Exploring Java In 7 Days


Indonesia is not a small country, even if your misconceptions say so. It is quite big and vast which is why having a planned Itinerary while being in Java, Indonesia is a must. While the majority of the visitors and tourists tend to head towards  Bali, Java tends to get overlooked at times. Java is the perfect reflection of an amazing untamed beauty and the next time you are there, this itinerary will cover some of the most significant places to see if your on limited time to see Java. 

Indonesia’s most important cities are on this island. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is located on Java’s northwest coast. Surabaya (the second largest city in Indonesia), is located in East Java. Bandung (the third most populous city in Indonesia), is the capital city of West Java province. Yogyakarta and Surakarta (Solo), although not large in population are very significant centres of culture, in southern central Java.

The island of Java has distinct cultural zones. In the west Sundanese, Betawi in Jakarta. Javanese, for most of Central and Eastern Java provinces with the Madurese at Madura Island. Smaller indigenous tribes include the Badui of the west and Tengger from the east. This island has over 30 active volcanoes as well as string national parks and cultural sights. 

Exploring Java In 7 Days

Where is Java located?

Java is situated in the middle of the popular tourist destinations of Bali and Sumatra. It is considered as a volcano dotted island, but the beauty of the island is anything beyond explanation. It is the biggest city in the capital of Jakarta and does attract quite a lot of attention year around.

Exploring Java In 7 Days

How to get there?

The largest airport of Java (and the entire country) by far is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Most international airlines fly to this airport. An increasing number of international carriers also fly to Surabaya in East Java, and to a lesser extent to Bandung, Semarang, Solo, and Yogyakarta. Flying to these secondary airports can be dramatically cheaper than connecting from Jakarta.


Because of the fact that Java is mostly beaches and landscapes, the climate of the surrounding islands and such are often quite pleasant and perfect for visiting. Visiting Java during the winter season is the best option because the weather is quite calm and cool which is best if you want to rejuvenate and revitalise your mind and body.

Exploring Java In 7 DaysSafety:

Safety is something that is solely dependent on how alert you are of your surroundings. Make sure to avoid visiting places like Central Sulawesi, Papua, East, and West Kalimantan because they are often considered as the threatened places for kidnapping and terrorism. Keep the necessary contacts of the emergency services in case there is a need for the same and check alerts prior to visiting certain areas. 


Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency of the country and much like how you would exchange your money, the same norms are applicable for this too. The money can be exchanged at the airports, malls, local banks, etc. You will also have direct access to ATMs in the country which accept international cards too.

7 Day Itinerary

Below we have put together a 7 day itinerary to EXPLORE JAVA.

Yogyakarta: Day 1 

For the most part, you are most likely going to kickstart your trip from Yogyakarta and it is best to sight see the temple as well as the Ramayana ballet at the Prambanan. These are a must see when it comes to visiting Java. If you want a full depth knowledge about everything around, it is quite important to ensure that you hire a private driver as well as a tour guide to guide you through the journey. 

Exploring Java In 7 Days

Village tour next: Day 2

After the beautiful tour through the picturesque beauty of the Prambanan temple grounds, the second day demands you to watch two things in particular. The very first thing to indulge in is watching the breathtaking scenic view of the sunrise at the Borobudur Temple Compounds. The temple is situated in central Java and is a world heritage site. Exploring the entire temple takes up to 4 hours.

Once the temple is done being explored, you can indulge in something more grounding. Hire some cycles and set sail on a tour through the village.

Exploring Java In 7 Days

Finish the Yogyakarta tour: Day 3

For the third day, you need to finish the tour of the entire place of Yogyakarta. This is to ensure that you have had a glimpse at all the important places and the adjoining places too. Start with visiting the Yogyakarta Kraton and also visit the Taman Sari Water Castle that is famous in the area. If you want to indulge in an authentic Javanese lunch spread, visit a local restaurant and dig in. 

Taman Sari Water CastleSurabaya: Day 4

Book the flight tickets that will drop you off at the Surabaya Juanda International Airport early in the morning. From there, visit the booked hotel and freshen up and finish your breakfast. Once that’s done, take a car rental to explore the city of Surabaya. Majority of the people tend to take off to the capital city of Java, but try and bask in the beauty of Surabaya.  Apart from visiting the common places that most tourists visit, some other places that you can cover in that day include Sampoerna Museum, Suramadu National Bridge, and Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque.

Exploring Java In 7 Days

Mount Bromo: Day 5

The fifth day of the trip is solely allocated to visiting Mount Bromo. The best way to reach your destination is by taking the bus. From there, you will reach the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, where you need to take the Probolinggo entrance. 

It is necessary that you book your accommodation ahead of time because the place is always in a rush. Stay there for a day and then explore the area surrounding Probolinggo to get to know the ins and outs of the place. 

Exploring Java In 7 DaysMount Bromo:  Day 6

This is the day that you visit the infamous Mount Bromo. It is always advisable to start the trek as early as 3:00 AM if you are residing in Cemoro Lawang. Enjoying the views of the folded craters along with the sunrise is what majority of the tourists visit this place for. Take multiple stops throughout the trek to absorb in the beauty of the surroundings.

Exploring Java In 7 Days

Ijen Crater and back:  Day 7

The last day of the itinerary is to visit the less known tourist destinations of the Ijen crater located in the area of Mount Bromo. Trekking along the footpath is not just soothing and relaxing, but the beautiful blue crater lake is an experience in itself. 

Exploring Java In 7 Days

This crater is believed to be an active volcano which is consistently producing sulphur inside. It is often regarded as harmful for humans to travel up there, but you only visit once, so might just take the chance. 

Java is one of the kind tourist destinations in Indonesia. With a planned itinerary like this, it becomes quite easy for you to plan ahead and tick off all the places without any hassle. Make sure to indulge in the cuisine that the places you visit are famous for. 

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    It’s always nice to hear about places in Indonesia other than Bali! Java looks beautiful, especially that crater! I can’t believe how blue the water is.

  • Avatar

    Ah this makes me want to go back! I made a roundtrip. 10 days Java and 7 days Bali, but Java is my favorite!

    The bad part was that I woke up so early to see the sunrise and then it was too cloudy to see it. But it was still beautiful!

  • Avatar

    Finally! An Indonesia post that isn’t Bali lol. This is right up my alley with its history as it doesn’t seem too crowded, compared to Bali. The village and Yogyakarta tours are right up my alley. A nice and chill way to actually experience the island.

  • Avatar
    Alex Trembath

    We met some people last year when we were travelling who were absolutely raving about Java. Looks an amazing place to visit… we would love to explore more of Indonesia too. Love the mixture of nature and sacred sites in your photos.

  • Avatar
    Arunima Dey

    Wow Ijen crater looks stunning! It is a shame that so many people just consider Bali for Indonesia trip as there is so much more to explore. Though I think Yogyakarta does get some tourists. Great guide.

  • Avatar
    Nina Out and About

    I’ve been considering heading to Bali this summer and had no idea Java was so close by! I thought it was somewhere else for some reason (clearly geography classes failed me … or I failed them).

  • Avatar

    Wow- I know how popular Bali is, so much so that I’d never heard of Java- but it’s equally as gorgeous!!!!

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    Java looks and sounds amazing! I will definitely try to visit when I make it to South East Asia:)

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