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Colorado Caribou

Local travel within the state of Colorado began when I was a new mom and even more so, when I became a single mom. I wanted to take my daughter on all these trips, but found that flying everywhere was just simply something I could not afford to do. I needed an alternative, to explore our state locally, which allowed for mini vacations on the weekends and still being able to hold my day job Monday through Friday.

What you love about travel?
Simply feeling as if you are in a completely different world even with the realization that it’s all one in the same world! Some trips feel like youre in a different era, people are different, the culture is even different from mountain town to city towns.

Where do you normally travel to? 
I’ve explored 22 within the state of Colorado, but my blog aims to explore various activities in each city. For example, the city of Aspen will contain 3 separate posts, because one will be Aspen ice caves, the other will be Aspen cliff diving… each visit will represent a different outdoor activity, because my blog isn’t isolated to just hiking, but every outdoor adventure. From snowmobiles, adventure parks, and atvs… It’s informative for outdoor enthusiasts, exploring the rocky mountains.

What type of traveler are you?
I would say I’m an outdoor adventure traveler. My writing will not be as extreme as solo backpacking trips and is nowhere near luxury travel either, as I won’t be commenting on cuisine. But my commentary will speak of insight on what to expect if you plan a couples weekend away at the hot springs, or a group outing for winter activities. It will inform on budget expectations and customer service expectations.

What tips of advice could you give our readers that may want to start travelling?
Just do it! Set your mind to where you want to go and decide that you’re gonna make it happen. As long as you do a little research beforehand, you’ll be fine and you won’t know until you go see it for yourself right? I used to see pictures on social media and envy people’s experiences and journeys. Until one day I said I wanna see that and do that before I die and I took action.

Have you ever done volunteering on your travels or worked abroad?
I have not, but that question is very intriguing. If I ever were to visit a third world country that was less fortunate than the US, I would most certainly do volunteer work. My parents immigrated from the country of Laos so that the family can have better educational and economic opportunities, so those less fortunate in third world countries hit close to home for me and my heritage.

Have you got any places on your bucket list? If so where?
Although I’ve certainly traveled abroad before (to Laos, Thailand, Dominican republic and Mexico), my blog is solely about Colorado travel, because this is my home.  But my heart desires much much more. I dream of going to Alaska, Canada and Greece. The first two, because of my love for mountains and the latter because of my curiosity for history!

What are some of the best things about travel?
For me travel has always been a therapeutic outlet. It’s always been a way to sort of bring me back to earth. To remind me that no matter what I’m going through, in the grand scheme of things, there’s so much out there still going on that’s bigger than me and it helps me understand myself better.

Have you experienced any downsides to  travel?
Having enough money to do so. I can never understand these world travel bloggers who go all over the world without a day job to support their travels. I want to understand their secret. How do they do it?

Have you had any scary travel experiences? How did you manage them?
A couple of times when going somewhere unknown, I’ve had to drive a pass against a mountainside where there’s areas without guard rails or sharp rocks that threaten to pop my tires. Like everything brand new, proceed your route with caution. Make sure you’ve done plenty of research on roads to get to your destination ahead of time. And always have everything you need, like spare tires and safety equipment. Believe it or not people have gotten stranded in the rocky mountains!

If you are solo traveler  (what do you enjoy about solo travel and are there any challenges?)
While I have solo traveled, most of my travels involve hosting my friends, my significant other or my 13 year old daughter. But in the times I have solo traveled, hiking in the rocky mountains, I find it best to avoid using headphones so as to be aware of my surroundings. Carrying a whistle, plenty of water and a warm sweater, as well as rain protection. Women who hike solo,  must do so with caution and preparation.

Do you have any money saving tips, for booking or planning your travels?
Most of my travels require little to no budget. Limited to national or state park entry fees, which can range between $7-$20. I aim for outdoor adventures that require minimal spending, there’s plenty of amazing things to do outdoors at little to no cost!

