My name is Kimberly, everyone calls me Kim. I have been traveling all my life especially camping and road trips. As I got older that’s when I started take to the sky to get me places. I love going to concerts and spending time with my family. One day I would love to visit Thailand and stay on an elephant sanctuary. I am an open book and love making new friends! To see more from Kimberly check out her WEBSITEINSTAGRAM & TWITTER. Kimberly travelled with Contiki and carried out a review for Digital Travel Guru.

What is the name of the company you booked with & their website. 


Contiki is a Travel Company that specialises in travel for 18-35 year olds. They offer you group tours and planned tours all over the world.

With over 270 trips around the world and plenty of departure dates to work into your schedule, Contiki ensures you will never be short of options on where to go for your next great adventure. Check out some of the places below.


How did you book through this company?

First trip I booked through a travel agent, second trip I booked by myself online.

How was the booking process?

Very easy since the trips are already put together.

Did they provide you with itineraries or similar info? 

Sort of. Before you pick your trip you have the option to view the outlined itinerary on their website. This usually includes how many meals and what activities are included and what activities you can opt into. However you don’t know the EXACT itinerary until you start the trip. The actual itinerary is put together by your trip manager even though the trip manager has to follow certain guidelines of the trip. Here are some examples of the itineraries from my past trips.

What made you choose this company over other companies that offer similar.

I liked that Contiki was only for people ages 18 to 35 and also included certain activities for younger people. I also like it because it’s a great tour company to travel solo with if you wanted to ! You get to meet so many new people so you never feel alone. You also get to meet people from all over the world on these trips since you can be from any country and book through Contiki.

What tours or trips did you book?
London and Paris plus Rome & Italian Espresso.

What was the pricing like?
Depending on the type of tour you choose the prices vary. The Italian Espresso tour ranged from about $1200 while the London and Paris plus Rome cost around $1800.

Check out this post on 25 Best Places To Stay In Italy.

How many days was the trip or tour? What places did it cover or activities or sights or experiences

Italian Espresso
Duration: 8 days
Cities: Rome, Florence, Venice with stops in Verona, Pisa and Burano
Activities: Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, The Vatican, Gondola Ride through Venice, Wine tasting in Florence.

London, Paris plus Rome
Duration: 10 days
Cities: London, Paris, Rome
Activities: Tickets to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, a climb of the Eiffel Tower, Bike ride through Paris, Tickets to Mamma Mia in London.

What was included in the tour?

Most tours include some meals, accommodation, some tour activities, a trip manager, a Contiki packet, a coach to get to and from places and depending on the tour it includes transportation tickets.

These tours do NOT include flights, however you have the option to book flights through them.

How did you find the staff that worked for this company?

Your trip manager is practically your friend by the end of the trip. They take care of anything you need so you don’t have the access stress put on you. Both trip managers I’ve had were absolutely amazing and they really know their stuff when it comes to the cities we visited. Even when booking over the phone, the customer service representative was so nice and explained everything to us and offered different options if we weren’t sure.

Would you use this company again?

Absolutely ! Everything about this company was so stress free. Depending on the tour you choose, you usually only have to pay a deposit during your time of booking, then the rest can be paid over time before your trip starts. This helps especially for people who have a hard time coming up with the money all at once.

Does this company offer any other tours and trips? If so what other types are available?

Yes ! They offer a wide variety of trips in countries all over the world for different durations and prices. They also offer Last Minute Deals for a cheaper price for trips departing soon.

How did you find your trip or tour? 

No matter where you go it’s hard to see everything within a couple days. We were in each city for around 3 days each for both trips I went on and it wasn’t enough time… I feel like we needed at least another day in each city to really see a good portion of it.

If you did activities with this company (did they cover insurance) ?

The tour company offers travel protection insurance  in case something goes wrong. Each individual activity didn’t include insurance.

How many people were one your trip or tour?

There were about 40 to 50 people on each trip.

What type of tour or trip was it? (individual or group) 


Does this company allow time for you to do your own activities and things or was it all planned out?

Although you can travel alone and opt out of certain activities, most stuff is done with the group. Since there is a set itinerary, the trip manager does schedule free time for you to do your own thing and explore on your own. Although I found it better to stick with the trip manager because they know the area and know the best places to go.

If possible please could you share or give a sample of your trip ?

I wrote a couple blogs on my past trip to Italy with Contiki, here are the links:





Does this company cater for tripod tours with children or people with disabilities?

Contiki’s website states, “Passengers who are disabled or less mobile are still welcome to travel with Contiki Holidays. Please ensure you have had a look at the ABTA Checklist for disabled and less mobile passengers and have read over the ABTA website.”


What are the pros and cons of booking with such a company? (if any)

Decent prices
Includes some meals
Can opt in or out of certain activities
Payment plan options

Flights are not included
Some additional activities can be expensive

Please share your overall impression of the company.

I absolutely love this tour company. I have yet to travel solo but when I do I definitely want to book it through Contiki. It feel’s a lot safer knowing other people are traveling solo too and I have the necessary resources at easy access such as someone to go to for help if I lose my passport or get sick. I have had the time of my life on these trips and I’ve also met people from all over the world who I know get to call my friends. I’ve traveled without a tour group and it is not the same, the trip managers at Contiki know great places to go and make sure you have the time of your life !


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    Loved this interview! I’ve always wanted to do a trip with Contiki and this was very informative!

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