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Zanzibar forms the semi-autonomous region in Tanzania situated in East Africa. The archipelago is situated in the Indian Ocean about 25-50 Km away from the mainland. The place has several islands, but the two noted ones are Ungunja and Pemba. The capital city is Stone Town, also known as Mji Mkongwe, it is the old part of Zanzibar City. 
The island has become famous due to the spices and tourism that thew island is known for. The main religion followed by the people of Zanzibar is Islam. The island houses endemic wildlife like the Zanzibar red colobus, the possibly extinct Zanzibar leopard. One can also spot the sights of antelopes, civets, bush pigs, monkeys and other animals, when visiting this tropical paradise.
Zanzibar Sunset

What is the history of Zanzibar?

The islands of Zanzibar is rich in history. Historians have found out that it has been inhibited for about 20,000 years. Zanzibar has always been significant as a trading town, and through centuries traders stopped there to continue their journey to the Middle East, India, Africa, and other Swahili coastal towns. The Stone Town or Zanzibar city was their strong point. The Swahili language that is used grew from it and became the form that it is today.
After the Portuguese invasion, the islands found them under a Sultanate. The Sultans of Oman controlled it for a long time and managed to make a Slave trade out of it. After British overtook the islands, the slave trade stopped after a lot of struggle. The world’s shortest war of 38 minutes took place in Zanzibar. After Britain withdrew themselves from the islands, it was still under the sultanate. But in 1964, it was merged with Tanganyika, and soon they became the United Republic of Tanzania. Zanzibar still retains a semi-autonomous state.

Beaches found in Zanzibar

Zanzibar BeachEven if people aren’t aware of the history of the Zanzibar, they must be aware of the picture perfect blue beaches present in the islands. More than 25 beaches line Zanzibar, and they have quintessential turquoise blue water and white sands. Zanzibar makes the perfect beach holiday destination that one can imagine. So, let us talk about some of the most famous beaches present in the islands:
zanzibar tropical beach   

  • Nungwi: This beach is very famous, and people love to spend their time here. It is present in the   north of the island.  
  • Kiwengwa and Pongwe: These beaches are present in the East of the island and have good resorts and hotels lining them for people to enjoy.
  • Bwejuu and Dongwe: The most popular beaches in the islands among tourists. They are situated in the South West of the island. It is famous for snorkelling and swimming during low tides.


Things to do in Zanzibar

Along with spending a good time at the beaches, there are a lot more things that a person can do in Zanzibar. These are few of them …


  • Exploring the Stone Town or the Zanzibar city is the best thing one can do. There are lots of historic building and places that one can tour like the old slave market or the house of wonders. The city is a perfect place to lose oneself in.
  • One can go for surfing or snorkeling expeditions to lose themselves in the beauty of waters of Zanzibar.
  • Visiting the Prison Island also gives insight into the history of the islands. One can see the ruins and enjoy the turtle population of the island.
  • The palace has been changed into a museum that one can visit. Also, the old fort is a good place.
  • Tasting the local cuisine is a must for any visitor. Along with that, they can also take advantage of the nightlife of the islands.
  • The spice tour is great to get acquainted with the island and the trading significance of it.

So, in all Zanzibar is a great place to be on holiday at. It is perfect for a peaceful sojourn at a historical island in East Africa. It is a place that remains engraved in the minds of people who visit it.

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Exploring Zanzibar
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