Expats Around The World – The Life Long Adventures

The Life Long Adventures I remember them taking us to the only McDonald’s in the country and having to queue up for over an hour outside while small children jumped the queue to fulfil the [...]

Expats Around The Globe – Interview With Medha From Hopping Feet

Hi, I am Medha. I am a woman in my early-30s, who loves to travel, eat, write, drink wine, explore, take lots of pictures, and just LIVE, on my own terms. I grew up in one of the very few liberal [...]

Interview With Steve Rohan About Expat and Nomad Life – The Trip Goes On

Steve Rohan is an English teacher and world traveller currently based in China. He has travelled to 41 countries so far and prefers to visit the more extreme and obscure places the world has to [...]

Expats Around The Globe – Interview With Helene from HC Lifestyle Blog

I’m Helene, you might know me from a previous interview I did with Digital Travel Guru. I still believe in inspiring others to live life to the fullest by sharing my experiences. I’ve been to [...]

Expats Around The World – Interview With Madhurima Dutta – The Other Side Forever

Biography  A marketer by profession and a traveler by passion, I consider myself a cultural purist at heart. After studying Economics for 5 years and working in start-ups, I finally moved into [...]

Expats Around The World – Interview With Pedro Nascimento

Check out Pedro’s YOUTUBE channel: Pedro Travells  & INSTAGRAM Pedro Travells I love traveling! So I travel the world!  I see what I can do in a couple of hours in every city!  Usually [...]

Expats Around The World – Interview With Nomadic Trippers

Lloyd & Molly the creators, dreamers, wanderers, lovers, dancers, hippies, explorers & wild child’s of the earth. We are here to inspire others, to let them know that 9-5 work, the duties [...]

Expats Around The World – Interview With The Compass Is Calling

Cat Holladay is a US-based family travel writer with a degree in Journalism and a Masters in Art Education. After more than a decade as a VP and operations manager in the corporate world, she [...]

Expats Around The World Series: Interview With Social Travel Experiment Blog

I grew up in Germany as the second child to a programmer dad and a mom who grew up in Venezuela. In my childhood we used to go on family holiday at least once a year. One of the best experiences [...]