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Pedro Nascimento

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I love traveling! So I travel the world!  I see what I can do in a couple of hours in every city!  Usually I’m no more than 24 hours in every city.


Pedro Nascimento travels the world. He is 24 years of age and he is currently living in Dubai, he works as a Flight Attendant for one of the best airlines in the world, Emirates. With that said, it gives him the freedom to travel around the world very easily which is something he loves to do. Pedro was born and raised in South of Portugal in the region of Algarve in a small town called Alcantarilha, he grew up there and lived until his 21st birthday.



He first started as a dance teacher and a curious thing is that Pedro never thought about dancing or even teaching but one day happened that his sister wanted to go to a dance class, she asked Pedro if he wanted to go with her in order for her not to go alone, and not only he said YES, but he ended up becoming a teacher. Pedro was a salsa and kizomba dance teacher for about 5 years and during some of that time in the summer season he used to work as a lifeguard, and soon after his 21st birthday he moved to Dubai to become theflight attendant he is today.



One thing he loves is to learn, he can’t stand one day without learning something new, even if it is something small, he has to learn something. He does not say that he is a perfectionist, because he knows that such thing does not exist, he prefers to say that he always tries to do everything the best he can, and that shows up in his YouTube channel “Pedro Travells” where he combines both of his passions, traveling, and videography. On his vlogs he shows everything he does around the world. Pedro has been all over the world traveling, passed through all the continents and the last time he counted was about 45 countries. Travelling a lot has given him the opportunity to try many flavors, experience different cultures and traditions, and meet a lot of people; Pedro has a very open mind as a result of all that travel.

His goal in life… well… He hasn’t discovered yet; he goes with the flow always thinking about tomorrow and the days after. As long as he’s happy that’s what matters to him.

Where are you living now and where did you live originally?

I am currently living in Dubai, UAE. I used to live in Portugal my home country. How long have you lived your current destination or last destination as an expat? I still remember the day I moved to Dubai, it was 14 May 2014, it was such a special day that I will not forget. It has been about 3 years and 3 months and believe me, the time goes by very fast in here, there is always something to do.


How many countries have you lived in as an expat?

UAE was the only country I have lived besides my own country, Portugal.

What made you decide to move to the current country as an expat? I always thought about moving out of Portugal and live abroad for a few years but I have to confess that I had no clue where to go, but one thing I was sure, that when the opportunity comes I would not let it go. So a company from Dubai was hiring people in Portugal and when I knew that, I made myself go to the interview and between a couple hundred people I passed.

What were your biggest fears of moving if any?

Young and ready for anything I was exited, I had only one thing in my mind that was making me thing twice, I had quite a good job in Portugal that took me a couple of years to get where I was and letting everything behind to start a new life was something that crossing my mind a few times. But then I thought –If I don’t do it now I will never do it! That thought made me go all the way to Dubai and I’m happy that I made that



How do you keep in contact with friends and family and do you get to see them often?

Well, it is quite hard. I do manage to go home 2 to 3 times a year for a week or 2, sometimes even for 3 weeks and when I do go home I always try to meet as many friends as I can, but I can’t see them all. Social media makes it easy to keep contact with family and friends but is not the same as having them in front of you.


Did you encounter any immigration or visa issues? (Work permits / visas)

Nothing, the company got everything done for me I just had to upload my documents to their website

How did you decide what countries or country you would become an expat in?

In reality I didn’t decide, it was a matter of opportunity for me. It was presented the chance to go to Dubai and I made all the possible to pass and get there. I tried to apply for jobs in other countries in Europe and Asia but Dubai was the one I was more interested in. Quality of life and income were something I was interested at the time.

How do you make you living as an expat in Dubai?

I have to say, since the day I arrived I am quite happy with the job, the city and the income. Appart from being to hot in the summer months I am enjoying living in Dubai. I have to say that I have been promoted about a year ago and I am now working my way up for the next promotion so I couldn’t be happier.  Do you live the nomad life or location independent life?

