Foodie Guide To India


India has a diversity that comes out in form of religion, landscapes and even food. When you travel in India the fooding habits of locals changes from one region to another. There will be one state where you’ll find food so spicy that it will burn your mouth then the next state will serve you the same food with with a sweeter flavour. Read on to check out our foodie guide to India.

Foodie Guide To India

Goan fusion Cuisine – Everything in Goa is influenced by the Portuguese and English culture. From heritage to the architecture, The Goan Cuisine is also mix of Portuguese and Anglo Indian culinary styles. Pork and fish are two of the commonly used food items in this state and some of the favourite food items here are omelette and pork sausages, pork vindaloo, pork and chicken xacutti, fish curry, mackerels and king fish along with crap, lobsters and a lot of pastries. 

Bengali Style of Fish– West Bengal is the land of cultural extravaganza and food that your tastebuds will never forget. Bengal has a fine list of fish based cuisine that is savored with much love and enthusiasm. The Bengali way of cooking fish in mustard oil is something that you cannot find anywhere else. Bengali food items such as Kochubhapa chingri, Mourolla chorchori, Mochar ghonto, Pui sager chorchori, Sorse ilish, Prawn malaikari, Chitol macher muithya, Chitol peti, Bhetki paturi and Kasha mutton are some of the must have dishes when you visit Kolkata.

Fafda Jalebi in Gujrat– The Gujrati food is dominantly vegetarian and people here have a love for local street food.  One of the favourite street food items of Gujarat is the spicy and sweet, crispy and deep fried snacks called farsan. Fafda jalebi is one of the favorite frasans of Gujrat. Fafda is a crispy fried dish made of besan that is served with jalebi and pumpkin chutney. 

Litti Chokha in Bihar – Rice and wheat is the staple diet of Bihar. The natives here like to eat a lot of vegetables along with mashed potatoes or brinjals called bharta. Litti Chokha is a fine combination of everything. The wheat balls filled with sattu are cooked in slow flame and after it gets ready, it is served with mashed potato and bharta. In Bihar, litti is served in a community dining space and rooftops are filled with people relishing it. 

Momos in Darjeeling – Darjeeling is the gateway to North East region of India. This region is also the place where you can find the most authentic momos. What makes these momos different than other places is the red hot chutney that is served with them. This chutney is so hot and spicy that it can set your tastebuds on fire. In North East, momos are served with free and unlimited veg or chicken soup that goes really well with the steamed and fried momos. 

Dhokla in Gujrat and Maharastra – Apart from Fafda jalebi the another favorite dish in Gujarat is the Dhokla that is prepared in every household as a part of their lunch of dinner. Dhokla is a soft fluffy snack that is eaten with sweet chutney and achar. The snack is so popular that it is prepared on every occasion and festival. 

Andhra Style Biryani – Biryani arrived in India with the Arabs, for whom it was a staple diet. The diverse Indian food habits then turned Biryani into a number of styles and one of them originated in Hyderabad. The Andhra style of Biryani is spicier than the Biryani served in North Indian cities. There is a legend in Andhra Pradesh that Biryani’s  its taste so divine that it was presented as a reward to the gallant of soldiers. In Andhra Pradesh and primarily Hyderabad the Chicken is marinated in a number of spices and curd, topped with dry spices like cardamom and cloves, and then cooked with basmati rice. The rich aroma of Biryani is sure to relish the taste buds of the most hardcore of the foodies. 

Sarso Da Saag with Makke Di Roti in Punjab – Punjab is the land of green fields, lovely Gurudwaras and the most friendly people found in India. Their dance, their festivals are world known. With a rich heritage their favorite food is a very simple yet a culinary delight. Sarso ka saag is a spring delight, its harvest coincides with the festival of Lohri  which also marks the beginning of new year in the state. Sarson ka Saag is filled with nutritional elements and when served with make ki roti the health elements increase multiple times. This dish is very relished when served hot. 

