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With the advent of the internet and technology and its availability throughout the world  it is now possible for anyone to work from almost any where around the world. The rise in freelancers and internet-based workers has given rise to a population who want to be independent. Before you opt for it, you need to realise that this type of a lifestyle isn’t fit for everyone. However it is very attractive to those  people who do not like to be confined to one place. This new style of a working population are known as Digital Nomads. If your already a nomad check out our post on 23 Tips for living the nomadic lifestyle

Digital Nomad Guide - How To Travel and WorkWho are Digital Nomads?

Many people travel for their work, but not everyone is a digital nomad. A digital nomad is specifically a person that works through Wi-Fi or other forms of internet and lives in different places around the world. Often nomads choose places with a lower cost of living. Some of  the most common job types that allow someone to be a digital nomad are freelancing, content writing, web developer, entrepreneur, and similar other jobs. The Digital Nomads never have a particular place of dwelling. The key point about them is that they choose to work while they are traveling around the world. The main attraction of being a digital nomad is the independence that one gets. Often digital nomads share their experience through different platforms. This choice of lifestyle is increasing day by day as the technology is improving.Digital Nomad Guide - How To Travel and Work

Pros of being a Digital Nomad:

The lifestyle of being a Digital Nomad is quite attractive. The new age jobs provide facilities of being a remote worker or a digital nomad to incorporate more people. But for most, it is a personal choice as it is a freer way to live whilst seeing the world in some cases. 

  • Independence: Independence is one of the key reasons for seeking independence from normal day jobs. Several people choose digital nomadism over their desk job even if it isn’t equal to their previous salary. It gives one space to improve and lead a stress-free life. Often the environment of working in an  office is detestable. Digital nomadism does release people from it.
  • Location: Digital nomads can live anywhere around the world. This means that they get to experience a variety of different places. They can choose many vacation destinations if that is what they want. 
  • Affordable Life: Most Digital Nomads choose places that aren’t very expensive. This helps them in traveling around the world throughout the year. There are beautiful places around the world which are quite cheap to stay in. People can easily use it to their advantage.
  • Experience Increases: A Digital Nomad gets to interact with many people around the world and live in different places or countries a fantastic way to see the world and experience other cultures. 
  • Working Hours and Duration: One can choose the time of work and its duration. They can take small breaks throughout the day while working. This lets them have fun between getting the job done, in a location that is usually not an office or with the  traditional 9-5 working hours. 

Digital Nomad Guide - How To Travel and WorkCons of being a Digital Nomad:

Even if something is glorified to the end, it will never be perfect. It is the same case with being a Digital Nomad. One can glorify the traveling part of it, but they have to remember to finish their job on time as well. So, let us see some cons of being a Digital Nomad:

  • Working will be important: Often traveling can hamper one’s workflow. But Digital nomads do have to work on the things they have taken up. So, often they can spend 8-9 hours of a day working. This is important as they get paid for the job and not for the traveling.
  • Staying away from family: Being a Digital Nomad can be hard at times, to be away from friends and family. 
  • Constant Moving: As a digital nomad people sometimes have to move constantly. As times this can be difficult as due to the amount of belongings you have to carry and the logistics of sourcing accommodation / work spaces etc.

How to become a Digital Nomad?

This is a very common question that people may ask when they are introduced to the idea of Digital Nomadism. It is an exciting idea in itself. Travelling is favourite leisure activity for almost everyone. Here are some ways to start on the path to be a Digital Nomad.

  • One can choose to be independent, and they can work as a freelancer or in jobs that allow remote working. They may quit their existing job to follow this dream.
  • They can talk to their existing company about being a remote worker.  
  • They can also start entrepreneurship and business on their own.

Digital Nomad Guide - How To Travel and WorkHow to be a remote worker for your existing job?

If someone is feeling that being a Digital Nomad is their way, then they should talk to their employer to see if the company has any opportunities for  this kind of work. If they already have an internet-based job then the possibility of a positive answer increases. If your aren’t working at company that offers this, then you may have to  search for a company that approves Digital Nomadism. 

