7 TOP places to visit in BELIZE – Exploring The East Coast Of Central America


If you are looking for a country with tropical sandy beaches, amazing coral reefs, exotic wildlife, jungle tracks, and ancient historical sites then check out our post on BELIZE. Belize is one of the TOP destinations to visit and EXPLORE in Central America. The planing your trip check out this one week itinerary for adventure and relaxation

Belize is rich in diversity and ecosystems with wildlife such as exotic birds, snakes, jaguars, monkeys and stunning marine life BELIZE has it all.  The Great Blue Hole is a UNESCO World Heritage dive site, people visit here from all over the globe for fantastic fishing and deep-sea adventures. Besides diving, snorkelling, and fishing, travellers can kayak lagoons, cave tube along subterranean rivers, hike through jungles and pine forests, view stunning wildlife in its natural habitat, or simply pitch up a hammock and chill out in this tropical paradise. Check out this post on taking a vacation in Belize. 



The Maya ruins of Xunantunich are located  above the Mopan River near San Ignacio, within sight of the Guatemala border. Most of the structures date from about 200 to 900 BC. Xunantunich consists of a number of six plazas surrounded by more than 26 temples and palaces. At 40 meters (130 ft) the pyramid known as “El Castillo” is the tallest structure in Xunantunich and the second tallest structure in Belize, after the temple at Caracol. An amazing place to check out and explore its, ancient temples and ancient structures.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The mountainous tropical forest here has a vast array of wildlife including jaguars, ocelots, pumas, anteaters, tapirs, monkeys, snakes, and numerous other exotic species  Bird watchers will also find this place spectacular due to the huge number of tropical birds that live here such toucans and scarlet macaws are among the 290 species recorded in the preserve. There are many trails here you can go on to explore the sanctuary.  The Waterfall Trail is one of the most popular and has a swimming hole, while Ben’s Bluff Hiking Trail is more challenging but will provide you with wonderful views of the basin. Guided tours are also available here.



Lamanai is located in the jungle on the banks of the New River. It is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Belize. Lamanai means “Submerged Crocodile” in the Mayan language, and images of crocodiles have been found on the excavated buildings, pottery, and figurines. Getting to the site is a great experience by boat which is about 1 hour up the New River and it goes past dense jungle with wonderful wildlife sights on route. Lamanai was occupied the longest of any Mayan site. The archaeological site features more than 900 structures as well as a museum with exhibits of pottery, obsidian, figurines, and jewellery. Highlights include the Mask Temple, Temple of the Jaguar, and the High Temple, which visitors can climb for incredible jungle views.



Siting high on the Vaca Plateau, 500 meters above sea level, Caracol is the largest Maya site in Belize. It was once one of the largest ancient Maya cities, covering some 168 square kilometres. At its peak around 650 AD it is said there was a population of about 150,000 people that lived there. The largest pyramid in Caracol is Canaa (Sky Place), at 43 meters it is still the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize. This is a fantastic site to explore to take in all the history and extraordinary ancient sites.

 Great Blue Hole

Belize has 3 atolls and it is a paradise for divers, which flock here from all over the world to explore it waters. The Great Blue Hole, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Half Moon Caye is the most visited caye of the atoll. Visitors can also explore the island’s lighthouse and relax on the beautiful tropical paradise beaches, while divers love diving  and exploring the underwater  marine life around the island.

Ambergris Caye

Just off the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, laid back Ambergris Caye is the largest of Belize’s 200 cayes and a TOP tourist destination. it is the most visited diving and snorkelling site and is the second largest in the world. You can see sharks and stingrays here as well as other marine life. You can also visit the nearest town which is San Pedro, which has beautiful coloured houses, lots of accommodation choices, shops, and places to eat and drink. The Ambergris Museum and Cultural Centre will give you an insight into the island’s history. 

San Ignacio

Lying in a valley between the Mopal and Macal Rivers, San Ignacio is a wonderful place to stay for exploring the attractions of the Cayo District. Top on the list here are the archaeological sites. Xunantunich, perched on a limestone ridge overlooking the Mopan River. El Pilar is one of the largest archaeological sites in Belize. You can also can explore the ruins and surrounding jungle on the vast network of nature trails.

Other places to visit locally are the Cahal Pech Archaeological Site, the Che Chem Ha Caveand the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave,Barton Creek Cave.Other TOP attractions in the region include the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve and the Iguana Conservation Project.








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  • Travelquartz

    This post is like my ultimate Travel Avatar waiting to happen – One day I will visit the Maya Ruins and XUNANTUNICH and that day I think I will arrive in my life –lol — what I mean is that I love that you have about one of the most amazing destination – I love this information and have noted for my future travel.

  • Helene

    I wanna go scuba diving in Belize so badly! I love underwater sightseeing, it’s so peaceful because it’s so quiet:) And the Mayan ruins look really fascinating… Not sure why they were so obsessed with crocodiles, I just find them terrifying haha!

  • lexieanimetravel

    Belize is just a beauty, the temple reminds me of the place I place on the virtual world of warcraft, The great blue hole is one of those dream places.. can’t wait to travel here.

  • Tyra

    I want to see the ancient writings of the Mayan civilization. I researched and studied about it during college! I wish I wasn’t so scared of deep water. I have been snorkeling several times before but I need to muster up the courage to go diving. I would love to see the fish and sea creatures in the Great Blue Hole. Hehe big dreams I have!

  • Aditi

    I love visiting archaeological sites. Caracol and Lamanai pique my interest. Of course, how can I not go scuba diving, be it the blue hole or surrounding sites. I recently came back from a dive-trip and am geared up to go for more. Cheers!!

  • Reply

    Belize is definitely on my list of places to visit in 2018! The ruins, beaches and amazing diving (especially the big blue hole) totally sold me.

  • Mayank

    I’d never seen Belize from the tourists point of view, but this post proves me wrong. How safe is it for budget travel?

  • Krupa

    Never heard of this place before but this one looks like traveler’s paradise. Scuba is something i would definetly try there to see those beautiful underwater creatures. Reminds me of my Maldives trip. so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Heraa Farooq

    I so want to go and dive in Belize. San Ignacio looks like my kind of place. I want to visit Belize badly, really beautiful place and very well captured.

  • Claire

    OMG can I be there already? This is absolutely dreamy! (Writing this from a packed train on my commute in cold London)

  • Indu

    I have been to few countries of Central America but not Belize yet. Your portrayal of the destination is so impressive. And pics are incredible.

  • Jem

    Wow, what amazing photos!! I am heading to Central America next year so this was a well-timed post as we start to get into the planning of our trip. Reading this and looking at the stunning photos makes me very impatient to go!

  • Yogita

    I did not know Belize is such a beautiful place and so much to see and do. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for the details information on what I can do when I visit Belize. I can not wait to go to The Blue hole ..especially. Love your photos, so beautiful.

  • Nadia

    Love your photos! Belize is definitely on my bucket list and you have given very good recommendations that I can add to my list.

  • PossesstheWorld

    I absolutely love your blogs and pictures, I would like to escape in your luggage and follow along. I have now added yet another destination to the ever growing travel list. Thanks for the inspiration

  • Anushka Aggarwal

    Would love to explore Belize and your guide is just perfect. Would love to do scuba diving and explore the wildlife.

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