I am a Flight Attendant; I live in Dubai but half of the month as I travel a lot I am not in Dubai. I travel 2 to 3 times a week and I can stay 24 to 48 hours in every city that I go. The only challenge that I face are the working hours, even though I only work a few hours a month those hours can be quite tiring as there is no routine and I can be working at any time of the day. For so.meone that has this type of job or that travel this much what I can say is listen to your body, he will tell you what to do.


As and expat in the current country your are living in or any previous countries (did you speak the languages or learn any of the languages?) If so what languages do you speak or did you learn? 

As an expat in Dubai the English language is a MUST and I emphasize on it because it’s really important, apart from the English I speak my mother language the Portuguese and I speak Spanish as well, I don’t practice it very often the Spanish though. What are the approx costs of living where you are now or any previous place you have lived as an expat?

Rent + Utilities Most of the people when coming to Dubai it is offered to them accommodation. Studios are from 25.000AED to 50.000AED One bedroom apartment from 40.000AED to 80.000AED Two bedroom apartment from 50.000AED to 110.000AED The highest prices are in the city center and get cheaper as you move away from the city center. Utilities are around 400 to 600AED a month, summer months may rise a bit because of air conditioning.

Transport (local or car) One way ticket on the metro to go anywhere is less that 10AED. Taxi meter starts at 12AED and adds 2AED per kilometer. Gasoline is the funny part; it costs around 1.80AED for 1 liter of gasoline.

Health Insurance In my case it is taken care by my company so I have no clue about prices.

Internet: Here in Dubai to have internet at home you need to get a package including internet, phone, and TV channel. All together is between 300AED to 450AED depending on the package chosen.

Phone: Most of the people get a prepaid plan including data, messages and free minutes. A 100AED plan per month is a normal one it can go higher also depending on the plan.

Meals out: Restaurants can go from 30AED to 50AED in an inexpensive restaurant for one person. If you choose a better restaurant expect to pay 80AED and above. Usually for two people a three course meal is around 160AED to 250AED and depending on the restaurant it can go very high the bill. But for you to have a clue a McDonalds meal is around 25AED

Alcoholic drinks (if applicable) A beer is around 40AED

Soft Drinks A coke is around 3AED but it will depend where you get it

Gym: or similar If you pay monthly a gym will cost you between 200AED to 500AED How do rate the standard of living in Dubai where you are living in currently as an expat? 

The standard living in Dubai is quite good I can’t say it is cheap or expensive because that will depend on how much your salary is, but some things are cheaper and expensive than other countries. Clothes and shoes are very expensive comparing to other countries, and I must include alcoholic drinks also. Electronics are way cheaper that most of the places In the world, and that is also because there is no added TAX to the items in Dubai. There is no TAX in UAE, well… Not yet…

What is the tax system there like? (high taxes or low etc) please details if possible.

UAE is a tax free country, currently there is not tax on anything, but there is rumors that taxes will come in soon.
What have been some of the pros and cons about living in Dubai? 

Pros: Lifestyle is good, lots of time of to dedicate to my hobbies and learn new things, free entry in a lot of resorts for private pools and beaches, discounts in a lot of places. Cons: Being away from home. I love Portugal.

Do you have any tips for people that might want to visit or move Dubai or any places you recommend visiting?

Places to go to: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Deira Gold Souk, Madinat Jumeirah. These places are a must if you come and visit, there are many more but these are the most known. Dubai is quite a safe place comparing to other places around I never had issues, I nothing to complain about. Do you have any future plans here to move somewhere else? If so where are you thinking? why this place?

I always thought about living in New York and as I moved to Dubai first I don’t know if one day I would go back home or stay in New York for 1 or 2 years to see how its like, you never know what’s coming tomorrow, maybe an opportunity I can’t say no.

Can you give any insights into the local culture / customs where you live as an expat (either now you previously) How important is it for people to be aware of these when living here to visiting here?