How to be an independent worker?

There are several types of skills in the market that call for working independently. Jobs like freelancing, content writing, blogging, web designing and developing and similar things are compatible with Digital Nomadism. They can also find out a niche of their own a work on it. Often many people have a skill that they do on a part-time basis. They can pay attention to it as a full-time thing if they are speculating about being a Digital Nomad. One can also try to work online as a teacher or an instructor to make extra money. 

How to be a Digital Nomad as an entrepreneur?

The best way to handle entrepreneurship as a Digital Nomad is to invest in something that can be accessed easily on a digital platform. This can be courses, drop shipping, e-books or even offer online services. These days the social media has made it easier for anyone to market their services online. They can even make creative websites to launch their offerings. Many companies have been launched online that offer their services to people around the globe, often run from destinations around the world  due to the availability of the internet. 

Things to do before starting the Digital Nomad life:

Before hopping onto the journey, planning is key to ensure your life as a digital nomad will be as hassle free as possible. Here are some points to consider. 

  • Saving: The Digital Nomad lifestyle may sound very interesting, but one will need to save. Saving’s will ensure that they can move around places freely and have some funds available when work might be slow. 
  • Insurance: When someone is going to live away from home they need to have proper insurance. This is crucial as emergencies can happen at anytime. 
  • Work Plan and Clients: Work plan has to be made in a well-decided manner. As discussed above, one will need to choose their way of working. Based on that, they will have a work platform. Being a Digital Nomad requires a certain level of maturity, planning and organisation. You need to have planned what type of work you will do, where you will be getting clients from and how you will source the work. 
  • Visa: One’s passport should be up-to-date. Visas are important when traveling through countries. So, the Visa policy of different countries should be checked.
  • Research of Destination: You will need to research the destination, the people, their laws, the currencies and many other things before actually visiting the country.
  • Cost of Living: It is important to determine the costs of living of the place you are planning to visit. It is best to choose cheap but sustainable places around the world that would allow anyone to work freely.
  • Back-Up Plan: Travelling and working may sound fun, but it doesn’t always work out. So, everyone should have goals or back up a plan to help themselves in emergency situations.
  • Working Laws of the country: As you will be working from a foreign country, you will need to adhere to their laws. Many countries may not allow their tourists to work. So check this out prior to going there. 

Factors to Influence Where You Choose to Work:

The sheer number of places around the world can be overwhelming at times. But as someone planning to be a Digital Nomad, you  need to shortlist some places. Certain factors will decide the places, and  make it suitable to work in. Some websites help in checking out the best places to be in as a Digital Nomad. You should always do credible research before settling for a place. Some important factors include the safety points for the place, cost of living, weather, internet speed and many others.

A website that has made it easier for Digital nomads is the NomadList. The website provides extensive information for the Digital Nomads.  It has everything listed concisely and simply so that it is easy to go through. Here are some of the criteria that one can find on the website through filters:

  • Different places that can be searched based on cities, countries or regions.
  • The type of the city based on small, big and mega.
  • Visa-Free places options that one can search by providing their nationality
  • Cost of Living based on the time that someone plans to stay at the place
  • Overall Weather and temperature of the possible place that one plans to stay in
  • Internet Speed in Mbps which is crucial for Digital Nomads
  • Safety Rating of places which is important for female digital nomads
  • Traffic is measured by TomTom’s index
  • One way Airplane Ticket Price can be calculated based on one’s location
  • The community of the place can be analysed through various filters like language, nightlife, fun, etc.

Hope you found our comprehensive guide to the Digital Nomad lifestyle useful.  Dot forget to always make sure you research and look into recommendations before jumping into a situation or a major lifestyle change. 

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Digital Nomad Guide - How To Travel and Work

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    These are some great tips on becoming a Digital Nomad. I’m a part time Digital Nomad and looking to become a full time one. So, this is really handy!

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