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Digital Travel Guru, carried out a interview with GoBeyondBounds check out their interview below to read about some of their wonderful adventures.

Tell us about your GoBeyondBounds & when you started it.
We started traveling to respite from the monotonous job routine. Our friends and family were inspired by our travel trails and pictures. We decided to jot down our experiences in a blog for reference of ones interested in walking the same trails.

What’s been your most memorable trips?
The one and half year of our stay in Switzerland was the most memorable one.

What’s on your bucket list?
Turkey and Iceland are our dream countries to visit.

What’s behind your blogs name?
Though we had been traveling for a long time now we conceptualized the idea of the blog only in 2015 when we landed in Switzerland on work purpose and grabbed this opportunity to travel to European countries. We landed in Switzerland with our 6-month old daughter who would have her first winter in the snow. And traveling with a baby was definitely a challenge which we managed with lots of patience and pre-planning  but did not let this constraint dissuade our Europe dream. So it was kind of breaking and overcoming the bounds. And our kid has till now accompanied us to 18 of the European countries.

What tips can you give to others who want to start travel blogging?
Travel blogging is all about sharing your wonderful experience of travel. Some people out there are eager about monetizing their blogs. We believe when you put your 100% the success and monetization, in this case, will follow gradually.

What have you got planned for 2017?
We have been away from India for some time now so are planning to explore a bit more of India and its wonders for now. We do plan to make an international trip by year end but nothing is confirmed yet.

What’s been your favouriate city visited & why?
The Belgian capital Brussels has been one of the happening tours. Apart from exploring the remarkable history of Brussels and its skyscrapers we also made several day trips to small towns around like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Dinant. Every town had something new to offer and amazing attractions to explore.

Share one travel Tip
Do a thorough research on a place you visit to make your trip worthwhile and go for a walking tour to make the most of the trip.


What apps do you use to plan or research trips?

Google map is our best travel mate. We have used Airbnb extensively to book apartments in Europe.

What has been your favourite trips you have taken, and where did you go? 
Mumbai is a bustling city and it would amaze people that there are several places around Mumbai which turn lush green to offer best trekking spots. We have done a dozen of these trekking and hiking and there is so much more to explore.

Scariest travel moment?
Our trip to Etretat in France for a tight schedule trip owing to the low frequency of buses in spite of good connectivity. Our return plan was to board a bus from Le Havre to Caen where we were based out for next trips to explore Normandy. Due to traffic, our bus from Etretat reached Le Havre late and we missed the bus. It was terrible feeling we had a year old kid and had no idea what to do next. A taxi driver popped out of nowhere and offered to drive us all the way to Caen.

Your favourite travel quote?

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it’s lethal – by Paul Coelho


Thank you GoBeyondsBounds for taking the time to do such a wonderful interview with Digital Travel Guru.


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    Love finding our more about fellow travellers. Great interview

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    That interview was really nice to read and these pictures (OMG), they are incredible. It would be great for me to travel more, but I can’t at the moment. And I heard that Turkey is absolutely lovely, but I wouldn’t go there now- could be dangerous:(

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    this is such an amazing interview! awesome questions but also concise and to the point – xoxo

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    Harish udupa s


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    Let me know whenever you plan to come to India! I am here in Mumbai. I plan Belgium too this year.


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    Travel Cracker

    A nice & informative interview. Really happy to see this post. Thanks a lot for sharing this interview.

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    I love your advice about travel blogging; that you should just put your heart into blogging and the rest (success and monetisation) will follow! Slowly, though! It helps a lot to think that.
    Viviane xo

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    Alina Popescu

    I’ve been following Go Beyond Bounds for over half a year now, and I’m always inspired by their travel stories and their photos. Great interview!

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    I like the Idea of interviewing travel bloggers. I checked their blog, it’s really good. ps: I love the quote

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    I’m loving the Interviews you are sharing dear! They are awesome 😀 & love the images.

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    Happily Tanned

    I follow Gobeyondbounds – it is a nice travel blog. Interview gave some really nice perspective on travelling 🙂

    Great one!

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    Katie - Mommy Scene

    So many different landscapes and color! Beautiful

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