8 Seductive Places To Stay For A Romantic Trip

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A romantic getaway seems to be a remedy for every couple who happens to drift away from each other. And by far it has been proven to be true, because sometimes all a person needs is some time together in seclusion away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But that is not it; a planning is just a halfway remedy, to complete the course of treatment one has to actually find their perfect place which would be their cradle for a few days.
romantic DestinationsUsually a lot of discussions take place when one has to zero down on a particular place for their romantic getaway which leads to obvious mood swings because if you liked a cottage there is a huge chance she would not. So planning and zeroing down on a particular place is like a joint venture. So listed below are 8 most seductive places that have been handpicked just for you all to make it easy when choosing. Because we would not want you to fuss over a place, rather choose from the best and make your romantic getaway worthwhile.

8-seductive-places-to-stay-for-a-romantic-tripSong Saa, Cambodia

When Song Saa comes to mind one can only imagine luxury and harmony in a private island of Cambodia. The reason why it tops the list is because of its view and its unique architecture. The villas are situated above the turquoise sea and one has to walk on the private bridges that connect the mainland to the villas.
The place is crafted with love, serenity and a deep connection to nature, making it the best place for a romantic getaway.

Song Saa Private Island CambodiaLa Residence, Franschhoek, South Africa

If vineyards and valleys soothe your heart then La Residence in Franschhoek is the place for you and your partner. A lovers paradise, this place is filled with magnificent interior complete with rich fabric, antique furniture and fascinating artwork. The bathrooms elude glamour and on hot days one can avail to the glistening pool, a treat to the eyes and body.
The vineyard is a stone’s throw away from the hotel La Residence and it also has villas that are spacious and have a luxurious dining and relaxing halls. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing with custom lights creating an amazing environment for a couples stay.

romantic destinationsDenis Private Island, Seychelles

The most amazing thing about the Denis Island is it is a secluded island, a speck in the Indian Ocean surrounded by flawless white sand which comprises of only 375 acres of area. And the catch here is no place here is off limits! So couples can explore and wander about on their own terms with no restrictions. Also couples fighting over spending too much time on the phone can find a cure there, because once you arrive you will not find any signal here. That way you can cut off entirely from the world and have all the time devoted just to your loved one.
It is well known for its pristine beauty and visitors can spot the rarest birds on earth here. There is availability of sport fishing at the edge of the continental ocean drop off.  

Seychelles romanticNihi Sumba Island, Bali

What comes to your mind when Bali is mentioned? Well of course the islands and the beaches complete with the sound of waves falling against the sand. The Nihi Sumba Island in Bali is where the craggy lavishness meets unfettered sovereignty. Couples visiting this place will be exposed to its endless passion that it eludes and will obviously not want to return to their domicile.
A little adventure for couple’s results in them coming closer and Nihi Sumba Island has them. With Spa Safari, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Excursions, etc.

Nihi Sumba Island, BaliOne & Only Le Saint Géran, Mauritius

Mauritius is the ultimate destination for romance; the place speaks of nature and its closeness to the people visiting it. One & Only Le Saint Géran is the ultimate place for couples visiting Mauritius.
It is the first luxury hotel on the island. The hotel is complete with iconic colonial chic architecture blended with inconspicuous modern classics I white marble, teak and gray. The soft furnishing and artwork of the place create the perfect environment for couples.

One & Only Le Saint Géran, MauritiusThe Brando, French Polynesia

The Brando was founded by actor Marlon Brando where he had spent happy days hiding away from the battlefield of Hollywood. The place is themed with luxurious castaway with nature adding flamboyancy.
The place has the Varua Spa, a perfect place for couples to get some wellness treatment. Apart from the luxury, The Brando has lagoon tours, tennis court, water sports and eco stations. And to complete the sight, there are numerous coconut and palm trees all around.

French PolynesiaWhite Pearl Resort, Mozambique

Pristine! That is what comes to one’s mind when the White Pearl Resort is mentioned. With beautiful untouched shores and the vast sea looking right out of your window, this resort is a place to visit if you zero down on Mozambique. The place is tucked behind Casuarina trees and has a wonderful coastline stretch. It has 21exquisite pool suites and beach shacks filled with luxury; couples enjoy their quiet moments and stock their memories with scenic beauty.

White Pearl Resort, MozambiqueTaj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

Lakes and romance go hand in hand, and the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is the place for lovebirds to go and unwind themselves from the routine life. The place is complete with luxurious rooms, suites with a magnificent view of the City Palace, Lake Pichola, and the surrounding courtyard. The bathrooms are fixed with luxury bath amenities.
There are Jiva Spa, Outdoor pools and Yoga facilities for the residents of the place. Perfect for a weekend getaway, the Taj Palace is a must visit.
Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, IndiaThese few places are the final destinations couples can choose for their time alone. With nature at their behest and a lot to explore, romantic getaways have gone a notch higher making it much more special than what it used to be.

8-seductive-places-to-stay-for-a-romantic-trip8 Seductive Places To Stay For A Romantic Trip8-seductive-places-to-stay-for-a-romantic-trip8-seductive-places-to-stay-for-a-romantic-trip8 Seductive Places To Stay For A Romantic TripSaveSave

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    All of these look so luxurious…I think room service and an ocean view are definitely my ideas of romance

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    They are all so beautiful, I would love to spend a romantic week on all of them! I think Denis Island will be top of my list. I have always wanted to visit the Seychelles.

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    Awww.. These are such romantic places indeed! Personally, I’d love to spend a day or two at the Denis Private Island. My husband spend way more time on his phone/ computer than necessary, so I think this will be such a nice change! 😀

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    Why haven’t i come across this in previous Valentine’s Days? My boyfriend and i were in Bali the last year but never heard of Nihi Sumba while we were there. I hope to come back for next year’s Valentine’s Day, or maybe checkout other places on the list.

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