whole Bucket List that you can see here: Bucket List Updates, – it’s absolutely rammed with places I want to go, skills I want to learn and experiences I want to try.

What are some of the best things about  travel? 

I think that travel really opens up your mind to new experiences, cultures and opportunities. I love that we have friends all over the World, that my daughter has ‘pen pals’ across the globe and that we have learnt so much.

Have you experienced any downsides to  travel? 

I get quite severe anxiety which is usually triggered by my not feeling in control of a situation – as you can imagine travel occasionally has that flaring up (especially when I’m trying to get through the airport!) but other than that we’ve been very lucky with our travel experiences.

What has travelling taught you? 

I think I learn something new about the World or myself every time I travel. The main thing that travel has taught me is that people are people the whole world over. Countries and entire cultures get bad reputations but at the end of the day when you actually meet people from those places it really makes you realise that we really are all the same, regardless of religion or birth place. I like to think that when I travel I leave people with a better impression than the ‘brits abroad’ expectation they may have had previously.

Whats your favourite city or cities and why? What are the top attractions to see in each?

We live in London and so, whilst it is not where I would love to live, I do have a special place in my heart for it. I love how multi-cultural the city is and how there is such beauty and history in its streets. Some of our favourite places in London are Greenwich, bankside (especially the Tate Modern and the Globe), and Soho. I love walking along the Southbank, eating street food at Borough Market, catching a movie at the Prince Charles cinema and drinking craft beer in a pub garden on a summer evening!

You can see our post here – Food  & Drink!

My second favourite city is Glasgow (24 hours in Glasgow) – the people really do make it. Plus the food, music and craft beer scene is incredible and there is so much to do for all ages. I also love Prague – it’s so compact, family friendly and beautiful. Prague Zoo is hands down the best zoo we’ve ever been to and there’s so much to do. You can see my posts about Prague here: Ivesons On Tour Prague Part One. 

Any recommendations for best beaches you have visited? where were they?, and what did you like about them?

I’m not really one for a beach holiday but I love Brighton for its kitsch and fun feel – the beach is pebbly but there’s a fab vibe in the whole place and there’s lots to do around it, including the amusements on the pier and strolling around the lanes. The beaches on the West Coast of Scotland are out of this World (honestly they look like the Caribbean half the time, if a little colder!). The most incredible beach I’ve ever been to was the black sands beach at Vik in Iceland You can see my post on Iceland here: Travel Iceland Part One.  It was stunning and so atmospheric – we visited on a day with great sunny weather and I loved exploring it.

What do you love about travelling? 

Everything! I love how much I learn, how it gets people talking and how it’s opened up so many doors for me.

What’s your favourite travel apps? 

Skyscanner for cheap flights, Air bnb as I prefer staying in ‘real homes’ rather than hotels, and Duolingo for learning new languages (we always try to learn some basics before we travel).

Here are 3 of my favourite posts from my blog

5 Steps to Finding Your Passion in Life

Tisno – Our Croatian Minibreak

Tips for City Breaks with Kids


Link three of your all time favourite Instagram photos

So… went and got my brows done today before we go off on holiday. "I know," I say to myself as I climb the hundreds of stairs to a beauty salon near the office, "whilst I'm here I'll see if they can fit me in for a bikini wax too" Famous last words people, famous last words! . Of course they can fit that in, just get practically naked and jump up on the table/bed thingy. Oh and here's a 10x10cm piece of tissue to cover your modesty with ? . Oh wait to hell with modesty because clearly a bikini wax isn't just a basic job here – nup, be prepared to be contorted into all sorts of frankly difficult and crazy positions to help the therapist 'really make it stunning' (sincerely hoping that's the first and last time anyone has ever called a vagina stunning). . Oops did you forget that this hurts? Yep you did, but you won't make that mistake again. Oh don't worry a little blood from having yourself plucked like a chicken is perfectly normal. Yes absolutely normal. Don't worry its supposed to feel like you won't be able to close your legs for weeks – after all why would you need to with such a stunner of a vagina? . "Dear god please make it end" I beg from a position much better suited to a yoga studio than a slightly wobbly table. By this point I'm not sure if I'm referring simply to the end of this waxing process or life on earth in general. . "All done" she says, passing me a MIRROR – as if I'm going to inspect it close up, "you are ready for the World"… No, quite frankly all I'm ready for is an ice pack and a tequila shot. . On the way out I leave her a tip and smile serenely before John-Wayne-Walking back down those stairs. If I could move I'd quite like to kick whoever said "pain is beauty" right in the balls ? . . #painisbeauty #ig_bettertogether #bikiniwax #holidayprep #johnwayne #youcancallmemrswayne #stunning? #downwarddog #famouslastwords #thethingswedoforthepatriarchy #worsethanchildbirth #peonies #ivesonsontour #lifestyleblogger #mummyblogger

