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Digital Travel Guru launched in 2016, as we wanted to share our passion since childhood for exploring the globe with people all around the world. We wanted to bring our readers on our adventures, to see our photos and travel videos to share experiences and also to motivate and help people to plan their trips and fulfil their wanderlust dreams. Since launching we can proudly say we have grown a fantastic travel community across all our platforms which has made us very happy Guru’s.

We are originally from London and have visited over 40 countries to date, our wanderlust list never ends. You can find us usually roaming around SE Asia exploring, where we plan to relocate to permanently. We have some major projects happening in Asia, such as a small boutique hotel in South India during the later part of 2017 for backpackers, travellers, and nomads. This will link in with a school we will be working with in the same area which offer volunteers the opportunity to work with the local community and obtain teaching experience. In addition we will be offering tailor made trips and tours around India and Asia including blogger press trips. 

Across our site you will find lots of information to help with all aspects of planning your trip and to learn about different places around the world, we aim to bring you the full 360 travel experience through the following types of content, videos, photography, travel and country guides, featuring our readers travel stories, and travel bloggers interviews. Our resource section of the site will be a place to plan your trips and see what travel items we recommend. 

If your a Blogger, Traveller or Brand and are interested in working with us or having anything featured on our site, please get in contact with us on [email protected]




How We Got Our Name Digital Travel Guru 

We took a really long time to come up with a name to fit what our blog would be about, eventually 200 names later we choose Digital Travel Guru after a long two month elimination process. Here is a little about what each segment means. 

DIGITAL: Everything these days is shared online we felt using the word digital represents the digital world, our network, our social media sites, our following, how we share our content, our online community so we selected the word digital to represent this

TRAVEL: We share information about everything related to places around the globe and travelling.

GURU: The word Guru represents the sharing of knowledge and information, which is the aim of our site.

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