UAE is a Muslim country and knowing that people that come here have to respect their traditions and their culture. But in the whole UAE, Dubai is the city that is less strict with people and saying that I don’t mean you can walk in the mall in a bikini but try to be as much conservative as you can. It is part of their culture not showing their body in the streets so they have the right to approach you. They don’t expect you to dress like them but a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or a long dress is fine. Do you travel around from this destination where you are living as an expat? What are some places you have visited from here / any countries close by that you recommend / what are the travel costs like to these places?

I travel a lot specially from places face from here, usually flights of 6 hours and above, it can be quick as a 6:30h London flight to a 18 hours to get to New Zealand. But from Dubai you can get a flight with 3 hours or less and get to, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Ethiopia and many more. And very close to Dubai you can go to Abu Dhabi, Oman, Ras-Al Kaimah, Fujairah, Hatta, these are very nice places and you can drive there, they are just a couple hours away.

How are the locals where you live (were they easy to make friends with)? are there any expat clubs or similar that you have joined? How easy was it to make new friends or associates here?

Locals are quite nice people, but from the whole population they make about 15% meaning 85% of the people in Dubai is expats so its quite easy to find friends here or even a group of people from your own country. I think I can say that most of the people are easy to make friends. How is the nightlife where you live? Any recommendations?

Nightlife is everyday here in Dubai. Friday and Saturday at night are the biggest nights of the week but any day you can go out and have a club full of people and have fun. Here are some names of some clubs you can look up to: White Dubai, Sensation Club, Club Boudoir, Mahiki, Barasti Beach, Cavalli Club, Zero Gravity, 360 Club, XL Dubai, Cirque Le Soir, Cove Beach, Nasimi Beach, Cielo Sky Lounge, Movida, Level 43. Remember to know what’s hot on that day before you go out.

How do you spend your time off here or at weekends? 

As I have a YouTube channel, most of my days off I spend editing videos, but when I have some time off you will always see me in private beaches getting a boost on my vitamin D, working out at the gym and very important, getting my sleep patterns right 😛 Nowadays I have been planning to drive myself to other cities nearby and make some videos there.

What is the climate where you live (any specific times to visit)?

The climate in Dubai is HOT, the whole year. Winter the weather is perfect, averages of 25 Celsius with gentle fresh winds once in a while. Summer is hell in here, temperatures rise up to 45 celcius and might get up to 48 celcius which is too much. Luckily every place that you might go here it has air conditioning and that’s the catch, if you get a cold coming to Dubai for the first time in summer it is normal. Outside is 45 celcius but once you get in a shopping mall if you don’t have a long sleve you’ll freeze, not literally but its very cold inside.

Where you can see more from Pedro Nascimento: 

Please give a short description of your blog and what you cover. CitiesOfTheWorld is the name of my channel on YouTube where I make Travel Vlogs Travelling the world is one of my passions; the other is photography and videography so combining them together I made this channel showing all the cities in the world, well… I try to show all though but the finish line is still way far.

This is Hong Kong! #hongkong #travel #hongkongfromthetop #thepeaktram #victoriapeak #holiday

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Please share one life quote or any quote you love.

If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots not feet.

Thank you Pedro for doing a fantastic interview about all your travel adventures and about life in Dubai as an expat and for bringing us great and informative YouTube Videos

Pedro Nascimento

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    Nice interview and equally he has a nice Youtube channel. Just follow his IG and YT Accounts. Just a question though, as he’s a flight attendant of Emirates. I usually take Emirates when going home from Jeddah to Manila and recently, I’m carrying a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet. Does the airline allows this kind of helmets on carry-on? I haven’t tried it yet and I hope he comes back here.

    Also, I usually take home a copy of inflight magazine (nothing else) from flights. I sent emails to several airlines and got positive responses (yes, we can take it home) but received no response from Emirates. Does he his airline allow it?

    Again, nice profile interview. I’m also an expat (Saudi Arabia) but I don’t think I have a nice profile as his. HAHAHA!

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