Whats your favourite city or cities and why? Can you recommended top attractions to see in each?
My favorite city in Colorado might be Boulder, which holds a young nightlife accommodating to students of the University of Colorado. As well as the beautiful outdoor access to bike trails, river tubing boulder creek, and sightseeing the famous flatiron mountains. The city of boulder has so much to offer with liberal culture and great farmers markets weekly.

Any recommendations for best beaches you have visited? where were they? and what did you like about them?
Unfortunately Colorado is a landlocked state with mile high elevation at 5,280 feet above sea level! My experience of beaches would be limited to my past visits to Cancun, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

What’s your favourite travel apps?
Honestly I don’t use many travel apps. I use old fashioned google research to find out the best on places and then I explore it on my own to be my own judge. I have used tripadvisor as a great resource for information, frequent Airbnb and for rentals, and do enjoy yelp if I need a quick bite to eat and am unfamiliar with the place.

What are five things have your travels have taught you?
1. Be patient with directions and the time it takes to get places
2. Take care of yourself with what you eat and feed your body so as not to get sick when far from comforts of home
3. Smile with new people and strangers
4. Be open minded
5. Respect the earth, it’s natural beauty and state, so that it can be enjoyed for our future generations to come.

Can you recommend any great places you have visited for our readers that has delicious food? What sort of dishes were they? Where were these places?
Unfortunately, I do minimal eating and more adventuring. A packed to-go meal with protein and plenty of nutrition can keep an outdoor enthusiast going for a full day! But if you are ever in the greater Denver Area, please go to Woodys Wings and Things for authentic Asian cuisine or Asian Cajun for seafood broil! Trust me.

What are your travel plans this year? anything exciting?
This year I would love to make a trip to the sand dunes national park in Colorado for sand surfing and great photos!

Do you speak any languages? If so how did you learn these?
Laotian, but only because my parents are Laos and immigrated from there, so it’s my heritage.

How do you plan your trips? (do you for example use any websites or particular or places to research)?
Tripadvisor has always been a site that provides me much more than hotel reviews, it also provides info on things to do which has helped a lot in my research. For example, reading others reviews on a company’s paddle boards and their customer service makes huge differences in my decisions.

Do you have any favourite travel blogs or sites you check out regularly.
The blogs that I find have great information are Thrillest and Eater.  Although I’m not 100% sure if those are blogs or just websites?

How do you keep up with trends in the world of blogging?
I think that is the biggest challenge, I’m not really sure I know how to keep up with blog trends in the world of blogging. But I have found it to be most helpful to join a network of others sharing the same passions as well as attending seminars that educate about social media. Im thankful to be apart of the travel bloggers club, where’s it allowed me to collaborate with other travel bloggers from around the world, because I don’t personally have any network of bloggers I’m apart of!

If you are  work and travel (nomad) how do you earn your income? Any tips for newbies?
I am not a nomad,  but I aspire to be! So far I do work a long job Monday thru Friday in the finance industry and travel and venture on my weekends, locally.

Have you seen or experienced ay funny travel situations?
Mainly I’ve just experienced pure joy, all smiles and my soul feels fed when I get outside!

What 5 things do you always pack?
My camera
My chargers, all of them
My sunglasses
My Keens hiking shoes
My smile

Do you have any specific travel equipment or items that are essential for your travels?
Mainly my camera and my Keens hiking shoes, but currently saving for a new go pro!

Do you keep a travel journal or diary? if so could you share a snippet of an entry you made 
I do not, I fully experience my moments and then I self reflect on them. Then I blog about it, so I guess the blog is my diary!

Please share one quote you love or have made  up yourself. 

“If all you do is wait around, then the only thing that will happen is you just get older”


“I’d rather fail at something I love, than succeed at something I hate”

Both quotes came to me, as realizations after reading inspirational moments from entrepreneurs. Or stayed stuck with me after reading life lessons of great people.

I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
My website is: Colorado Caribou

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    Yesh Sewdayal

    I visited Denver, Colorado for a ski trip and Colorado is as beautiful as she says it is. I always read interviews and are intrigued by the things we learn about others, similarities and differences to ourselves. Such a great read Eliza!

