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Costa Rica -The country with incredible landscapes, volcanoes, magical forests, tropical beaches, fascinating culture, near ending adventures and a nature lovers paradise.

Whether you are traveling for two days, two weeks or if you are lucky enough, two months, every country you visit will teach you something. Costa Rica, is one of them and is one of the most  fascinating and happiest countries on earth.

What makes Costa Rica as the happiest place in the world? Definitely ”Pura Vida”. This national mantra is all about accepting the beauty in the world no matter what may be happening around you. Also, let’s admit, you can’t feel sad in a country where sloths are daydreaming in a tree and monkeys greet you with loud voices.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to visit Costa Rica for the first time or if it is a recurrent trip. There simply are 5 places in Costa Rica which, you should visit, read on to see where we take you on our journey around Costa Rica. 

La Fortuna

You will not find any travel book or person who has visited Costa Rica, who will not mention La Fortuna. And there is a particular reason why.
La Fortuna is a small town in Costa Rica, northwest of the capital, San José. This is the main way to visit the two famous volcanoes, Arenal which still flows with lava and Chato volcano which has an incredible crater lake and rainforests which leads to the beautiful La Fortuna Waterfall. 
La Fortuna is rich in the variety of activities it can offer to you. Here you can enjoy the rainforest hanging bridges, fly through the sky on a zip line, dip your toes in a waterfall and even have the best plate of rice and beans. In La Fortuna, you can start your unmissable Arenal Volcano adventure or soak into luxurious hot springs. 


Welcome to the place where mist is cool and the air mysterious, the place where huge trees shade your path. In Monteverde, you  actually feel like your in the forest from the Lord of the Rings. Every surface you step on is damp and with green moss, and every step you make, further brings you closer to the clouds. The cloud forest attracts everybody, starting from curious wanderers trying to spot a sloth, to those who are seeking for adrenaline fulfilled activities and the ones who are simply looking to experience the real jungle feel.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a town in southeast Costa Rica, on the Caribbean coast. It’s well known for the amazing surfing here, the black sand beach, the numerous mangroves, and National Parks such as Gandoca-Manzanillo and Cahuita. The is also a jaguar rescue centre which rehabilitates wild cats and other species of animals. 

It wouldn’t be a real vacation when going to an exotic country, and not enjoying the beach life. Puerto Viejo is also a cozy beach town on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Here even the most cloudy day will feel sunny thanks to the Caribbean reggae music all around the city. Going to Puerto Viejo without an exact plan is the best way, it will allow you to explore the fantastic culture and sights in the area. Here you don’t need a plan. You only need a surfing board, beach towel, and a refreshing drink in your hand.

Cocos Island National Park 

Located around 550 kilometres off the coast of Costa Rica, lies the Cocos Islands, which is actually a national park, as it has a rain forest on the island. It is surround in deep waters, with some of the most incredible marine and sea life. The area is famous for scuba diving and diving, where you will come face to face with sharks, eels, dolphins, and rays. You are ot allowed to stay on the island, however you can visit via on diving boats. The island is especially famous as some of the parts of the film Jurassic Park were filmed here. 

Playa Sámara

Samara is one of Costa Rica’s, sting tropical beaches, with sparkling white powder sands and palm trees, this is a wonderful place to stay a few days to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. There are many nice little restaurants and cafes, and it still remains a quiet and tranquil place to visit. 

We wish Pura Vida to all of you out there who are, thinking about visiting Costa Rica or those of you who are already packing your travel bags . When you visit, you will be experiencing the Pura Vida lifestyle everywhere.
Isn’t that a great opportunity that your next destination is ready to give you not only lush green jungles, sweet coconuts, unique landscapes, rare animals, but also a new way of thinking? Smile, relax and remember: “Pura Vida”.

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