Exploring Slovenia – 3 Top Magical Places To Visit


Turquoise blue water, towering mountains, spectacular views, and noisy waterfalls… For some of you, it might sound like we are describing New Zealand, but, actually, we are talking about Slovenia. Yes, that’s right, an amazing country in Europe which is so underrated.

The truth is, most of the travellers have not discovered this gem yet, therefore you will not hear many people out there saying they have booked an itinerary to Slovenia. But we have experienced the magic of this country ourselves, therefore without the smallest doubt, we can tell you that Slovenia is one of the best nature destinations in Europe. 

We have picked three  places in Slovenia and to show you how incredible, Slovenia is to visit and to show you in photos how the scenic landscapes the landscape is.  

Lake Bled

Can you picture in your imagination a scene where fairytale medieval castle with a Romanesque tower is overlooking the crystal clear lake? Now, save in your memory this picture, because exactly this picturesque scene you will be able to see at Lake Bled. The place is a perfect getaway for everybody. Slow relaxation seekers can just lie next to the lake and enjoy the  sunshine on their faces, while more actives ones can rent SUP paddle boards or rowing boats. But that’s not it, if you are looking for more thrill, then we recommend to climb up to the Lake Bled Castle and enjoy the finest view of the lake with it’s island. Once you are in a Lake Bled area it is already a perfect day, but there is something that can make you feel like on a sixth heaven. Wondering what? The answer is- cream cake! It is in every guidebook and you can be sure, every local restaurant will insist you try it. Dig in, your taste buds will be cheering.

Vintgar Gorge

When it comes to Vintgar Gorge, then one photo would express more than thousand words. But we will try. Wooden bridges… misty air…crystal clear water…refreshing waterfalls and mountain breezes. All this and even more in one place. When visiting  Slovenia and not visiting Vintgar Gorge is like going to France and not visiting the Eiffel tower. 
If you are daydreaming about an escape to paradise, then we ensure, you don’t need to go far, paradise can be found in Vintgar Gorge. Make sure to come here shortly before closing and you will experience the magic of  mother nature.

Triglav National Park

In Slovenia, you can find only one National Park and it is Triglav. It’s a perfect place for hiking enthusiasts or for the ones of you who are looking for beautiful panorama views. Here you can go to the viewing points of Julian Alps and observe from the top Triglav lake majestic shape. Breathtaking! Enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery all around you  when visiting  Triglav National park and make sure that you take only memories and leave only footprints.

Slovenia is home to magnificent nature and fairytale castles. Home for delightful food and relaxation. It’s all you need for a perfect getaway, don’t you? We also think so. Now its time for you to go and see these three magnificent places with your own eyes.

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    Jayashree Sengupta

    Wowwwww….. the pictures are just awesssooommeeee.

    The castle amidst the placid waters of Lake Bled is jut like some scene of a Hollywood movie. And just look at the icicles… totally awestruck.

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    I’ve been reading more and more about Slovenia and would love to go someday. Great pics!

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    Nowshad Rahman

    First time here on your blog and it’s amazing! Really had a great time! Your pictures, I just say wow.

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