6 Destinations in South East Asia To Experience, Spirituality, Culture and History


6 Destinations in South East Asia To Experience, Spirituality, Culture and History

Everyone from time to time is looking for peace, knowledge, and awareness but only a few  know where to look for it. What if we would tell you ”Pack your bags, you are going to South East Asia for a spiritual revival”, would you go? 

If before this article you were hesitating, then after reading it, you really will be ready to pack your bags and take off, because spiritual places in South East Asia have powerful vibration. Read to see what 6 destinations in South East Asia where you can experience, spirituality, culture and history. 

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Temples of Angkor complex is on most of the traveler’s bouquet list. And there is a reason why- it is incredibly majestic with a lot of mesmerizing details on it. Angkor Wat is a true heart of Cambodia. 

For the ones of you who are wondering what symbolism represents this temple- it’s a replica of the Universe and represents an earthly model of the cosmic world. Believe it or not, it is the most photographed temple in Cambodia, but no pictures can express the real vibe of this miracle, therefore everyone at least once in a lifetime, should see Angkor Wat with their own eyes. As the temples of Angkor are sacred, before visiting, please, make sure that you are dressed modestly.

To get around Angkor Wat, you preferably need a tuk-tuk car or bicycle, because the complex of temples is so huge, that without it, you will not be able to see the most of this majestic place. For the better experience, you can even hire a local guide, who will be able to bring you into the history of Angkor Wat.

Uluwatu Temple (Bali – Indonesia

When your soul is thirsty, Bali is a perfect place where to escape. No wonder, even E.Gilbert, author of ”Eat, Pray, Love”, went to Bali to find herself. This spiritual temple is a perfect place where to catch some heartwarming sunset views, with a direct panorama to the Indian Ocean. Without a doubt, Uluwatu temple is special and the cliff located in the area is impressive. It’s a real paradise for nature lovers too. Stay on for the Balinese show, which is truly spectacular. 

To enter the area, you will find two entrances with split gates. Photography enthusiasts can prepare their photo cameras- the area is so beautiful, that you will want to save it in your gallery and show to everybody.

Hindus and Buddhists consider Mount Agung of Bali as a sacred site, this is a must visit place, in Bali. All the temples in this region face towards the mountain. It is famous due to the thousands of pilgrims  that trek up to the mountain to pay their respects to the Balinese Goddess.

Dragon Cave -Wat Ban Tham (Thailand)

Located in Phang Nga city, Dragon cave is considered as a healing place for visitors who are fighting cancer or HIV. The cave is located in the mountains and once you are there, make sure to visit monk cambers. They are ready to show you the Buddhist way of meditation and even treat you with fresh herbal tea. Experiencing Thailand means to experience Thai Buddhism, religion, which makes this country’s people so smiley and peaceful.

Yen Tu Mountain (Vietnam) 

It’s time for a beautiful hike with picturesque landscapes along your way. Go for a hike during the Sunset and the Yen Tu Mountain will be a real meditation for your eyes. Orange-pink sky, bamboo forest sounds, pine forest smell, and ancient towers appear and disappear on your way. Sound like a dream? Chase your dream on Yen Tu Mountain.

Funny fact, Yen Tu Mountain is also known as an Elephant Mountain. In the Buddhist religion, Elephant is a symbol of strength, luck, stability, and wisdom. If you also believe that Elephant is a symbol of these powerful characters, then we believe that visit to Yen Tu Mountain will bring you luck.

Kuang Si Waterfall (Laos)

South East Asia has a lot to offer, but if you will visit Kuang Si waterfall, we are sure, it will touch you to the bottom of your heart. You will ask why? It’s a 32-kilometer journey through the hills and at the end of it, you get the most visited and most famous waterfall in Laos. You can swim at the bottom of the waterfall and if you are lucky enough, you will find a secret pool at the top of the waterfall.

You might even decide to stay overnight. As with most of the touristic spots, this is one of these places, where you want to come early.  have a refreshing dip in one of the waterfall pools, make remarkable photography without strangers in the background and simply enjoy the silence of nature.

Shwedagon Pagoda (Myanmar) 

Myanmar is a land to Pagodas and the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda should be on your list when traveling here. Completely covered in gold, it will leave you wondering how impressive this world is.  Shwedagon Pagoda is a pride of Myanmar people, and once you have seen it, you certainly know that this title is well deserved. It’s truly one of the most unique places. When visiting Pagoda, please dress modestly- clothing that covers your knees and shoulders. You will be asked to leave your shoes outside the temple, but don’t worry, your shoes will be looked after for a small fee.
“Travel is important for your wellness. It teaches you patience, it removes you from the daily routine, it inspires you for something new. If you keep your eyes and heart open, traveling makes you a better person. Sometimes traveling can be expensive, but, luckily, South East Asia is not only a beautiful destination but also an affordable destination. A destination where smiling people faces will always welcome you”.

A destination where the powdery beach sand between your toes is the best massage for your feet. A destination where flavors of lemongrass, lime, coconut, local spices combine truly memorable food experience. A destination where lush green jungles is a spot where to see thousands of types of birds, monkeys, and even orangutans. A destination with stunning coral reefs and the sea life for the underwater landscape lovers. Yes, this is Southeast Asia.
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    Angor wat is really awe inspiring architecture….. Indonesia and Bali besides being naturally breathtaking is rich in temple architectures too <3

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    you make all the point ya. and that is so true. all the important info and very helpful a lot. nature and amazing place ever!

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