  • Avatar

    Colorado is my home state and I understand why it’s so hard to leave. You should go to the Sand Dunes National Park ASAP. It’s incredible. Keep traveling!!

  • Avatar

    I totally love the interview, as she said travelling is like to be in another world or era which is super cool, the culture the people and surroundings. thank you for this wonderfully inpiring post

  • Avatar
    Madison Taylor

    Beautiful! I love the western vibes! Definitely an inspiration to us all!

  • Avatar

    Colorado seems like the perfect state to explore!! There’s so much amazing scenery! I’ve wanted to go during summer time but have only been during snowboarding season.

  • Avatar
    Courtney Coughlan

    I’m really proud of you for wanting to show your daughter the art of travel, even as a solo mom. I also really love the emphasis on the outdoor activities – my favorite things to do in a new destination!
    Also side note: you don’t need to visit a third world country to do volunteer work 🙂 any destination you visit (even within Colorado) would have charities that would welcome your help.

  • Avatar

    Love the interview series but especially this one from a single parent, I hope it inspires others to do the same.

  • Avatar
    Debbie Harris

    These interviews are so interesting and I always learn something from the people featured. I love the quote about getting older! Such a inspiring blogger, thanks Eliza for sharing.

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    Ambuj Saxena

    Your story is inspirational! I love the way you optimise your budget during traveling. Wish I could do the same!

  • Avatar

    Great interview 🙂 I love reading about others as I feel they’re inspiring and help me improve myself. I really found this story inspirational.

  • Avatar

    Another great interview piece 😀 It’s great to see somebody exploring and writing about their local area. I don’t know what I would write about if I was to write about my town and surrounding haha. That being said I would love to travel and explore Colorado, just so much beauty about the place.

  • Avatar

    I’ve never been to Colorado but hope to visit one day. Really fits with the outdoor adventure traveler persona! Lots of outdoor activities ?

  • Avatar

    This is a great interview! Colorado has long been on my bucket list because it just seems so beautiful. It’s nice to see she loves and explores her home, something we should all aim to do as we aspire to travel more to faraway destinations.

  • Avatar
    Alicia Fowler

    Oh, this is lovely and inspirational. Thank you to Colorado Caribou for reminding us (me) of the beauties of the USA, or anyone’s hometown. Colorado is truly a gem of the USA as her photos attest. You don’t always need a lot of money to travel — and you don’t always have to go far to “travel” either! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Avatar

    I have yet to visit Colorado (shame on me because my brother lives there), but I know it’s gorgeous and I should really get there! I live in BC so I’ve got mountains already, but these photos are really great. I should really visit family more often!

  • Avatar
    Jordan Sinclair

    Photos are gorgeous! I love the Just Do It attitude as well! I have yet to visit Colorado but I should just do it and go because I’ve always wanted to! I live in the US and a lot of people assume traveling is expensive but we have a lot of gems in our own backyard, like Caribou Colorado!

  • Avatar

    The interview is very inspiring! I like the idea of exploring more of the places near you. You don’t always need a lot of money to travel, just a spirit that wants to make it happen. Pictures are breathtaking. Never knew Colorado is such a beautiful place. Hope to explore it someday! 🙂

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    Petya Miteva

    I have never been in Colorado, but I definitely will go someday! Thanks for the interview, I like her Honesty!

  • Avatar
    carlinn meyer

    Always packing a smile is the best! 🙂 🙂 Love the positive attitude and Colorado looks so beautiful!

  • Avatar
    Anushka Aggarwal

    Amazing interview and amazing quote. ‘ Travel has always been a therapeutic outlet’, I do have to agree with it

  • Avatar

    A great interview ! I love reading about different peoples perception of travel and where they love!

  • Avatar

    This interview is such a sweet and sound ! I love the quote she share !

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    Vedante | The Lavish Nomad

    Very interesting interview. I haven’t been to Colorado yet or the US for that matter but I plan on visiting sometime in the near future. Your blog will come in handy then 🙂

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