8 Cultural Destinations To Visit In 2018


If you enjoy history and culture, check out these 8 cultural destinations to visit in 2018.

We have put together 8 places where you can absorb yourself with history and culture, from temples to Inca trails and old tombs we have selected some of the most fascinating sites around the world for you to read about. 

Can you guess what will be the number one destination will be? 



When to visit: 
The best seasons to visit Bhutan are during Spring & (March till May) and Autumn (September  till November) the weather in Spring & Autumn are great if you want to go trekking and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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The Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan sits on the mighty Himalayan range. The many festivals held here are rich expressions of Vajrayana Buddhism, when people dress up in their finest clothes and jewellery. It is a mystical land of beautiful prayer flags that line high ridges, beautiful monasteries on cliffs, and home to monks, this is one place where you feel you have gone back inn time.




When to visit: 

Like the rest of South East Asia, Cambodia’s weather varies from warm to vey hot through the year. One of the best times to visit is during the cooler season during (June to August). Here is how to Travel Round Cambodia in two weeks.

Cambodias provides the visitor  with tropical beaches, lush jungles, rice paddies, and sugar palm plantations. Most visitors come here because it is home to some of the most stunning ancient temple ruins, such as the magical Angkor Wat, elegant Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom. Once you finish exploring the temples and other historical sights, you can head to the Cambodian coast to see it’s beautiful tropical beaches. Check out




When To Visit:

One of the best times to visit India is late October (which is the end of the monsoon season) and mid March onwards. April and May are usually two of the hottest months, although if you visit the areas near the Himalayas you will find cooler temperatures.

India is rich in history and culture, with spectacular temples, ancient forts, to incredible markets and festival as well as stunning beaches, India will provide with  an exceptional cultural experience. Varanasi and Khajuraho are the sacred cities with fascinating cravings and ancient sites. Head to Rajasthan to see its famous Mughul monuments and ancient temples. Don’t forget the beautiful Taj Mahal, known as the monument of love, visiting at sunrise is a moment you won’t forget.

Other famous places to visit in India are:

  • The Mahabalipuram temples
  • Pondicherry 
  • Goa 
  • Ajanta Caves
  • Meenakshi Temple
  • Konark Sunn Temple 
  • Hampi Village 
  • Brhadisvara Temple, Thanjavur
  • Agra Fort
  • Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya





When to Visit:

Japan is a country you can visit most times of the year. One of the most popular times of the year to visit are during late March till early April to see the famous cherry blossoms. August till September is typhoon season, however most big storms are far out to sea.

Japan also known as “The Land Of The Rising Sun”, it has stunning ancient temples, shrines and geisha districts that will provide you with an insight into the country’s rich history and heritage. From the temples in the stunning imperial city of Kyoto to the busy  capital of Tokyo, Japan is an incredible country to visit.




When To Visit: 

The temperatures in Central America are cooler in the winter months of December till January and warmer in the summer months (June till August). The hottest time to visit are during the months of (March till May)

Guatemala’s Tikal is  one of the most impressive Mayan site’s in the world, although it is still only partially excavated from the jungle. The complex ruins has some 3000 ancient buildings, such as tombs, altars, dwellings, palace and an beautiful 9-storey pyramid. Other famous Mayan landmarks are found in Belize and Mexico, with Chichen Itza and Tulum being the most famous ones, where temple ruins lie surround by the jungle, exotic wildlife, stunning waterfalls and gorgeous tropical beaches.



Archaeology in Costa Rica: Ruins & Museums

While Costa Rica is beloved for its natural beauty, dot forget to check out the country’s archaeology when you visit Costa Rica. The amazing ruins and museums are a must see on your trip. For over 15,000 years Central American has been a route for migrations between North and South America, these civilisations have produced many precious artworks, ancient lost cities in the jungle, usolved mysteries, and a plethora of archaeological treasures.

Sights to visit includes: 

El Guayabo National Monument

This is the largest archaeological site in the country. Historians estimate the site was build over 1200 years ago on the site you can explore the city’s infrastructure and discover petroglyphs and tombs that were discovered by archeologists in 1968. The amazing artifacts that were found during excavation have found a home in the National Museum located in San Jose. These ruins are the largest pre-Columbian ruins that have been discovered in Costa Rica to this date. Other attractions in the area include, more ruins that still need  to be excavated at the monument location which is surrounded by jungle and the local area has lots of nature such as a variety of birds  as well as armadillos, squirrels, and coatis. 

From Guayabo, you can easily reach the stunning Orosi Valley and Las Ruinas de Ujarrás, a colonial church site built around and over an ancient village.

The stone spheres of Costa Rica at Archaeological Zone Finca 6, an incredible site in Palmar Sur. These breath taking 16 ton Mann made stone balls make a spherical shape, archaeologists and not able to estimate exactly how old the are, some suggest around 2300 years old.

Another architectural wonder lies east of Guayabo and it is called Las Mercedes, it consists of 15 huge platforms, terraces, funeral sites, causeways and plazas. This was a a place where early settlers made their home. Archaeologists now believe that Las Mercedes was a political centre in costa Rice.

Rivas is located in the centre of Costa Rica – many ancient artefacts have beed food on this site – it is said this was a large residential complex, today you will see many of the stone structures still remaining.

Costa Rica’s Archaeological Museums

Other than archaeological sites Costa Rica has an impressive number archaeological museums. The best ones include the Gold Museum, Jade Museum & the National Museum. 

All three museums will provide you with a great overview of the history of Costa Rica, and over 26,000 artefacts, old currencies, ceramics, wooden carvings and much more. 

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Costa Rica



When To Visit: 

Egypt is best visited during the months of (September to November) and in spring (February to April).

From the Aswan temple near Lake Nasser in the south to the mediterranean shores in the north, a trip to Egypt will unveil the rich history of its glorious past. Most visitors will start their journey in the chaotic capital city of Cairo, to visit the world-famous pyramids of Giza and the  fascinating Museum of Antiquities. But for the best cultural experience of all, visitors should travel south to Luxor, which is  known as the ancient city of Thebes, here you can visit the Valley of the Kings (with the tombs of the Pharaohs) and the majestic temples of Ramses and Karnak.




When to visit:

Machu Picchu is best visited during the months from April till October. June to August can be full of crowds . The rainy season is generally between November till March.

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Without doubt, Peru’s greatest attraction is the breathtaking Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, which was discovered in 1911 and is believed to have been used by the Incas as a secret ceremonial city.

Visiting this site with leave you speechless, it is truly a magical place, in the mountains surrounded by nature, and jungle.

Trek the trail to Machu Picchu for the best scenic views and to see every day life along your way of the local people in their villages. This 5 day trek is a must add to your bucket-list and one of the best cultural experiences you will have.




Did you enjoy that post? What are some of your favourite destinations for cultural sights and experiences? Let us know in the comments below please. 

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8 Cultural Destinations To Visit In 2018






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