5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India You Must Visit


5 UNESCO Sites In India

India is a unique country with a perfect blend of history, culture, art, and religion. You will get to see everything from snow-covered mountains, lush green forests, parched, lonely deserts to archaeological ruins, majestic worshipping places, modern as well as traditional architectural wonders here. It is hard to plan a vacation when every corner of this vast land has something exceptional to offer. Hampi is another amazing place to visit. 

Everyone knows about Taj Mahal in Delhi or churches in Goa. But, there are numerous other UNESCO world heritage sites which are least explored. Plan your trip to these 5 majestic sites that are worth your visit in India. Also check out this post on: Things I Learned In India – 9 Important Life Lessons India Has Taught Me.

Ajanta – Ellora Caves

This is a group of more than sixty caves located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. This is a significant site when it comes to tracing the history of local customs, traditions, different religions, and development of art. The walls are adorned with numerous carvings and drawings representing Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain ideology. These well-preserved carvings along with Kailasa Temple at Ellora will leave a lasting impression on you. The temple carvers started the work from the top and made their way downwards. It shows how well-planned these constructions were and it also reflects the deep knowledge of geology even before thousands of years. One visit is not enough to understand the depths of this ancient beauty.


You will understand the true meaning of ‘stepping back in time’ after visiting Bhimbetka rock shelters in Madhya Pradesh. There are more than seven-hundred rock shelters which are decorated with paintings. There are numerous rock paintings around the world, but this one dates back to almost thirty-thousand years! And the interesting part is, some of the paintings will remind you of the ones found in Australia and France. The thought of standing on the same spot where cave dwellings once stood will leave you speechless.

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Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh are famous amongst tourists as well as researchers. Different temples are known for the extraordinary sculptures and finest architecture. The structures were built between 950 -1050 AD and are still well-preserved. You will be awestruck after seeing erotic statues, spiritual artwork, numerous deities and cultural symbols representing different life stages. It is hard to imagine how all these stunning carvings were made before hundreds of years.

Image Credit: Liji Jinaraj

Kaziranga National Park

This National Park in Assam is known for its enthusiastic efforts when it comes to wildlife conservation. Today, thousands of animals and birds call it home. One-horned rhinoceros are the main attraction of jungle safaris. Dense tropical forest, which is hauntingly beautiful, is ideal for elephant, bear, leopard, tiger, wild water buffalo and swamp deer. Plan your visit during November to April and witness the glory of this unspoiled nature. Using a trip planning website will make it easier to arrange everything.  

Image Credit: Anuwar ali hazarika

The Western Ghats

Known for its rich biodiversity, this mountain range is one of the oldest ranges in the world. Spread over six states, the Ghats are home to hundreds of rare, endangered and vulnerable flora and fauna. One of the eight hottest biologically diverse spots around the world, this site still has numerous corners which are untouched. Exploring this mesmerizing natural beauty is something you should not miss.

Do not forget to add these least-explored hidden gems to your list when you are planning your next vacation.




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    These are awesome recommendations..two are from MP state. it reflects how rich is Madhya Pradesh in terms of heritage . I have recently started visiting MP often after I have realized how awesome is this state.

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    Beautiful site and beautiful coverage

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