Coffee From Around The World – Searching For The Perfect Cup

“Get Your COFFEE Ready”

Searching for the “PERFECT” cup of coffee …… We talked to 10 Travel Bloggers who share the same passions for Coffee as we do, to discover coffee from around the world. We are now heading to Turkey, Thailand, GermanyBosnia,  Greece, Ethiopia  France, Romania,  Australia, London, Finland, Vietnam, Ireland, Morocco, and Senegal to discover Coffee from around the GLOBE.


The Art of Bosnian Coffee

My Travel Scrapbook 

Sarajevo is a true melting pot of cultures. One moment you feel as if you are in the orient, standing outside a striking mosque and a bustling bazar. The next you have been transported to streets lined with classical Austrian architecture which remind one of lazy evenings wondering around Vienna. One experience, however, is undeniably part of a national heritage which cannot be found anywhere else on the globe: Bosnian Coffee.

To the uncultured coffee enthusiasts amongst us, Bosnian coffee appears to be exactly the same as Turkish coffee. Thick black liquid swirls in the beautiful tin džezva at Café Europe. The waiter glances judgingly in our direction to make sure we follow the exact art of pouring and drinking Bosnian Coffee.
It begins with the fluffy foam that nestles on top of the boiling coffee beneath. Spoon some of the foam into the miniature cup placed next to the džezva. Then using the long, decorative handle gently pour some of the coffee into the foam.

If you like your coffee sweet, do as the Bosnians do and dip the sugar cube into the hot coffee, then place it on your tongue. You then sip your coffee and drink it through the sugar cube.

Enjoy the traditional Bosnian slow life and leisurely sip your deliciously aromatic coffee. Bosnian coffee is a needy delicacy which demands constant attention. If the coffee is not strong enough, stir the coffee to encourage the coffee grounds huddled at the bottom to rise. If the coffee is too strong for your liking, you must wait for the coffee grounds to sink. Bosnian coffee rewards a penalty with a mouthful of bitty grounds for the hastier amongst us. Therefore, sit back, take in your surroundings and enjoy the process of making your coffee just as much as actually consuming it.

Slow Travel Guide 

While traveling, you must be willing to compromise. And we do. The experiences you get in return are generously surpassing the small sacrifices you make on comfort or food. But we don’t compromise on coffee, ever! We never settle for anything less than damn good coffee. This can be difficult when away from home. Any trip involves a search for the best coffee in town. We need our fix. Fethiye is now home to us. And we can say with confidence that we have found the best coffee place in town. It’s called Köşe Kahve or coffee corner. And they know about coffee! They import it to roast it and grind it on site. They serve traditional Turkish coffee, but also delicious café latte (our favorite) or any other type of coffee. It is powerful and served in colorful handmade ceramic cups. We pop-in frequently for a coffee fix that makes us smile:

“Everything gets better with coffee.”

 The greatest coffee I ever experienced was at Pencil Coffee in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As far as creativity goes, the pencil coffee knocks it out of the park.
The building features everything from a 30 foot fishtank in the middle of the tables, a ballpit for adults and kids, cakes with mermaid tales peeking out of the top and their signature coffee ‘The Sky Fall’.
The Sky Fall pairs a traditional americano coffee with what can only be described as a floating cloud. Cotton candy that you can dissolve straight into your coffee instead of sugar creates the most elegant and creative coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of ordering.
We at Let’s Get Jobless give this coffee and venue a solid recommendation if you’re in Chiang Mai and want great coffee with an amazing workplace.

“Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility”.

– Sheik-Abd-al-Kadir

Destination Overlooked 

We wanted to mention not only excellent places to grab a cup of coffee, but places to buy fantastic freshly roasted coffee beans! We usually make our coffee at “home” and are very particular about where our beans come from and how they are roasted. The first place we wanted to mention is The Barn Coffee Roasters in Berlin. In our opinion this is the best coffee in Europe we have had (so far). All of their beans are 100% traceable and sustainable and they pay their farmers well.

The second place we wanted to mention is Lomi in Paris. They are the oldest Third Wave coffee roaster in Paris, and while that sort of coffee is still relatively new in France, they do a very good job of it. They even have classes on how to farm, roast and brew coffee. Definitely a place to stop by next time you are in Paris, even though it means a trek to a not-so-pretty section of the 18th.

 “You can’t have a decent food culture without a decent coffee culture: the two things grow up together.” – Adam Gopnik

You’ll find the best coffee to drink in Bucharest, Romania at Narcoffee. I have just discovered them late last year, but their origin coffee is to literally die for. By having their own roastery, they ensure that all the coffee is freshly roasted and prepared in the best ways possible. My personal favorite out of their selection has to be the Kenya one – such an aroma, the perfect acidity. It rises your coffee addiction up a notch.

“I am not addicted to coffee, we are in a committed relationship”

Check out this post on “In Love With Coffee A Story” By The Travelling Tulip 

 The Cup Of Truth – Melbourne

My Yatra Diary

The first time I read about it and I thought I have to check this one out. “The Cup Of Truth” as it is named, it is a little hole in the wall type cafe tucked in the busy subway underpass of the Flinders street station in Melbourne. It’s a perfect place located in the heart of Melbourne city to get yourself a good cuppa along with a friendly chit chat and quick energetic service. My cup of coffee, a regular one, was creamy and strong but not very bitter, just about perfect to cheer me up for my day ahead. Besides the coffee and the cool ambiance, what made this place a real show stealer was its philosophy – You pay your cash directly by putting it in the coffee mug that’s placed on the counter and take back your change, no people involved – it’s ‘The Cup of Truth’ you see!
Frappe In Greece

I admit that I get emotional about coffee – especially about frappe. I do not mean that frozen slushy mess you get from fast food places topped to the ceiling with whipped cream.