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A…. A is for Alex (that's me if you're wondering). A is also for Airplanes (something I love and hate), and Alcohol, and just 'A' single glass of wine/mojito/tequila shot (something I never do). It's for Anchor (my next tattoo, and what I hope I am to my friends). It's for Alligator (snappy just like me), and also for Ape (monkeying around is my speciality). A is for Air (I crave the fresh seaside stuff), it's for Avocado (the modern day marmite- kind of like myself), for Ankles (my only slim bit at the moment), and for Awesome (which I'd like to think that I am). It's for 'appy (the South-East London version of happy), and Astronauts (always gotta reach for those stars kid), and for Amazons (well I am known as Wonder Woman at home)… It's also for Anchovies (disgusting and slimy), awkward (only when dancing), antique (not there yet – im vintage for now), Affable (that's me all over), and for Avid, for Armful, for Arrows and Ammo (been watching Scott play ps4 too much) and for Art, Apples, Amps and ALL that good stuff. It's also for Arsehole (me when I'm hungry), for Aunty (one of the best names I've ever been given), for Adventure (any time), for Alfresco (the best type of meal), Ambitious and Amorous and Authentic (important things to be). AND I think that's quite enough to be getting on with 😉 . #mystylephotochallenge #happymoments #thejoyineveryday #KDInstaChallenge #parentblogger #mummyblogger #aboutme #Awords #LetterA #Alphabet #mumlife #ig_bettertogether #notapoet #bored #toomuchtimeonmyhands

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Can you recommend any great places you have visited for our readers that has delicious food? What sort of dishes were they? Where were these places? 

I am a real foodie so always hunt out great food no matter where I am! I am passionate about trying local meals wherever I am. I always speak to locals to find out where they like to eat (a few times this has even resulted in being invited back to people’s homes for dinner!). There’s nothing quite like sitting on a terrace shaded in vines, eating slow cooked lamb straight from an outside oven, dolma (stuffed vine leaves) and fresh salad in North Cyprus, whilst your host’s children play with your camera and run loose in the garden.

Prague was a surprisingly foodie destination – I loved the trdnelnik pastries, the roasted meats and dumplings, and we had an incredible meal at the Café Du Paris with steak entrecote and a perfect crème brulee.

Have you had any scary travel experiences? if so what happened? 
We’ve been lucky not to have had any scary travel experiences.

Have you got any tips for our readers to save money whilst travelling?
I always hunt out places to go that are off the main tourist beat (unless a particular attraction is ‘un-missable’ for us!) which tends to save us money. I also like to eat local meals rather than in the tourist spots, and some of my favourite times have just been spent walking around to get the feel of a location rather than ticking off sights. This all saves us money. I like to save up money in advance because I would rather focus on enjoying our time in a new place rather than worrying about finances. Check Out (Saving Money For Travel My Top Tips)

Your top off the beaten track places to visit & why.

Croatia – it’s slowly rising in popularity but there is still so much of this beautiful country that is yet to be discovered. It’s stunning, full of pretty little towns and has incredible seafood.

Troon in Scotland – it’s only 40 minutes by train from Glasgow but is a pretty, sleepy little seaside town. The beach is beautiful, the people are friendly and it makes a nice stop before jumping a ferry to Arran.

What equipment do you use to blog? 
My husband is on the lookout for a drone (he’s into tech more than me!). I love my Canon G7X mark ii and my Samsung S8 for taking photos, and he uses a GoPro. I love VSCO for editing, my laptop for actually writing posts, Wondershare Filmora for creating video content, Canva for creating pinnable images and any other graphics.

What are your travel plans this year? anything exciting? 
I have some exciting plans coming up – a secret location for a hen weekend (can’t share as the bride to be doesn’t know!), Berlin, the Scottish highlands for a wedding and looking for somewhere to spend Christmas (hit me up with your recommendations!)

How do you plan your trips? (do you for example use any websites or particular places to research)?
I use a mix of resources – blogs, travel guides, word of mouth, books from travel writers and more. I find that getting different perspectives really helps me to plan out destinations and things to do there.


What 5 things do you always pack? 
Passport (wouldn’t get far without it!)
My camera with spare memory cards
A crossbody bag for daytimes
My converse
A mini first aid kit with plasters, paracetamol etc (you never know when either you or a fellow traveller will need something from the kit!)


What are your biggest passions in life? 
My family, travel, beer, crafts and food!


Share a travel quote you love one of your own..

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu 

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