Hidden Gems of the Bahamas: The Exuma Cays


Everyone knows about the super touristy islands of the Bahamas, but most people don’t even think about the rest of them! Where do you go to get away from the all-inclusive resorts? To find empty beaches and quirky local restaurants? The Exumas are your islands.

Upon landing at the tiny yellow airport in the middle of the island, we drove to our rental house. If I’m being honest, prior to the trip I was a little skeptical that the Bahamas could be anything but a typical tourist vacation, but by the time we reached the house, that was no longer a worry.

After a good 20 minutes of winding dirt roads through minefields of potholes and probably scratching our rental car on the overhanging brush, we reached our little spot of paradise—a colorful house on its own little beach without another house in sight. Everyone we met that first day was incredibly friendly, and within no time we felt right at home!

Things to Do


One of the main reasons I came to the Exumas was to learn to dive. Dive Exuma was great, and took us to some amazing dive sites, some shallow enough for snorkelers as well.

My favorite dive was at “Shark Reef,” where we swam peacefully with the reef sharks in about 40 ft. of the bluest water imaginable. It was absolutely incredible.

Scuba diving in Bahamas

Stocking Island

A short ferry ride from Great Exuma, Stocking Island is home to the famous Chat ‘N Chill. Buy a drink from the bar, a conch salad from the little shack, and find a picnic table, hammock, or swing to enjoy it.

You can play beach volleyball, chat with the locals or fellow travelers, then head over to the shore to pet the stingrays that hang out in the shallows in hopes of some conch. It’s a great place to, well, chill!

Chilling on the beach bar.

Take a Boat Tour

Although this is a bit more touristy, we knew we couldn’t go home without taking a boat tour up the cays to see the famous swimming pigs, iguanas, and Thunderball Grotto. Exuma Sunrise Tours took us on a practically private tour of the cays, along with an Italian couple.

They will take you almost wherever you want to go, depending on the other people on board your tour (the groups are very small, so you probably won’t have to compromise too much).

Your first stop will be the gorgeous sandbar that forms an island during low tide. Then swim with the sea turtles at Hooper’s Bay Beach. Stop at Pig Island and swim with the wild pigs (yes, they actually swim!), then on to the island inhabited by iguanas!

Playing with beach pigs around was lot of fun.

My favorite part was snorkeling in Thunderball Grotto. Pop your head up on the other side of a little underwater doorway, and find yourself in a 20 ft. tall cave! With the sun peeking through the hole in the top, it makes the turquoise water even more beautiful.

Swiming with turtles is one of a kind experience
Take a Drive Up the Island

On our first full day, we decided to get our bearings by exploring more of the island. We drove from the main town of Georgetown up to the north end of the island, and found some great spots! Stopping at quirky little bars and restaurants along the way, we finally made it to the end of the road.

There we found an empty beach and a bunch of old pier pilings poking up from the water. Of course, we immediately hopped in with our snorkel gear and started swimming. There was amazing coral growth on the pilings, and we were the only ones there! You never know when you’re going to get lucky and find an amazing spot like that!

Fish and Fry for a western fast food.
Where to Eat

Fish Fry

A short way north of Georgetown, you’ll find a group of colorful shacks along the shore. This is known as Fish Fry, where locals and tourists alike can hang out and enjoy a snack or drink.

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Multiple little bars and restaurants are offering local food, plus good music and a great view of the water. You might even get to see a sailing race as we did! I think we went to Fish Fry about 5 times during our stay, each time making a few new friends!

Exuma Point Bar and Grill

We found this restaurant on our drive up the island and were quite happy we did. We were the only ones there and were served an amazing buffet of Bahamian food while seated on the beachside deck.

Blu on the Water Restaurant & Bar

If you’re looking for something a little different than the normal Bahamian cuisine, you might try Blu. It was the first restaurant we went to while on the island after getting a recommendation from our house rental lady.

We ended up going there twice, and the second time, we were pleasantly surprised by a gourmet chef! He made our vegetarian meals just how we wanted them and it was delicious!

Crystal clear waters on each step
Peace & Plenty

A pink hotel located in Georgetown, Peace & Plenty is adorable and has very friendly workers. Whether you just pop in for ice cream and carrot cake (which I actually did more than once…oops!) or want a full meal, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Where to Stay

Rent a House

We booked a house on the south side of the island using www.HomeAway.com. The south side is much less developed and further from town, but it is also more of an adventure that way! If you’re looking for beaches, stay on the north side because they have a much better beachfront.

Stay at a Hotel/Resort

There are quite a few little hotels and resorts spread around the island. All of the ones we saw looked adorable and had that laid-back Bahamian feel.

I can guarantee you’ll find this string of islands to be a great place to explore, try a new sport like diving, or just relax on a beach! If you’d like more stories from Exuma, other off-the-beaten-path destinations, and travel tips check out our travel blog!

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Did you like this article? If so, please share more Bahamas hidden gems with us and let’s inspire more people to visit this stunning place!

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    This is a brilliant post about Bahamas! I loved reading it! Bahamas had been taking tiny steps to get on top of my bucket list, but with this post, it has jumped to the top 5!
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    Great post about Bahamas, I’m planning to go there as soon as I manage to save some money! Loved this! 🙂 the turtle was so cute!

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    I have heard alot about this place by people going nuts about this place! but it certainly looks amazing. I would love spend atleasr 10 days of my life at this place! it is so heavenly . thanks for sharing! Cheers!

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    I love the idea of spending some time on a deserted island without another house on sight. And swimming with sea turtles and wild pigs sounds incredible. Oh, I have just made my account in HomeAway! Thanks 🙂

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    Bahamas looks heavenly. I would love to visit one day soon. Thanks for sharing.

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    Now you make me want to just leave.

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    Yes, you are right, the Bahamas is so well known, and it’s refreshing to read something offbeat. Exuma looks equally stunning and Stocking Island looks like a great place to chill!

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    This place looks like paradise I need to visit it ???

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    Wow looks like you had an amazing time in a gorgeous paradise resort!!! Love it! <3

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    Wow, that’s a lot of activities there! I would really really love to visit those swimming pigs! I’ve been seeing posts about them and I have written it on my bucketlist notebook! Thank you for sharing your experience in Bahamas ?

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    Such an amazing post about the Bahamas dear, I loved reading it and such amazing pictures 🙂
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    This is a very beautiful and well written detailed post about Bahamas I have ever read before. Exumas is a very beautiful place. I so wanted to jump inside the picture of stocking island. The island is looking lovely. Shark reef looks so scary, glad you made it safe out from there.

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    I love scuba diving not only for the adventure, but also for the wonderful and unique things you get to see below the water surface. In the past years I’ve taken a lot of interesting and amazing pictures which I like to store in the https://dive.site logbook, along with all my diving logs.

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    Wow ? I love these kind of islands! I have dived a lot in the Maldives, my favorite dives were always the shark dives!!

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