I mean the work of art that is Greek Frappe.

Nescafe Frappe instant coffee, only available in Greece and sometimes Amazon, whipped with a little water until thick. Add ice cubes and some water. You have made perfection. It stays cold, tastes amazing, and it lasts for hours. I have mine meitrio megala (mee-tri-ho ma-hal-ah) which means medium with milk – but being Greek, medium can mean anything from one to three teaspoons of sugar!

Frappe is a staple in Greek life, you see people from all backgrounds with one in their hand. Frappe symbolises Greece for me – I don’t feel like I have arrived until one is in my hand!

A Busy Bees Life 

The best coffee I ever had was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. My dad was living there so we went to see him and explore the country. I live in Austria and we have pretty great coffee here, but the coffee in Addis was out of this world! Coffee is a big part of the Ethiopian culture. When someone invites you to take part in a coffee ceremony, it is a sign of them offering you their friendship. The ceremony is called “buna” In Addis, you must drink coffee in three rounds. Some drink it with sugar, and some with salt, but never with milk! My favourites are Limu and Ghimbi, made very thick and very much unlike the coffee we have at Starbucks.


“What is Turkish coffee?”  Most of the people assume Turkish coffee is similar to any other coffee served in restaurants worldwide. Turkish coffee is known as Türk kahvesi. The process of making Türk kahvesi is what it makes it unique as compared to rest of the coffees in the world.

Turkish coffee is made in a special coffee pot and grinder.I tried Turkish coffee for the first time in a Turkish restaurant. They serve complementary coffee or chai after every meal. It is the strongest and most thick form of coffee I have ever tried. It even beat Espresso. Once someone get used to Turkish coffee, no other coffee can take its place. Turkish coffee fortune ritual is followed in most parts of Turkey, after you have finished the coffee the fortune teller predicts the future by asking you which shape you see in the cup. Even I am not superstitious but I found this activity quiet interesting.

“He was my cream, and I was his coffee – And when you poured us together, it was something”. – Josephine Baker – Dedicated to my fiancé 


Recipes vary, but the fundamentals are egg yolk + condensed milk + sugar + hot coffee. The result is very rich, like a dessert, very tasty and a must try when visiting Vietnam.


Traditionally served in Kainuu in central-east Finland, a cheese called juustoleipä is served with coffee. The cheese is cut into small chunks and placed at the bottom of the cup, and then coffee is poured on top. After you drink the coffee, you eat the cheese with a spoon. Sound unique but actually works very well together. Have you tried this? Let us know what your thought were about it inn the comments below. 


A blend of spices, like sesame seeds, black pepper and nutmeg (although this depends on the seller etc) it is mixed with coffee beans and ground, to create a fragrant and potent brew. A delicious coffee to try.


Traditionally prepared in a clay pot, this coffee is brewed with cinnamon and piloncillo, very warming and spicy – try it on your next trip to Mexico.


This drink is flavored with Guinea pepper and occasionally cloves. The spices are mixed in with the coffee beans and roasted, then ground and filtered for a coffee with a kick, it will definitely wake you up in the morning.



This coffee-cocktail hybrid consists of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, and is topped with a thick cream. A great coffee that  gets you slightly tipsy!!


Let us know in the comments below where you had the best or worst coffee or email us to share a photo of your favourite coffee with a few lines and we will share it on our website. 

Which coffee’s above would you like to try? Let us know below. 


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  • Anna

    I would love to try the coffee in Senegal, pepper in coffee sounds incredible!

  • Reply

    Thanks for the mention. We love coffee, so we will have to try all of these!

  • Kathryn

    I am a proud coffee snob and by far the best coffee I have ever had has been from Central America! Costa Rica definitely wins it for me!

  • Nathan

    Interesting collection of various types coffee from different parts of the world as influened by the local culture and livelihood of the people. You should definitely consider including kopi luwak from Indonesia, as I thought that was one of the most signature coffees and it surprisingly missed out on making the list here.

  • Julz

    The perfect cup. Wow, that is not an easy one. For me coffee is so much more than just the coffee – my mood changes the taste of the coffee I drink. I love coffee and I find it so comforting.

  • Bernie

    I can almost smell the coffee from here! The mention of Turkish coffee brought back lovely memories of sitting in a restaurant with my stepdad, learning how to swirl the coffee so the grounds didn’t settle, while at the same time seeming motionless. I need to go and swap my cup of Earl Grey for a big coffee brew now…

  • Alice

    I’m such a coffee lover (Italian problems ), I always research for a perfect cup of coffee and I can’t start my day without one! I try to avoid big chain and support local coffee shops! Some of these ones are incredible.The one in Chiang Mai is a piece of art! Love the photo from Senegal! Great work….


    I love me some good coffee! When I travel I’m not finicky about most things, but life is too short to drink bad coffee. I loved all these different stories…the writers all made me feel like I was right there drinking along with them!

  • Alayna

    Coffee in Thailand drives me nuts because more often than not, the cup is only 2/3 full!!! Because I’m a coffee addict, I like mine full to the brim! 🙂

  • Ferny

    Oh Yes! Everything is better with Coffee!
    I love to taste coffees around the world and your post was so delicious!
    My favorites are Italian, Colombian and Mexican

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