Kashmiri Wazwan – Kashmir is the land of beautiful lakes and lovely Himalayan peaks. The food in Kashmir is influenced by two styles, the Kashmiri Pandit style and the Muslim style. The pandit style is vegetarian and the Muslim style of cooking is known as Wazwan which includes the non vegetarian food. Some of the must try food items in Kashmir are Dum aaloo, salted tea, rogan josh etc. 

Traditional Marathi Cuisine – The food in Maharashtra is a find blend of multiple vegetables known as Bhaji mixed with spices. Since Maharasthra is a coastal region, the region why it is also rich in sea food here. Some of the must try dishes in Maharashtra are Pao Bhaji, Misal Pao, Malvani style fish curry etc. 

The Coorgi Affair – Coorg is a region of Karnataka, known for its distinct style of food preparation that is only exclusive to this region. Coorg prepare pork in a very distinct style known as pandi curry. Rich with spices that are exclusively grown in the mountains of Coorg, the pork curry of Coorg is something that you simply cannot miss. 

Nepali and Buddhist Fusion Food of Sikkim – Sikkim may be the smallest state of India but, culturally it is one of the richest states. Sikkim is well known for its natural beauty – mountains, high altitude lakes and green valleys. Some of the must try food items here are Gundurk soup, Gya Thuk (the local version of Thukpa), kinema and Sikkimese pork curry.

Traditional Food in Assam – Assamese culture is a mix of North East and Bengali culture. The traditional Asamese food is known as Khorikha that is a fish barbecued on sticks and is served with rice and vegetables. Apart from Khorikha you can also try fried duck and fish curry. 

Rajasthani Cuisine Rajasthani cuisine is influenced by the kingdoms of Rajasthan and still follows the same style of food preparation. The Rajasthani Daal Bati is a favorite snack of this state which is served with loads of ghee. Apart from Daal Baati, you can also try Laal Mans, a slow cooked meat recipe used by warbound soldiers and Rajasthan traders in the past. 

Street Food of Delhi – Delhi is famous for the rich heritage that shows in monuments and architecture. The local street of Delhi is very popular between locals and tourists. Some of the must try street food of Delhi is Raj Kachori, tokri chat, varieties of parathas and golgappas. 

The Avadhi Cuisine of Lucknow – Lucknow has a diverse history of Nawabi heritage. Like Hyderabadi Nizams, the Nawabs introduced their own style of food preparations in their culture. The Avadhi Biryani is less spicier version of Hyderabadi Biryani known for its distinct aroma. Apart from Biryani, Lucknow is popular for galauti kabab and shahi tukda that you must not miss when traveling here. 

The Tradtional Karanataka – Karnataka is a state with vast diversity in terms of culture and landscapes. A side of Karnataka is filled with mountains while another side has a beautiful coastal belt. Some of the diverse food items in Karnataka are squid chilly, roast fish, besse balle bath and button idly. 

Coastal Cuisine of Odisha – Odisha is a primary coastal belt known for beautiful beaches and temples. One of the holiest Hindu shrines, The Jagganath Temple is located here in Puri. Odisha food includes mutton cooked in earthen pots, fish curry, crab curry and mutton cutlets. 

Tribal Food of Nagaland – Nagaland is known for its beautiful valleys and raging rivers. There are a number of tribes in Nagaland that have their own style of cooking. Few of the best food items that you must not miss here are Naga pork with bamboo shoots, vegetable soups, dried pork and steamed fish. 

Kerala cuisine – Kerala is a land of beautiful hill station and lovely scenic views with a large coastal belt. The food in Kerala is prepared by adding a number of spices grown indigenously. In Kerala the lunch is known as sadya. A sadya includes are series of curries from Sambar to pulliseri to Avial to the pappadam, can satiate anyone’s hunger.. Some of the must try food items here are malabari parotta and beef fry, Rice and karimeen pollichathu (fried fish), Idiyappam (Rice noodles) and Egg roast (The quintessential breakfast). 

These food items are few of the must try cuisines from every corner of India. This trail can set you on a gastronomical experience that you cannot experience otherwise. 

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