Exploring Jordan – Petra and Beyond

Jordan- An Amalgamation of Ancient Era and Modern Age

Few people in the world like to walk on a unique lane which often remains untouched. After all, they have no regrets about missing any thrill of living. At every aspect of their life, they look for adventure, and if you are one of them, you should include Jordan on the list of you must watch list before death. Jordan is one of those offbeat places around the world which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

That is because of its hardy terrain. On the west, it has Israel and Saudi Arabia and Iraq to the east. It is known as the occasionally stable condition. This country is an amazing combination of ancient world and modern age. Once you are here, you will understand the time is flying slowly. From the ruins of Roman Civilization to the Egyptian influence, Jordan is the place where you get to see an amalgamation of different culture and tradition.

And while talking about a tour at Jordan, the first place that will attract tourists around the world is Petra. There are lots of other places in this country, but Petra requires special consideration.

Petra of Jordan

Tourists in Jordan had increased from the year 2007 when the rose-city, Petra won its place in the seven wonders around the world. If you are planning to visit the place, you should know a bit about the history of the place. Petra is one of the memorandums in this world which reminds the visitors of the ancient world. It comes with a rich history to mesmerize tourists. From 400 BC to 106 AD, Petra was famous as a trading center and also the capital of the glorified Nabateans Empire.

The half-carved monuments on cobblestone cliffs and mountains will look glorious during the sunrise and the sunset. Passing Petra in a camel caravan and stopping to get amazed by the view of the wonder of the world will make you feel like the Bedouins.

Apart from Petra, there are several other visual attractions in Jordan. Those are also unique and amazing about their beauty and mystery. Those are mentioned below:


This is the largest city in Jordan which is also the capital of the country. If you want incorporation of ancient culture with modern infrastructure, this is a place where you should visit once. If you are at Amman, visit Roman Amphitheatre, Jabal Amman for art galleries, Jordan Museum, exciting shopping malls and what not! For exciting nightlife, you can visit, Abdoun.

Al Maghthas

If you are looking for history, Jordan will never disappoint you. Located on the border of Israel and Jordan, Al-Magathas is all covered up with dust. It is a dig site which one of the most notable biblical relics that has been discovered around the entire courses of Jordan River. Slowly, this place is becoming a pilgrimage site to the Christians around the world.


You may also know the place in the name of Gerasa. This is a Greco-Roman ruin that is located 50kms. from Amman. If you have a thing for visiting ruins, this place will amaze you. The valley around Jerash, fill with olive, plum and pine trees is also worth to watch.

Wadi Rum

To be closer to nature, you should visit Wadi Ram where the sun-kissed valleys glow in deep orange and red and the outlines of the mountain loom on the horizon. The rocky limestone build-ups are huge and breathtakingly magnificent.

Wadi Rum Jordan

The Dead Sea

You are in Jordan, and you don’t visit the Dead Sea, you won’t understand what you have missed. It is located on the borders of Israel and Jordan. The combination of aquamarine water with fading emerald makes it look awesome. Float here without any help and experience the changing color of the sky and its reflection on the lake.

So, these are certain things you can visit while you are in Jordan. Plan your trips and get set go. Obviously, you should make sure about the political condition of the country when you are planning the trip.

Exploring Jordan - Petra and Beyond

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Exploring Jordan - Petra and BeyondExploring Jordan - Petra and BeyondExploring Jordan - Petra and Beyond



Exploring Jordan - Petra and BeyondExploring Jordan - Petra and BeyondSaveSave





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  • Claire

    One of the most magical places I have ever been to! So many memories! And amazing pictures!

  • Gibbs

    I do like Jordan. I am heading back there in a few weeks and looking forward to seeing more. Last time, I went to Petra, Aqaba and definitely lots of time in Amman. Perhaps Wadi Rum this time. Great post on Jordan.

  • Yeshi Sewdayal

    This post has given me serious wanderlust. I’d never think to add Jordan as a holiday destination but is so rich with history – I would love exploring here. Petra looks amazing but I’d also want to visit Wadi Rum to see the mountains and valleys!

  • Purvi Kamaliya

    This is spectacular, loved your pictures and the useful content. I read about Jerrash for the first time. Now I am all excited to plan a trip to this place. Keep writing.

  • anshul

    Gorgeousness is all over the this lovely country. I mean there is so much of ancient architecture everywhere that one would need multiple visits to understand the beauty of this place.

  • Lucy

    I went to Petra last year and was in awe. It is a fascinating place to visit, but I would like to go back and see more of Jordan. Wadi Rum looks amazing and I would like to go in the Dead Sea next time!

  • Mohammed Alkaf

    very nice post. it brings back old memories because I lived in Amman for 2 years.

  • Mike

    I travelled to Jordan a few months after the Arab Spring started. While Jordan was pretty stable throughout the entire time, few tourists still dared to visit the Middle East. I walked in the stone gate of Petra with only a few other people in the morning. Most day I spent walking around the stone city, I didn’t see any other tourists – it was amazing but also sad to see the locals who relied on tourists being hit the hardest.

  • Reply

    My brother’s name is Jordan so from a young age I have always wanted to visit, and this post made me want to go even more! I can’t get over how absolutely stunning the architecture is, and I’ve always always always wanted to ride a camel! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Erica Edwards

    Incredible photos, I’m so eager to visit Jordan! A couple of years back I booked a long layover from Spain to Thailand in Aman, planning to pop out and visit the city… until my flight was delayed and my long layover ended up being 12 hours over the middle of the night instead of during the day! #travelfails , lol! Every time I see photos of Petra my desire to visit Jordan grows, thanks for the inspiration!

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