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Please tell us when you started your blog, what inspired you to start blogging & anything about your blog you want to share, including how you came up with your blog name, how long you have been blogging.

It all started with my journey to Europe. I was there for almost 6 months in 2015 and was travelling and exploring it to the maximum. Many people were asking about my itinerary and experience and at that time I realised why not to start my own travel blog and share it with the world. I started writing in August 2015 just before my Paris trip. My first blog really got a good response and it motivated me to take it a long way. The most difficult part at time of starting the blog was to give it a name. A name that attracts people and it also resembles the travelogues I am sharing. Since I was always on budget trip, after long thought a name “Small Budget Big Trips” came to my mind. Meaning travel the world on Budget.

Do you have any tips for our readers that want to start blogging?
Don’t think or waste your time in taking advice or doing research, just start writing. Don’t take money as motive for writing and think about quality and ensure that your travelogues help your readers in planning their trip. One important thing, I have noticed and heard from many travel bloggers that they get disappointed in the initial stage when their blog does not get the hits that they expected and due to that, some do quit. My sincere advice on that is to keep writing quality posts and have patience.

YouTube: Sky Diving Video

Have you got any exciting travel plans for this year or planned? If so where are you going? 
My plan for this year is to visit Kerala, in India. Kerala is famous for its backwaters which I want to explore. It is also one of the most beautiful places of South India.

Do you have any useful apps you use to plan your trips?
City Maps to go, is my favorite app. It works offline too. All you need to do it just download the map of place before you start and that’s all. It will give you all the routes about places to visit, restaurants etc .

What’s been some of the best places you have visited / travelled to? Why did you like these places?
Switzerland. I visited Swiss in August 2015. I was amazed by its beauty. It is truly said that it is heaven on Earth. Its beauty is spell bound.

What’s your favourite city or you can include up to 3 & why? Share some things to do that you enjoyed or must see’s.

Ooty (India). Ooty in my words….
“A small town located in the Nilgiri Hills named as Udhagamandalam popularly known as Ooty – Queen of hill station is my abode and my favorite destination among my journey till date. It is as beautiful as dream. The uplands were carpeted by thick forest, The immaculately tall trees shading the valley was the most magnificent view I saw.

Not only the destination but the journey towards it is also exciting as you cross three tiger reserve back to back which makes you feel like you are entering the world of Jungle book but just that you are packed in the bus and cannot wander like Mowgli in each part of the jungle to explore but don’t be disappointed because while crossing it you will enjoy the scene of Elephants drinking water from the lake and splashing over, dear all around and rabbits jumping from one place to another.

In the town the various places to visit are Doddabetta Peak, Tea & Chocolate Factory, Botanical Garden, Nilgiri Toy Train (UNESCO Heritage), Ooty Lake etc.
The best part of Ooty is its weather which is so pure and will take you out of the hectic life of the city and gives you a perfect relaxing atmosphere.”

What are your favourite beach destinations & why / where were they?
Kovalam. It is in South India. I made a trip to here in 2012. It is one of my favorite beaches because of its beauty and the adventure sports it provides. The best part of it’s is it’s sunset . I really enjoyed watching that. It is said that each and every day there will be something new to tell about the sunset in Kovalam due to its beauty.

Do you have any travel tips you have for our readers?
Plan your travel well ahead at it gives you lot of cost savings. Always have apps like “City Maps to Go”. It is really helpful app which works offline too. Also try to use the Loyalty program of booking sites as it will help you to grab some discounts.

What’s on your bucket list?

Singapore, London, Kearla and Leh Ladak

Whats your Favorite travel quote? 
Investment in Travel is investment in yourself by … Matthew Karsten

Have you had any scary travel moments? Is so what happened?
Yes, It was in Interlaken. We were group of 4 went for 1 week tour to Switzerland. Our hotel was in outskirts of Interlaken. On the first day after sightseeing around Interlaken, we came to bus stand around 11:00pm at night. It was quite late and we were waiting for the bus. Unfortunately due to some reasons the bus didn’t come and it was too late around 12 mid-night. We then decided to take a cab and reach our hotel. We were not aware that there were two hotels with almost same name. And this time we realized that we have forgot to bring the address of the hotel. We searched in the maps and somehow found that hotel. We reached there and the scary movement was when we found that it was not ours. Our hotel was in the other area almost 5 kms away. It was almost 1:00am in the morning. No taxi and public transportation. We were completely scared but within us we were laughing about what we have done. The Hotel staff was very friendly he showed us the route on map and we walked around 5kms in night to reach our hotel.

What have been some great places you have eaten food you have loved? 
Jaipur (having samosa and kachori with imly ki chatni is my favorite and Surat (with all its Gujarati delicacies with bring water to your mouth.)

YouTube: Hang Gliding Interlaken, Switzerland

What has travel taught you?

Don’t spend your life only in earning and saving money and materialistic things. There are lots of things in the world to see which can create a lot of wonderful memories for you. They provide you more happiness than all the other materialistic things.

Three things you always pack?
My camera, light food items and phone


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    Such a great and inspiring story 🙂 I am glad that the scary travel moment turned out fine, and I wish you a lot of travel in future 🙂

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    Ambuj Saxena

    I loved your blog post! Congratulations for being so precise. I loved the travelogue tip that you gave ‘Don’t waste your time in taking advice or doing research, just start writing.”

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    Thanks for this interview. An inspiring story indeed. I loved the tips on writing. Kerala is a great place for a trip. Happy travels!

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    These are some great tips – I love his perspective on what to do when you are a beginner blogger that feels discouraged. That Switzerland photo is pure awesomeness!

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