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Welcome to Digital Travel Guru and thanks for stopping by.
We have lots of opportunities on our site to get involved and are always looking for creative and interesting  posts to publish.

We promote all posts that are published on our site across multiple social media sites, we also allow you to add related backlinks (of articles you have written as well your social media links on the posts you submit).

Please contact us for publication guidelines.

Here are some of our exciting opportunities.

Are you a Travel Blogger and have a Travel story you would like to publish?
Do you have a blog that cover’s any travel related content?  If so please drop us a line about publishing on our website, if want some additional promotion back to your site. We accept guest posts on our site, please contact us for our submission guidelines.
[email protected]

Do you Travel and want to be featured in our Interview Series or share a Travel story?
Are you a traveler that enjoys writing and would like to share any of your travel stories from around the globe? Well if you are and are looking for a creative outlet, drop us a line on where you would like to write about and see your piece of writing get published and shared across the internet. Who knows it may inspire you to even start your own blog. 

[email protected]

Are you a Digital Nomad or Expat? We are looking for people to feature in our Expat and Nomad series.

If you are living the Nomad life or have lived the Nomad life or if you are an Expat or have lived anywhere as an Expat, please get in touch as we are looking for people to interview.

Please message us to find out more.

[email protected]

If you are Brand or Company – that want additional Promotion or want to Feature or Advertise on our site.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

[email protected]

Video: (Interviews / Travel Stories / Bucket Lists / Trip’s Gone Wrong / Nomad Life / Expat Life / Backpacking, Reviews) these are just a few of the topics for video content.

We have a new video feature starting and are looking for people to send us a short video. If you are interested please contact us for a list of topics we have or maybe you may have a particular topic you want to do a video on? If so drop us a line to discuss:   [email protected]

We are also open to any ideas you have, to publish on our site or work with us, please contact us on: [email protected]

We have a Facebook Group called:  TRAVEL BLOGGERS CLUB which is a community of Travel Bloggers from around the globe, please feel to join if you have a Travel Blog or write Travel related content, we have a lot of engagement type activities. We also have Travel Bloggers Club Cafe which is a community group page for travellers and travel bloggers to meet and discuss travel plans share content and build networks. 

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