Digital Travel Guru was established at the end of 2016. I established the site, to share my love for roaming the globe and exploring, as well as my passion for writing and photography.

To date I have travelled extensively around the globe, having adventure after adventure. Digital Travel Guru, started travelling many years prior to establishing this website, so I am still getting around to documenting all my travels.

I was encouraged by friends, and work colleagues to create a site, as many came to me to obtain travel advice, trip planning, and to organise their holidays.

I have over 28 years travel experience and have visited around 43 countries, I love experiencing culture, food, and meeting the locals when I travel and going off the beaten track as well and luxury travel. My travel style is varied depending where I am visiting.

I came up with the name Digital Travel Guru, as everything these days has gone Digital, Travel (well I love to travel and the site is about travel) and Guru, which reflect the information we share (like knowledge).

We hope you enjoy the site, which bring you lots of travel articles and information from all over the globe.

Happy Travels

Digital Travel Guru

Digital Travel Guru


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